STATUS QUO - news of the year 2006

  • 28.12.: There's a chance of an interview with John "Rhino" Edwards. If you have a question to him, so please feel free and send it in via the link "Email/Feedback".

  • 27.12.: Gino de Michele is indeed a Status Quo fan by heart. He drove with his car from Munich in South Germany up to England and Scotland to see 7 shows of the UK-Tour. See his pictures from the Aberdeen show. (thank you) ...more

  • 24.12.: yesterday the UK-Tour ended in Bournemouth. Status Quo played a total of 103 shows this year.
    20 years ago Status Quo played the "Christmas gig" at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, where Lemmy from Motörhead appeared on stage during the song "Bye Bye Johnny".

  • 23.12.: the Status Quo Sampler "Cover up",who was released in autumn and only available through TESCO and Woolworth is to be released in Germany in January 2007. The big german retailer JPC (written in english too) is already offering this CD for 8,99 Euro.

  • 19.12.: Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi handprints are in the "Square of Fame" which is in front of the Wembley Arena where they played this year the 40th time since 1969 (Wembley Arena formerly known as Empire Ballroom). They are the third artist after Madonna and Cliff Richard to join the "Square of Fame" similar to the "Wall of Fame" in Hollywood/Los Angeles. ... more

  • 19.12.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike Paxman! Status Quo's producer and webmaster of the official Status Quo website is celebrating his birthday today. All the best Mike !!!

  • 18.12.: an enthusiastic 7,000 crowd went wild, when Status Quo played the first time since 2 years in Glasgow. By the way: the 100th show of the year is to be played in Edinburgh.

  • 17.12.: approx. 9,000 fans attented yesterdays show at the Wembley Arena, London. The encore without "In the army now" ("Mystery Medley" "Burning Bridges" "Rock n Roll Music" "Bye Bye Johnny") set time 110 minutes.

  • 17.12.: before the Wembley show approx. 300 fans saw the english coverband "State of Quo" at the "Greyhound" pub.

  • 16.12.: here is a list of all known shows who are announced for the year 2007. ...more

  • 15.12.: new german tour-promoter is Klaus Bönisch, Munich. And today the promoter announced 7 german Status Quo shows for June 2007. ...more

  • 15.12.: News from the UK-Tour: since 6th Dezember there are 2 support bands - "Twentysevens" and the Swiss band "Vivian". The show in Telford was attended by approx. 2,000 fans. Next Saturday the much awaited show at the Wembley Arena, which attracts many foreign Quo fans. Its the first appearance at Wembley for the band since 2 years.

  • 14.12.: the english Quo coverband John Coghlan Band will play at the french fanmeeting - June 2, 2007 near Lille.

  • 11.12.: the german coverband SMILEDRIVER from Berlin released their first CD "The Quo must go on". Cat.No.: CD 06155 (Pullman City Records)
    The CD includes the 12 songs: "Whatever you want" - "Burning Bridges" - "Caroline" - "Rolling Home ('86)" - "Old Time Rock n Roll" - "In the army now" - "Lets work together" - "In my chair" - "Wild side of Life" - "I hear you knocking" - "Paper Plane" - "Rockin all over the world".
    The price of the CD is 12 Euro without postage. The CD is available through the bands website, please ask for postage to abroad countries. SMILEDRIVER

  • 11.12.: there's a gig review of the Birmingham concert. ...more

  • 10.12.: a swedish tour for July 2007 is announced in swedish newspapers and you already can buy tickets for the shows at the swedish ticket online service.
    Dates: 1.7. Järvsö 14.7. Stockholm 15.7. Örebro 18.7. Linköping 19.7. Båstad 20.7. Kalmar 21.7. Hässleholm

  • 09.12.: while the band is playing the 41st time !!! at the N.E.C. in Birmingham, today's top news regarding Status Quo is coming from Germany. The local newspaper from Heidenheim (near Ulm) announced their annual summer festival with Status Quo for the 22nd June at the Brenzpark, Heidenheim / Germany.

  • 08.12.: new entry on the link "seek/sell". Someone sells the australian 2x CD "The party ain't over yet".

  • 07.12.: there is another french Status Quo website called "Association QuoFrance" by Bruno Ponchon and webmaster Frenchy. This website is especially for the french fan-meeting with lots of information about it and with merchanising, such as shirts and DVD's. This fan-meeting or "Quo Party" will be held next year at the 2nd June near Lille. ...more

  • 07.12.: Alan Lancaster, Quo's ex-bassplayer, is playing at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert in Fremantle / Westaustralien, February 25th, 2007. Until he died, Bon Scott was the singer of AC/DC. ...more

  • 06.12.: TOPNEWS from France; the french tour promoter Gerard Drouot Productions is announcing french tourdates with Status Quo for October 2007 on his website. The talk is about 9 dates in France, but NOTHING is confirmed. More news later. ...more

  • 04.12.: nice pictures about Status Quo's performance at the City Hall in Newcastle, Dec 2, have been uploaded on the internet. ...more

  • 03.12.: out of the german LP discography the german promo LP of the "Hello" album. ...more

  • 01.12.: yesterday Paul Camilleri played at the Salzhaus in Winterthur. A special 3-Track Pre-Release-CD was sold including these songs: You don`t know (Camilleri, Rossi), Gets better (Camilleri, Rossi) and Jealous man (Camilleri, Rossi,Wilders,Müller, Beck). Die Titel wurden auch live gespielt. The songs written with Francis Rossi were played live and the new Paul Camilleri CD "Strike like Lightning" will be released early 2007.

  • 30.11.: not only Francis Rossis sons are musicians, his daughter Bernadette Gernon is a musician too. ...more

  • 26.11.: the german coverband SMILEDRIVER from Berlin was in studio to record their first CD called "The Quo must go on" (see picture above). The CD will be released on December 8, 2006 and there is a CD-release party at the American Western Saloon in Berlin-Reinickendorf (8 pm european time) on the same day. The bands website is written in english too. ...more

  • 25.11.: News about Paul Camilleri. The swissman and his band were support acts in 2004 and 2005 on the german and UK tour. His new album is to be announced for early 2007 and this album is produced by Francis Rossi. On this album are 2 previously unreleased Rossi / Young songs and Francis played guitar on some songs. Together with Paul Camilleri he wrote songs.
    Note: Paul Camilleri is introducing this songs on a "CD-christening" show at the Salzhaus (close to the railway station) in Winterthur (CH) - NOvember 30, 2006, 8 pm european time.

  • 24.11.: another concert date for next year in Bobital/France on the festival "Terres Neuvas" date: 07.07.07

  • 24.11.: new entry on the link "seek/sell".

  • 24.11.: the annual TOP1000 charts of the german radio station SWR1 was held from 2nd Nov. to 4th Nov. This time only 1 title of each band/artist was chosen. And Status Quo's "Rockin all over the world" was voted on No.61. Winner was first time "Bohemian Raphsody" and the winner of the last years "Stairway to heaven" this year No.2.

  • 23.11.: new entry on the link "seek/sell". Someone is looking for the QUO 2 interview picture disc and offers 80 Euros !!!

  • 22.11.: from 6th December onwards the swiss band "VIVIAN" is special guest on the UK-Tour. "VIVIAN" was already support act at the german May and June and October dates. They replace the current special guest "twentysevens".

  • 21.11.: there is a very good review of the "Just doin it" DVD in german music paper "Good Times". By the way, all reviews in Germany are very good reviews.
  • 21.11.: meanwhile the UK-Tour is rollin on with sold-out shows or with very good attendances. Today and tomorrow shows at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon.

  • 21.11.: there is a german release announced for the 15th January, the first of 2007. Its to be a 2x-CD compilation called "Pictures of Matchstick".

  • 19.11.: while the band enjoys a day-off, John "Rhino" Edwards is playing a charity concert today in Londons Hammersmith Odeon with his part-time band "Woodedz".

  • 18.11.: the "Book-Signing" bei Waterstones, Oxford was filmed and can be seen on the Mail Oxofrd site. ...more

  • 18.11.: the Quo calendar 2007 is now available via the Quo shop ( or ...

  • 16.11.: the song "Belavista Man " was added on yesterdays setlist at the show in Oxford.

  • 16.11.: the co-operation between Status Quo and the german tour promoter "Moderne Welt" has come to an end.

  • 15.11.: the first 3 shows of the UK-tour are played and today is a day-off for the band. Its announced, that the band is on the Steve Wright show of the BBC2 radio station on Thursday afternoon from 2 p.m. onwards (british time) ...Steve Wright show
    and yesterday an interview with Francis Rossi was broadcasted via the radio station Planet Rock.

  • 13.11.: Cambridge yesterday saw a fantastic opening of this years UK tour with the same setlist as played on most of the October shows in Germany, Belgium, France and Ireland/Northern Ireland.

  • 12.11.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL HIRSH. He is celebrating his 53rd birthday and he was Andy Bown's substitute on the keyboards from 2000 to 2002.

  • 12.11.: Sunday, November 12, 2006 sees the kick-off of the "Just doin it"-UK tour in Cambridge, Corn Exchange. The tour includes 30 concerts - new is Cheltenham. 2 shows are in Ipswich, Bristol, Llandudno, Croydon and Oxford. Special Guest is the australian band "Twentysevens". For details of this tour click the link "gig dates".

  • 10.11.: start of the book-signing tour with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi at Harrods, London. Harrods is the biggest warehouse in Europe.
  • 10.11.: there is a Quo special at planet rock radio - 8 pm today and can be heard via the website

  • 09.11.: on Friday morning, 10th November, there are Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi to be interviewed in the british BBC "Breakfast" show (8.15 am )

  • 07.11.: a few days before the kick-off of the annual UK tour the band is in the media. Today the band with a perfromance of "Caroline" in the GM.TV. After this performance a 10 minutes video chat was broadcasted with Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt can be seen via video-streaming in the internet. ...more

  • 04.11.: yesterday the new DVD "Just doin it" was released in Germany. So far the DVD received good critics in the german press.

  • 02.11.: there is a "Heads down and boogie"-Festival Saturday, 4th November in Bönningsted near Hamburg /Germany. There is no Quo band or a Quo coverband playing, but in some way the bands have a "Quo relation".
    First there is the english band "Predatür" who attracted the attention of many Quo fans with their outstanding album "Mean" which in many ways reminds of Status Quo in the early 70's. And "Predatür" covered Quo's "Umleitung". ...more
    Then there is the band "Backstreet Girls" from Norway, who are a well-known band in Norway with a unique boogie-rock music. No other than Alan Lancaster wrote the preview on their Best of Album. here for the preview And the "Backstreet Girls" (no girls/women in this band ) wrote a powerful rendition to Status Quo with the song "Hey Ho Lets Quo", the closing part of this song is very much Status Quo and you can listen to this track on the band's website. ...more
    The 3rd band is "Railroad", who are hosts of this festival.

  • 31.10.: tickets for the Zurich concert 2007 are available via from November 1, 2006 onwards.

  • 29.10.: TOPNEWS !!! Status Quo again at the Zurich Hallenstadion (Switzerland) - 18 August 2007. The shows in 2003 and 2005 were both sold out with 13,000 crowds.

  • 29.10.: Rick Parfitt at the "Music Live Exhibition" Birmingham NEC, November 4. Rick is being interviewed live and he introduces his guitar facelift product.
    John "Rhino" Edwards with his band Woodedz at a charity gig in London, Hammersmith Odeon, NOvember 19.

  • 27.10.: PLEASE NOTE; the following news is only for information: there is a new real DVD Bootleg "The sparring aint over yet" out. It includes the QUO show at Basel, 2005 and the private show for British Telekom played at the Alton Towers, 2004. And please, you can't get it through the Quotickersite. here to see the DVD cover

  • 25.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROY LYNES. Status Quo's ex-keyboarder (until 1970) is celebrating his 63rd birthday. All the best !

  • 23.10.: according to statements from hardcore fans the last show in Paris was a fantastic performance of the band with the full set. Fans welcomed the band holding up red, white and blue balloons which showed the french national colours.
    Next up: Status Quo on the irish island with one show in Northern Ireland (Belfast) and 2 shows in Ireland (Dublin and Killarney).

  • 23.10.: the new fanzine of the official fanclub "From the makers of" Vol.9 No.2 is now published. Main part of the issue shows an interview with all band members about the current year with Ricks voice, with the played shows and a look into 2007 with studio work for a new studio album and the work on the announced film "Care factor zero".

  • 22.10.: the english band KASABIAN covered the song "Pictures of Matchstick Men" and released it on their 2 Track-CD-Single "Shoot the runner". (Cat.No. Paradise43) You can listen to the song via audiostream on their homepage: ...mehr

  • 22.10.: yesterdays show in Leuven / Belgium saw Juniors Wailing instead of the Mystery Medley in the set. The main set was played with all songs including Dirty Water. Attendance: approx. 2.500. Special guests: belgian band The Vipers (playing covers of The Doors, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple)

  • 20.10.: on the last show of the german tour in Lörrach, Status Quo played a short set without "4500 Times" "Dirty Water" and "Mystery Medley". Good critics in the german newspaper which I regularly publish on the german written site.
    Thank you to the promoter Moderne Welt who gave 16 fans free admission via the Quoticker site

  • 19.10.: after a shortened setlist now in Mainz the full set including "Dirty Water" and the "Mystery Medley". Attendance: approx. 2,000
  • 19.10.: there is a new coverband in Switzerland. They are called "PINK SUGAR" are coming from Zurich and the special thing about them is, the oldest band member is 15 years old. And today before the show in Lörrach they have a meeting with their heroes.

  • 18.10.: Status Quo with a solid performance in Munich, but with a shortened set. The set without the songs "Dirty Water" and "Mystery Medley". Set time approx 90 min. and attendance approx 1.500.
  • 18.10.: while Status Quo is rocking the south-west german town Mainz, the belgian rock radio station Classic 21 is broadcasting an interview with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi. Just surf to the address - the interview is will be broadcasted at 8.03 pm european time.

  • 18.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCK BERRY !! The Rock n Roller is celebrating his 80th birthday today. Quo's closing number is "Bye Bye Johnny" originally written and sung by Chuck Berry.

  • 16.10.: there are very nice live-pictures of the Cologne show at the North Rhine Westfalia online homepage.. ...more

  • 16.10.: another stunning performance last night in Cologne. Show was sold out - 4,000 people. Some british fans attended this show, and a special one for Kim Hochkins aka "Queen of Quo", from Birmingham, she celebrated her 150th Status Quo gig. Congratulations !!! As well, Kim has an own homepage: ...more

  • 15.10.: the "Mystery Song" was played at yesterdays show in Erfurt. Approx. 3,000 attendance and the set time 111 minutes.

  • 14.10.: a 4-minutes report of the Status Quo show in Bremen was broadcasted at german TV Radio Bremen. You can watch it via the following link, but its in german. ...more

  • 14.10.: there's an interview with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi at the belgian rock radiostation "Classic 21" on the 18th October, 8 p.m. european time. Promotion for the show in Leuven / Belgium, 21st October. Homepage:

  • 13.10.: sold-out show in Bremen. 2,000 fans saw the same setlist as played in Bielefeld and the set-time was 105 minutes.

  • 12.10.: approx. 2,800 fans saw the Quo in Bielefeld yesterday. The set with "4500 Times" and "Dirty Water", and the encore with "Juniors Wailing" instead of "Mystery Medley". Set time: 100 min.

  • 12.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK PARFITT ! Rick feiert is celebrating his 58th birthday. All the best !

  • 11.10.: yesterdays show in Magdeburg saw a shortened set. The songs "4500 Times" "Dirty Water" and "Mystery Medley" were dropped - instead of the medley the song "Juniors wailing" was played. Setlist around 90 minutes.

  • 11.10.: another CD release: THE COVER UP (Crimson CRIMCD437) CD compilation made up of material from the Quo's "Don't Stop", "Famous In The Last Century" and "Riffs" albums. The budget priced release was marketed through the Woolworth and Tesco shops. Released on the 7th. August 2006. Get Back / Runaround Sue / Centrefold / Don't Bring Me Down / Roll Over Beethoven / Fun Fun Fun / Hound Dog / Mony Mony / Get Out Of Denver / Rock 'N' Me / I Fought The Law / Pump It Up / Proud Mary / Old Time Rock And Roll / When I'm Dead And Gone / Once Bitten Twice Shy / Tobacco Road / Claudette. Total Time 58:03 ...more

  • 11.10.: 5 years ago the Quoticker site went online. Thank you to all visitors of this website. It's a great pleasure to give you information about the legendary STATUS QUO !!!

  • 11.10.: on the bonus-Live CD, part of the limited edition of the forthcoming new Live-DVD "Just doin it" are the following songs included: Caroline - Something 'Bout You Baby I Like - Don't Waste My Time - 4500 Times - Rain - Hold You Back - The Party Ain’t Over Yet - Roll Over Lay Down - Down Down - Whatever You Want - Rockin' All Over The World - Burning Bridges. (Quelle: Garry Fielding)

  • 09.10.: news from the german tour: crowd attendance in Friedrichshafen 2,000 and yesterday in Hannover 4,000. Hannover saw the same set as in Friedrichshafen.

  • 08.10.: yesterday saw the successful start of the 2nd german Status Quo tour in Friedrichshafen. Status Quo played the same setlist as in Amsterdam but additional song was "4500 Times". Set time: 105 minutes and there is new merchandising.

  • 07.10.: 50.000 enthusiastic Scotsmen celebrated today their team after they won against France and they rocked to "Rockin all over the world" which was played after the match.

  • 06.10.: first information from Amsterdam: the band with a new setlist; these songs included: Paper Plane, In the Army now, Dirty Water and the Just Supposin Medley.
    Amsterdam Setlist: Caroline - Something about you baby - Don't waste my time - Paper plane - Rain - All stand up - The Oriental - Creeping up on you - SQ40 Proposing Medley - Big fat mama - Dirty water - Gerdundula - Roll over lay down - Down Down - Whatever you want - Rockin all over the world - Encore: In the army now - Mystery Medley - Rock n Roll Music (short) - Bye bye Johnny

  • 05.10.: out of the series "Rockin' all over the years" new the review of the year 1999. ... more

  • 05.10.: with today's sold-out show at the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam (NL) the autumn and winter-tour kicks-off. On Saturday start of the german Status Quo tour, followed by some shows in Ireland and one show in Paris.
  • 05.10.: news about John Coghlan, Quo's ex-drummer. On the video-website is a video of him and his new "King Earl Boogie Band" filmed at their performance in Cornwall at the Portscatho Regatta. ...more

  • 04.10.: Francis Rossi was in irish Radio 1 yesterday. He was interviewed by Dave Fanning. Probably you can listen to this interview later the week.

  • 02.10.: with todays newsletter Amazon (UK) offers to preorder the regular edition of the new book. The prize is only 12 Pounds and will be sent out from October 12 onwards.
  • 02.10.: more information about the recently re-released "Under the influence" album by the dutch Foreign label. The booklet is very interesting. Not only a history of the band can be read, also you can read all chart notes of Status Quo albums and singles from UK, Germany, Netherlands and Australia.

  • 30.09.: the new Bob Young book "Status Quo 40th anniversry book" is now available in the Waterstone bookshops for 14,99 pounds.

  • 30.09.: the next Status Quo show in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall, October 5, is sold out.

  • 23.09.: swiss television SF2 is broadcasting "Status Quo - 40 Jahre Rocking all over the world" - October 7, 10.45 pm european time.

  • 22.09.: today another reissue of the "Under the Influence"-album was released in Germany (see cover above). Under the label "Foreign me" albums of artists and bands like the Ian Gillan Band, Nazareth, Status Quo and many more were reissued. (Order:

  • 19.09.: according to todays newsletter from Warner Music Germany Holding GmbH the release date for the "Just doin it" DVD is the 3rd November in Germany. The DVD, which shows the Status Quo show at the NEC, Birmingham from the 21st May, will be released in 2 formats - a regular one and a limited edition. The limited edition includes the DVD and additional a limited 14 track live CD, 5 postcards, a poster and a 60-pages booklet and the setlist.

  • 19.09.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN COGHLAN !! Quo's former drummer (until 1982) is celebrating his big 60 today. All the best, John.

  • 18.09.: on 9.10.2006 german streetrocker ATERIAL release their new CD "Bodyshaker" - including a cover-version of Status Quo's "In my Chair" (in Aterials own words: a Tribute to the biggest Rock`n Roll Band "all over the World") More information about this CD:

  • 16.09.: the band Woodedz is playing at the "The Orange", West Kensington, London on the 21st September 2006. Woodedz is nothing else than Quo's bassplayer "Rhino" Edwards and his 2 sons Freddie and Max.

  • 14.09.: news about the new Book "The 40th anniversary book" - the regular edition will be available from mid September onwards and the special limited edition will be released on the 3rd week of October. For more information click on the banner above.
  • 14.09.: the new DVD "The one and only" entered the UK DVD charts on No.5.

  • 10.09.: the DVD "The one and only" has been released last week. (Island Label, Cat.No. 9842204)
  • 10.09.: Rick Parfitt married Lindsay Withburn.

  • 02.09.: Please note: NO UPDATES on the Quoticker site between 3rd September and 10th September because of holiday !!!!!

  • 01.09.: fantastic fotos from the Reading Festival 1978 and the 1979 shows at the Hammersmith Odeon and the Apollo, Manchester plus Guildford 2005 can be seen on the website of Alan David Perry. ...more

  • 31.08.: out of the series "the german LP discography" today from the year 1987 the compilation LP "Hitalbum". ...more

  • 31.08.: with the show on Monday at Lincoln Castle the "SQ 40 anniversary tour" came to an end. The tour started in Heilsbronn, Germany on the 23rd September and included 96 played shows. Without the break because of Rick Parfitts health problems this means an average of one show all 2 days.

  • 31.08.: the show in Paris, Olympia (France) - 22.10.2006 - is already sold out.

  • 30.08.: there is a Francis Rossi interview accessible via the internet. It was held in 1990 in Netherlands by famous dutch DJ Alfred Lagarde. Lagarde did very popular radio shows in the 70's and 80's and played often Status Quo. Attention: the running time of the interview is approx. 20 min. ...more

  • 28.08.: a very interesting video of the Young & Moody band with Cozy Powell, Lemmy (Motörhead) and the Nolan Sisters playing the single "Don't do that". here
    The single "Don't do that" was released in 1980 by Bronze Records (Cat.No. BRO130) The Nolan sisters Colleen and Linda are singing the backing vocals and they were members of the celebrated Nolan family who had a phenomenal success and sold in Japan more records than the Beatles. Coleen is now a television presenter of the show "Loose woman" and she is writing columns in the Daily Mirror.
    Please click here for the cover of the single "Don't do that": ...more

  • 26.08.: Special guests for the german tour are the swiss band "VIVIAN" who already played some shows with Status Quo in May and June.
    The suport band for the UK-tour this year are "Twentysevens" who had been the special guests at the last UK tour for a few shows.

  • 25.08.: at the weekend and on Monday the last 3 Status Quo shows at Falmouth, Portsmouth and Lincoln, before the band has a well-earned 5-week break. Just a short info regarding the show in Linz. The 2-days event "Krone"-Fest was attended by 250,000 people. The event is every year the biggest party of the town and is sponsored by Austria's biggest newspaper "Krone-Zeitung" which is similar to "The Sun".

  • 23.08.: the very rare "PinkPop '74" videoclip of "Junior's Wailing" can be seen on the video sharing internetsite of "you tube": ...more

  • 20.08.: Graz: power failure during the song "The Oriental". Status Quo couldn't continue their set. So the people saw only an approx 25 minutes set of the band.
  • 20.08.: the swiss television TV Ostschweiz broadcasted a 10 minutes report about the Status Quo performance (including the songs Caroline and Don't wste my time).

  • 19.08.: News from the Tufertschwil-Festival/Switzwerland: Status Quo in front of 13,000 people with the usual solid performance, but again without "4500 Times " "Rain" and without songs from the new album.

  • 16.08.: out of the german LP-discography today the german compilation LP "VIP" from 1983. ...more

  • 15.08.: the announced DVD "The one and only" is now due to be released on 4th September.

  • 15.08.: upcoming next weekend the long awaited 3 Status Quo shows in Switzerland and Austria.
    first Switzerland - Friday 18th August; the big Tufertschwil festival, this year at the Degenaupark in Jonschwil. Status Quo with Thunder, Dr.Feelgood, the well-known german dialect band BAP, SPAN and the party band Blaumeisen. This festival is well-known about its excellent organisation. The beer-tent is open 24 hours. Its the 3rd Status Quo appearance at this festival and they expect 40,000 people on the 3-days-event. You even can see the build-up of the stage and the tents on the Tufertschwil-homepage. Just click into the Tufertschwil banner above.
    next destination Austria - Saturday 19th August; 400 miles east from Jonschwil Status Quo will play at the Linzer Stadtfest in Linz, Austria. The special thing about this show: its admission free !!!
    third show - Sunday, August 20 sees Status Quo again in Austria, this time with TOTO at the Schwarzl-See near Graz. By the way: there's a fan-meeting at the restaurant "Papa Joe" at 2 p.m. european time.

  • 14.08.: another rerelease of the "Under the influence" album is announced for release in Germany due to be out on 22nd September. This time from Joan Records / Foreign Label. Source:

  • 12.08.: on Sunday August 13, Status Quo first time at the Burntwood Wakes - a festivity celebrated since 1865 in Bruntwood. Alongside Quo the Rolling Stones Coverband Counterfeit Stones; the Eagles Coverband Talon and thte englisch band No Logo are the support bands.
  • 12.08.: news about the DVD "The one and only" which is due to be released on 21st August. Its released by Universal Music Operations Ltd. and its running time is approx 157 minutes. Source: the german website.

  • 09.08.: the Live-DVD of the concert in Birmingham, May 21, 2006 is now (first time) offered on the internetsite "Just doin it" is the title of the DVD and its release date is announced with 6th November. ...more
  • 09.08.: another Status Quo DVD is offered via the internetsite - titled "The one and only" with the "One and Only" show from 2002, with - first time !!! - the german Show in Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 1982 - with the Granada TV show 1970 and the whole Top of the pops 2 special from 2000. But on request Tesco couldn't tell who is the publisher of this DVD. If its official a very interesting DVD but look here for more information: ...more

  • 09.08.: 20 years ago; Status Quo played at the Knebworth Park festival. And it was the last live show of Queen with Freddie Mercury. They say approx 200,000 attended this festival and it took hours to leave the parking aera after the end of the festival.

  • 07.08.: the shows in Latvia and Estonia were celebrated enthusiastically with approx. 8,000 people who attended the show in Estonia. Next up the Burntwood Wakes Festival in England - August 13. There are pictures from the show in Haapsalu. ...more

  • 02.08.: out of the german LP-discography today the german compilation LP "Star Discothek" from 1980. ...more

  • 01.08.: a very interesting Status Quo compilation was found in Ukrania - "Legends of Rock" (Cat.No.: FH2004-LZR-0014). 18 are issued on this sampler and it features also songs from the "Under the Influence" album, which was published by Eagle Records. The Tracklist: In the army now, Again and again, Break the rules, End of the line, Don´t stop, Dear John, Rain, Velvet Curtains, Never too late, Enough is enough, Ain´t Complaining, Burning Bridges , Shine on, 20 Wild Horses, Don´t mind if i do, Everytime i think of you, Calling, Speechless. This CD is on auction at the dutch ebay-site and is running until August 8th. ...Cover

  • 30.07.: "Top of the Pops" the longstanding british charts show of the BBC has come to an end. Status Quo have been 161 times in this show, which only introduced artists who were in the TOP20 of the british singles charts. A very good review on this fabulous and well-known show is on the BBC-website where you can see the video-clip of "Pictures of Matchstick Men". ...more

  • 30.07.: next Wednesday, August 2 - 8 p.m. (european time), there's a Status Quo special at the blues internetsite The Special can be heard via the programme WINAMP. This internet site is from blues fans who are doing radio streams via the internet. But: it will be only in german.

  • 30.07.: very interesting pictures taken backstage and on the sounchecks of Quo in Sweden from Gert Ohlsson,m who is writing the best Quo internetsite: ...more
    and many pictures of the swedish tour by Tomas Johansson (thanks for sharing with us) ...more

  • 29.07.: with the show in Ystad the swedish tour comes to an end. No time for holiday because next weekend are 2 shows in Latvia and Estonia, places were the band haven't played at all.

  • 27.07.: The concerts in Karlstad and Göteborg / Sweden have been attended by 6,000 people. Both festivals were outdoor. This is the exact setlist: Caroline-Something bout you babe I like.-Don´t waste my time-Hold you back-All stand up-Oriental-Creepin up-Mystery Medley-Gerdundula-Roll over-Down Down-Whatever you want-RAOTW; Encore: Burning Bridges-Junior Wailing-Rock ´n Roll Music-Bye Bye (set time: exact 90 min.).

  • 26.07.: there is a Rick Parfitt interview available at the homepage of swedish Radio programme P4. The interview is approx. 18 minutes and its in english: ...mehr

  • 22.07.: the track-listing of the extra-CD which is part of the 3,000 limited copies of the "40th Anniversary Book" is now announced. ...more

  • 20.07.: recently another Status Quo sampler appeared in Germany. Released through the Universal Label "Brunswick News" the 2xCD "Status Quo - The Best (Cat.No. 06024 99840621-2). -this sampler is available at the german Mediamarkt and via or Currently there is no cover available, but its a nice price compilation with 9,99 Euro.
    Trackliste: CD1: Cross that bridge, Rock n Roll, Rockin all over the world, The Loving Game, Fun Fun Fun, Paper Plane, Burning Bridges, Mystery Song, Down Down, Mess of Blues, Raining in my heart, Rave on , Lies, Caroline
    CD2: The Wanderer, In the army now, Dear John, Dreamin, I didnt mean it, Famous in the last century, Red Sky, Marguerita Time, Ol rag Blues, Dont drive my car, Wild side of life, Roll over lay down, Enough is enough, Aint complaining.

  • 19.07.: 5,000 fans attended the Leksand Festival on Status Quo's current swedish tour. The setlist is without "4500 Times" and "Rain".

  • 15.07.: a review about the second batch of the remaster CD's has been published in the current issue of the german "Good Times" magazine.
  • 15.07.: "4500 Times" and "Rain" weren't played at the opening show of the swedish tour in Lulea. Pictures of this show: ...more

  • 14.07.: Status Quo was on today's evening news of the swedish television in the 19:30 rapport. To see the video click on the +-Button of Rapport 19.30 and then click on Fredeg 14.juli. Pleasse note, Status Quo can be seen after 23:25 min. (it runs with Real Player) Status Quo in swedish TV
  • 14.07.: and an interview with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi can be seen on the homepage of the swedish AFTONBLADET. ...more

  • 12.07.: today a newsletter about the new "40th anniversary book" was published with more news about the book. Please click on the banner above and then click on "updates" to see more information about this forthcoming book and you already be able to see some pages.

  • 12.07.: after 5 shows in UK next up is the swedish tour which will start on Friday. Status Quo will play a total of 10 concerts in Sweden. Support bands Smokie and Refreshment.
  • 12.07.: the time table for the Tufertschwil Festival in Jonschwil/Switzerland, August 18, is now confirmed with Status Quo starting at 11.30 p.m. After QUO the party band Blaumeisen will play through the night from 1.30 a.m. onwards. The festival will be kicked of at 3.30 p.m. by swiss dialect rockers SPAN.

  • 08.07.: the online archives of the Daily Mirror are listing an interview with Eileen Rossi and Patty Parfitt. The wives are talking about themselves and especially about Francis and Rick.. ...more

  • 08.07.: an interesting internetsite is the QUOTAGIOUS site written by David from England who published all UK-LP-labels; UK-Promo-Singles and all UK-Picture Discs. ...more

  • 03.07.: "Burning Bridges" was put in the set at the Hastings Beer and Music Festival.
  • 03.07.: Francis Rossi was quoted in the new Q-magazine "that the band will go into Pinewood studios" to polish their live-sound".
  • 03.07.: another interesting Status Quo videos can be seen in the internet: ...more

  • 01.07.: there is a Status Quo Special "The party ain't over yet" at the VH-1 television on July 2, 11:30 p.m.

  • 29.06.: approx. 12,000 fans saw yesterday Status Quo's show at the FIFA Fanfest in Gelsenkirchen. One of the many activities during the Football Worldcup in Germany.

  • 26.06.: after a 2-week-break the band played yesterday at Knowsley Hall in the Knowsley Safari Park. It was the band's first appearance their. An estimated 2,000 crowd saw a shortened setlist. Next up is Status Quo's appearance at World Cup fan activities in Gelsenkirchen at the old football stadium Glückauf-Kampfbahn, which can gather 22,000 people. The show is on Wednesday, June 28, the first day when there are no football games.

  • 26.06.: a camera team has filmed a documentation about Rick Parfitt while he did a special training course at the Formula 1 circuit of Silverstone last week. This documentation is to be broadcasted at the satellite programme of "Motors TV" on the 5th July.

  • 24.06.: very nice pictures of Rick Parfitts appearance at the Wanye Morris Band at the "Kieler Woche" Kiel, Germany are now avialable. Thanks to the journalist Thomas Dittner who send in his pictures. ...more
  • 24.06.: the new Classic Rock magazine listed Quo's "Big Fat Mama" on No.26 of the TOP100 blues anthems (!).

  • 21.06.: some pictures from the last german tour in May and June are now put together on one page. See some impressions of the fantastic german tour. ...more

  • 15.06.: more new releases; at the english supermarket Morrisons the Status Quo CD "Quo Collection Part 1" is released through the United Label erschienen. (Cat.No. UTD064) It's the same track-listing as the "Quo Essential Volume 1" compilation released in 19990 minus "The Wanderer". for Cover
    and the Pulse Label is releasing a 2x-CD compilation "Down the Dustpipe" (Cat.No. PDSCD650) which is due to be released on the 31st July, 2006. ... click for Cover

  • 15.06.: Rick Parfitt at the "Kieler Woche" Germany. Rick Parfitt is guest musician of the Wayne Morris Band in Kiel Germany, June 19, 2006 - 9 p.m. european time. The Wayne Morris Band was support on the german autumn tour 2005 and on some concerts of the UK-Tour 2005 too.

  • 12.06.: Rick Parfitt's son Richard was the support band of Status Quo's show at Silverstone. Nice pictures can be seen here: pictures Silverstone

  • 11.06.: there is now a well-earned rest for the band. Next concert is on the 25th June in Prescot at the Knowsley hall where Status Quo is performing the first time.
    Another concert: Status Quo in Amsterdam/Netherlands at the Heineken Music Hall on the 5th of October. That's a total of 101 concerts this year.

  • 11.06.: after 2 festivals in Lichtervoorde (NL) and Middlefart, Denemark Status Quo is playing today in Silverstone at the Formula1-Grand Prix.

  • 10.06.: details about the limited 2xCD "The Party ain't over yet" which was released in Australia earlier this year: CD No.1 is the same CD as released in Europe. On CD No.2 are the following songs: "The party ain't over yet" (Single Mix), "Belavista Man" (live in Emden), "I'm not ready" (b-side of the single "All that counts is love"), "I'm watching over you" (b-side of the single "The party ain't over yet"), "Gerdundula" (live 2005 b-side of the single "The party ain't over yet") and an exclusive recording of the "Mystery Medley" (live Liverpool Pops 2005). Then there is an enhanced CD, which is of multimedia content, and which can only accessed via PC: 1. the video of "The party ain't over yet" and 2. a photo gallery including 20 photos of the Single-Video and pictures of the castle tour and the last photo is from the show in Zurich/Switzerland 2005 (also in the tour programme) A collectable item.

  • 08.06.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF RICH ! Status Quo's ex-drummer (1986-2000) is celebrating his 53rd birthday today. All the best, Jeff.

  • 08.06.: wonderful weather, wonderful location, wonderful band and an audience in very good mood. Status Quo rocked Stuttgart. The final show of the german tour ended with a stunning performance at the very nice location of the Freilichtbühne, Stuttgart with an estimated 3,000 attendance. Overall of the german tour: all shows saw the band in a very good mood, especially Francis and the band with stunning performances except Berlin where they only were allowed to play a shortened 60 minutes set. Crowd attendance from around 1,500 to 12,000 (Berlin). And Rick Parfitt singing at top level.

  • 06.06.: there is already a good promotion for the show at Merseyside's Knowsley Hall, which is the first time that Stutatus Quo is playing there. So you can listen to Rick Parfitt on Tuesday morning at the "The Big Fun Breakfast" of the local radiostation "Merseyside 106,7 The Rocket". Rick is talking about his life, his music and the show at the Knowsley Hall. You can listen to the intervie by click on this link:

  • 04.06.: "Whatever you want" was voted on No.19 and "Rockin all over the world" was voted on No.3 !! of the all-time-charts of Radio Bremen 1 / Germany.

  • 03.06.: 4,000 fans watched yesterdays Quo performance at the Hessentag in Hessisch Lichtenau. The band with a solid performance. No changes in the setlist: with "Belavista Man" but without the Proposin Medley. Current setlist: here

  • 01.06.: here is the tracklisting of the new german Quo compilation "Colour Collection" which is to be released tomorrow (02.06.): Whatever you want - Rockin' all over the world - Down down - Rain - Long legged Linda - I love rock and roll - Dirty water - Little dreamer - Caroline - Backwater - Don't waste my time - Shady lady - Ain't complaining - The wanderer - Roadhouse blues

  • 31.05.: News from the german tour: attendance Wuppertal approx 2,000 and Wetzlar approx. 1,500. Setlist: the first shows were played without the new medley and "Party..." songs. Yesterdays show in Wetzlar saw the return of "Belavista Man" into the setlist.

  • 29.05.: Happy Bithday FRANCIS ROSSI ! The founder member of the band is celebrating his 57th birthday. All the best, Francis.

  • 28.05.: Status Quo's performance at the pre game show of yesterdays Football World Bowl final at the LTU Arena, Düsseldorf/Germany was shown tonight (2 o'clock in the morning) in german television. First there was a short interview with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi and then the band's performance of "The party ain't over yet".

  • 27.05.: first news from the german tour: Rostock attendance 5,000 - Bendorf approx. 1,500 - both shows have been festivals so the band played only a shortened set with no SQ40 medley and in Bendorf without the new "Party" songs.
  • 27.05.: the german radio station "Die neue 107,7" has started a new event "the classic rock Weltmeisterschaft" (Classic rock world championship) The best classic rock song ever can be voted. 4 Status Quo songs are suggested: In the army now - Rockin all over the world - Whatever you want - What you're proposin. Here's the link: Classic rock championship

  • 25.05.: todays kick-off of the german Status Quo tour in Rostock is the "NDR Park Festival"; alongside Status Quo the german bands Alphaville and City and Manfred Manns Earthband are playing there. NDR Park Festival

  • 20.05.: on TWOD's excellent internetsite are new video-clips. The song "For you" and Rick Parfitt in a TV-Show and sound check from the Princes Trust 1982. ...more

  • 19.05.: Bob Young discography updated. (added single cover "Mean Girl" (thanks to Gunter Roder)) ...more

  • 16.05.: Happy Birthday BOB YOUNG ! Today he is celebrating his 61st birthday. All the best, BOB !

  • 15.05.: really nice and collectable Shadow-boxes of Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi are offered by Rockfan World, a german retailer. Just click into the pictures above. Please note: for english information click onto STARTSEITE and then to the british banner.

  • 14.05.: today's show in Canberra is the last of the Double Trouble tour in Australia. Next upcoming concert (after 2 more private shows indubai and MuscatO) is the much awaited show in Birmingham NEC. This show is to be filmed for a later Live-DVD.

  • 12.05.: another rerelease in Germany; this time by Spectrum Music and its the german "Rock til you drop"-CD. Price: 4,99 Euro

  • 11.05.: more information about the cancelled show at the Castle Clam/Austria : the Status Quo concert is now 2 days later on the 19th August at the annual "Krone Stadtfest" of the town LINZ, and the best thing is: ADMISSION FREE !!!!

  • 10.05.: 3 hours of Status Quo music can be heard on the belgium rock radio next Sunday, 14th March 2006 from 9 to 12 o'clock. (european time)

  • 09.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY John "Rhino" Edwards ! Status Quo's bassplayer is celebrating his 53rd birthday. Just recently he celebrated his 20th stage jubilee with Status Quo. All the best, Rhino. And like the father so are the boys. His 2 sons are playing in a band called Thootpaste Factory.

  • 09.05.: Mercury Records Germany starting a new compilations series called "Colour Collection" at the 2nd June 2006, featuring artists such as Bachman, Turner, Overdrive, Johnny Cash, Deep Purple, Santana and many more and also Status Quo. This CD can already preordered via or - prize is 6,99 Euro.

  • 07.05.: yesterdays show in Twin Heads saw only Status Quo (Special guests: Twentyseveners). The new SQ40-medley wasn't played.
    Setlist of Twin Heads: Caroline - Something bout you baby I like - Dont waste My time - 4500 Times - Rain - All Stand Up - The Oriental - Hold You Back - Mystery Medley - Roll Over Lay Down Gerdundula - Down Down - Whatever You Want - Rockin all over the world Encore: Junior's wailing - Rock & Roll Music - Bye Bye Johnny
    After the concert was the australian Quo fan meeting with the australian coverband Quo Vadis.

  • 07.05.: additional tourdate at the german October tour - Munich October 17, 2006.
    Attention! According to the austrian newspaper KRONENZEITUNG (similar to The SUN) the show at the Burg Clam is cancelled. But the website of states the concert at the 17.August. There will be soon further information about this concert.

  • 05.05.: officially confirmed now the Tufertwschwil festival in Switzerland and the german tour in October and 5 new dates appeared; all 5 in August - 1x in Estonia; 1x in Latvia and 3 shows at english castles (2x Falmouth and 1x Portsmouth).

  • 04.05.: another Status Quo CD-compilation has been released through Marks & Spencer - called "Rockin all over the world" (Cat.No.: Marks and Spencer MS2035)

  • 03.05.: the new fanclub magazine "From the makers of" Vol.9 No.1 has been published. The main part of this magazine is about the "Making of" of the double DVD "The Party aint over yet" and the news that Franics Rossi has written some songs with Bob Young, Andrew Bown, Guy Johnson and he is producing the new album of Paul Camilleri (support of the last UK tour).

  • 03.05.: Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi were guests on the music trivia quiz show "Spicks and Specks" at australian TV last night.

  • 03.05.: Adelaide: reports of fans telling that Rick Parfitt is playing in top form and with very good voice. Status Quo is rocking the venues with enthusiastic crowds.

  • 02.05.: a 2x-CD of Status Quo was recently released through the ASDA supermarkets in UK. Its called "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" (Cat.No.: Castle Pulse PDSDD 131) and it includes songs out of the PYE-period. (source: Garry Fielding) -> click for cover

  • 30.04.: on the event server of the austrian town GRAZ is an event announced called "Rock am See" (Rock at the lake) with Status Quo and Toto at the 20th August. Its at the Schwarzl-See, a lake in the near of Graz/Austria. More infos about the event and the tickets here: Status Quo at 'Rock am See' in Graz/Austria

  • 29.04.: the first show of the Australian Double Trouble Tour has been played. Status Quo with an approx. 75 minutes performance. Headliner of this Double Trouble tour is Deep Purple. Special guests are MANDRAKE a band from New South Wales.

  • 28.04.: the new issue of the english "Guitar and Bass" magazine features an interview with Quo's bass player John "Rhino" Edwards.

  • 27.04.: the german QUO coverband PILEDRIVER is playing on the 17th June at the Tribute Rocknight at the Wunderland Kalkar which is owned by a dutch man. Other coverbands this night are Crossroads (Bon Jovi) IRON MAIDEN (performed by Up The Irons) and. U 2 (performed by Crystal Dream) More about this event on the following website which is written in dutch and in german:

  • 26.04.: Status Quo in Düsseldorf/Germany at the Pre-Game Show of the american football team "Düsseldorf Rheinfire". No worry, its in the afternoon, in the night the band is playing the Schwung Festival in Belgium the same date.

  • 25.04.: news from the official fanclub; the new fanclub magazine will be published next week and from next week onwards the guitar pendants from Rick are available.

  • 24.04.: today the "The Party ain't over yet" album was released in Australia as a 2x CD limited edition (Cat.No. SANDD389) in front of the forthcoming Australia Tour. The second CD includes the single B-sides; the "The Party ain't over yet" video and a picture gallery.
  • And another reissue of the "Under the Influence" album is to be released by australian Rajon Label on the 13th May, according to the australian hmw-internetsite. Addition songs are "Sea Cruise" aund "Pictures of Matchstick Men" (Cat.No. Rajon CDR0655).

  • 23.04.: today was the first Status Quo concert of the year in Samnaun, Switzerland. 11,000 people saw the usual SQ40-tour setlist with a shortened encore.

  • 21.04.: on the YAMAHA website is an interesting write-up about Status Quo's new digital sound desk which is used since the start of the "SQ40"-tour. here

  • 18.04.: there's another german reissue of the "Under the Influence" album. This time called "Influence of Matchstick Men" (Label MCP Sound & Media) with all the songs from the original "Influence.." album plus "Pictures of Matchstick Men". You can order it via or or - the price is 6,99 Euro. here to see the cover

  • 17.04.: listeners of the german radiostation "Antenne Bayern" voted the best 1,000 songs ever. This TOP1000 was broadcasted from last Thursday onwards. 2 Status Quo songs are voted: "In the Army now" No.318 and "Rockin' all over the world" No.452. The winner was Queens "We will rock you".

  • 16.04.: according to the online-event internetsite "TimeOut Dubai" Statsus Quo is to be playing a show at the Dubai Tennis stadium on the 17th May. More about it click here:

  • 15.04.: 20 years ago on the 15th April 1986, it was the first Status Quo concert in Dubai with John "Rhino" Edwards. There is no tour itinary but Rhino and Jeff Rich thinks that it was around this date. So congratulations to Rhino for his 20th stage anniversary with Status Quo. (many thanks to Mike Paxman and Rhino and Jeff Rich for the research)

  • 11.04.: Running Order for the Arrow Classic Rock Festival in Lichtenvoorde/NL at the 9th June is:
    Stage 1: Rock Garden 13.30 – 14.30 h: Blackfoot 15.30 – 16.30 h: Ted Nugent 17.30 – 18.45 h: Whitesnake 19.45 – 21.15 h: Status Quo 22.30 - 00.00 h: Deep Purple
    Stage 2: Rock Palace 14.30 – 15.30 h: John Waite 16.30 – 17.30 h: Uriah Heep 18.45 – 19.45 h: George Thorogood 21.15 – 22.30 h: Journey
  • 11.04.: news about the Tufertschwil Festival / Switzerland at the 18th August: the last band for the Friday is announced; its Thunder who were already support band of Status Quo in 1998.

  • 06.04.: News about the Status Quo concert at the swiss skiing aera of the Silvretta Nova - Alp Trida near Samnaun, 23rd April. Its a very early show: doors open 8 a.m. !! The festival starts at 10.30 a.m. and Status Quo is due to be on stage at 12:30 p.m. The ticket price is 62 swiss francs. To order a ticket click here:

  • 05.04.: there's a full-page report about Status Quo fan Kim Hochkins, Birmingham in the new issue of the british girlie magazine "Real People".
  • 05.04.: Status Quo are supporting Sir Steve Redgrave in his attempt to raise the most money for charity by an individual runner at the London marathon. More information via the official Status Quo website

  • 04.04.: John Coghlan is playing 2 shows in Germany with the Rock Classic Allstars. 12.5.2006 in Wermelskirchen, Bürgerzentrum and 13.5.2006 in Bochum, Riffs. More about the Rock Classic Allstars:

  • 03.04.: another concert date for 2006 (the 59th concert so far): Status Quo appear at the Burntwood Wakes Festival, August 13, 2006 as headliner. Unusual - the support bands are 2 coverbands: The Counterfeits Stones, Britain's No.1 Rolling Stones coverband and Talon, Eagles coverband. More information:
  • 03.04.: Quo in Austria: according to the NON newspaper Status Quo is to be playing a show at the Castle Clam / Austria on the 17th August 2006.

  • 29.03.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT LETLEY ! The drummer is celebrating his 45th birthday today. He joined Quo in 2000. Little is known of him, but he likes to climb up mountains. And his own record is, he climbed up Mount Snowdon in Wales for more than 80 times. All the best, Matt.
  • 29.03.: the DVD "The party aint over yet" is due to be released in Japan on the 10th May by Warner Music. (Cat.No. WPBR90538) Source: Garry Fielding.
  • 29.03.: chart news: 2 finnish radio stations are listing "All that counts is love" on No.10 of the finnish charts. And in Russia an artist called EVRO is No.9 with "In the army now" - Band name is EVRO/Status Quo.

  • 27.03.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY BOWN ! Status Quo's keyboarder is celebrating today his big 60th birthday. He joined Quo in 1976. All the best Andy!

  • 25.03.: ticket for sale: for Status Quo's concert in Paris at thte Olympia a ticket is for sale. It's a very good place - row 3 in front of Rhino . Price is 83 €. If you're interested send email to

  • 24.03.: there's a permanent series of "Chart shows" in the german TV of RTL and SAT1. This is because of 50 years german charts. In yesterday "chart show of the best-ever rockstars" Status Quo was voted on No.35. Winner was Deep Purple, runners-up were Queen, No.3 Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones on No.4. RTL television is promoting the forth-coming german tour with a 20-seconds-TV-clip.

  • 20.03.: another concert date: Status Quo in Prescot, Knowsley Hall at the 25th June, 2006. By the way: the 55th date for this year.
  • 20.03.: there's an article in "The Sun" about Rhino's tribute song to the soccer player Lloyd Owusu. ...Rhino-Article in The Sun

  • 20.03.: according to Garry Fielding the DVD "Famous in the last century" will be rereleased as budget price DVD from Eagle Vision at the 10th April.
  • 20.03.: the new issue of the german music magazine "Good Times" No.2/2006 shows a very good half-page advert of the 11 remaster CD's and there is a very good 20-seconds spot on german TV station RTL (one of the major stations) to promote the forthcoming german tour in May and June.

  • 18.03.: the german tourpromoter Moderne Welt, Stuttgart announced another german tour for October 2006 with these dates:
    07.10.2006 Friedrichshafen Messehalle
    08.10.2006 Hannover AWD Halle
    10.10.2006 Magdeburg AMO Kulturhaus
    11.10.2006 Bielefeld Ringlokschuppen
    12.10.2006 Bremen Pier 2
    14.10.2006 Erfurt Thüringenhalle
    15.10.2006 Köln Palladium
    18.10.2006 Mainz Phönixhalle
    19.10.2006 Lörrach Burghof

  • 18.03.: according to the german concert agency there is a Status Quo concert in Bremen, Pier2 at the 12th October 2006.

  • 16.03.: officially confirmed now the Status Quo concert in Gelsenkirchen, Glück-Auf-Kampfbahn 28.June - its the FIFA Fanfest, which is a party for all football fans during the Football World championship in Germany.
  • 16.03.: on the german internet site you can buy the mini guitar of Francis Rossi but also there is an offer for a Status Quo Guitar-Pick collection. The set includes 10 pictured guitar picks and is "made in USA". ..Status Quo Guitar Picks

  • 15.03.: Rhino can be seen in british television ITV1 on Thursday, 16th March 11.30 pm in "London Soccer Night" with Lloyd Owusu for whom he wrote a song.
  • 15.03.: more concerts: Status Quo at the "Post Race show" of the Formula1 Grand Prix in Silverstone (UK) - June 11, 2006 and another Status Quo show in Leuven / Belgium on 21st October.

  • 15.03.: next Saturday, March 18, is the 2.french QUO-party, a meeting of Status Quo fans in the near of Lens in North France. Highlight will be the show of Predatür.

  • 11.03.: Rick Parfitt at the Formula1: one of the events at the start of the Formula1-Race in Bahrain is a "Pro-celebrities"-race with no other than Rick Parfitt, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Lance Armstrong and Boris Becker. Together with professional drivers they will drive 10 rounds around the F1 course in 380 horsepower Chevrolets.

  • 11.03.: Bob Young is currently compiling and writing the new book "Status Quo - The 40th anniversary book". Its now officially announced. You can reserve your copy now, just click on the banner above and there you can reserve a copy. Order and pay it later. On this new internet site you'll find more information about the book.

  • 10.03.: John "Rhino" Edwards, Quo's bass player, is a big football fan of FC Brentfort. This season Lloyd Owusu came back to FC Brentfort and Rhino was so pleased about it that he did a tribute song: "Owusu (The one and only)". To listen to the song click here: -> Rhino's Tribute Song für Lloyd Owusu

  • 07.03.: there's a new issue of the UK Classic rock mag (only available at WH Smith) which is about the 80's, featuring an interview with Rick and Francis.
  • 07.03.: updated: the german Status Quo discography page; added the german cassettes discography. (next update will be with pictures). --> german discography

  • 03.03.: change in the line-up of the Tufertschwil Open Air/Switzerland (18.8.2006). Instead of "Marillion" now "Dr. Feelgood".

  • 28.02.: there's a very old video-clip of "Technicolor Dreams" to watch in the internet. (it's not the Beatclub-Video). ...Technicolor Dreams Video

  • 28.02.: the concerts in Samnaun/Switzerland at the famous skiing resort of the Silvretta Nova (23.4.) and at the Arrow Classic Rock Festival in Lichtenvoorde/Netherlands with Deep Purple (9.6.) are now officially confirmed.
  • 28.02.: the german Tour-Promoter Moderne Welt / Stuttgart announced another german concert in Rostock at the IGA Park - May 25, 2006.

  • 27.02.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jackie Lynton! The man with the famous introduction on the "Live '77" album and who co-wrote the song "Again and again" is celebrating his 66th birthday today. All the best!

  • 26.02.: again this year a Status Quo concert at the Epsom Downs Racecourt at the 6th of July.

  • 25.02.: the swiss band VIVIAN are special guest at the german QUO concerts in May / June (apart from the 2nd and 3rd June). VIVIAN were special guests of Lenny Kravits and the Cranberries. More about VIVIAN:

  • 24.02.: Status Quo's performance at the AVO-Session in Basel (10.11.05) is broadcasted tonight 1.35 am (european time) from the german TV station 3 SAT.

  • 23.02.: out of the series "Rockin' all over the years" new the review of the year 1998. ... more

  • 22.02.: the german radiostation "die neue 107,7" from Stuttgart is broadcasting the "Live Alive" Quo album on Thursday 23rd February at 8 p.m. european time. You can hear it via webradio ->

  • 22.02.: News from the Australia-Tour: the concert in Twin Towns - May 6, is a Status Quo-only-show and the concert in Adelaide is already sold-out. (source: QUO mailinglist)

  • 19.02.: according to the austrian newspaper "Grazer im Bild" there is talk about a possible Status Quo show on the 19th August at the Schwarzl-Seebühne in Graz/Austria.

  • 14.02.: today 3 more October shows are officially confirmed: 24.10. Belfast/Northern Ireland, 25.10. Dublin/Ireland and 26.10. Killarney/Ireland.

  • 12.02.: the german blues-formation "Steppin Out" from Kassel/Germany are special guests at the Hessentag2006 (2.6.2006) with Manfred Manns Earthband and Status Quo.

  • 12.02.: the 2 big german Online-Music retailers "World of Music" (WOM) and "Jazz Pop Classic" (JPC) are both using the same charts. BUT: its not clear if this charts is a sales charts or a pre-sales charts, because older albums are listed as well. By the way: both retailers have the same prices and the same looking internet-site only different colours. Anyway: this weeks chart is listing the 3 remastered Status Quo albums "Back to Back" on No.15, "Perfect Remedy" on No.16 and "1+9+8+2" on No. 17. And all 11 remastered CD's are cheap. Each CD only 9,99 Euro (thats ca.6 pounds!).

  • 11.02.: officially confirmed: the "Double Trouble" tour in Australia with Deep Purple and Status Quo in May. Australia-Tour

  • 11.02.: "Wonderland Promotions" Northern Ireland are offering tickets for a Status Quo show in Belfast, Odyssey Arena at the 24th October, 2006 -> Status Quo in Belfast 24.10.06

  • 10.02.: out of the series "Rockin' all over the years" new the review of the year 1997. ... more

  • 07.02.: Happy Birthday ALAN LANCASTER. Quo's bass player from 1962 - 1985 celebrates his 57th birthday. All the best, Alan.
  • 07.02.: the new 11 remastered CD's are available in Germany at the 14th February.

  • 06.02.: Finnland - the Status Quo single "All that counts is love" is currently listed in the TOP40 of the finnish radiostation "Radio NUOMI" on No.35.

  • 05.02.: according to the australian rock radiostation WS-FM Status Quo is to be playing together with Deep Purple on the so called "Double Trouble"-Tour in Sydney at Hordern Pavillon on the 9th of May, 2006. More information:

  • 29.01.: news from the Far East: Universal Thailand released in 2005 a Status Quo compilation called "Legends" which is in a nice digi-pack. (Cat.No.Universal 548356-2) -> click here for cover (Foto by G.Röder) 15 Songs are included on this Thailand only limited edition CD:
    1. Whatever You Want 2. Rockin’ All Over The World 3. Down Down 4. Rain 5. Long Legged Linda 6. I Love Rock And Roll 7. Dirty Water 8. Little Dreamer 9. Caroline 10. Backwater 11. Don’t Waste My Time 12. Shady Lady 13. Ain’t Complaining 14. The Wanderer 15. Roadhouse Blues
  • 29.01.: and according to Quo expert Garry Fielding 2 DVD's are to be released in Japan: 1) "Anniversary Waltz" (Tohokushinsha TBD5704) release date: 24.2. and 2) "Classic Status Quo - The Universal Masters Collection" (Universal Int. UIB09035) release date: 22.3.

  • 28.01.: out of the series "Rockin' all over the years" new the review of the year 1996. ... more

  • 27.01.: the new fanzine "The Army" No.72 from the dutch fanclub was published this week.
  • 27.01.: Rick Parfitt was spotted this week at a Jackie Lynton gig together with Rhino and Mike Paxman.

  • 25.01.: according to the website of the dutch "Arrow Rock Festival" Status Quo will be playing at the Arrow Rock Festival in Lichtenvoorde/NL - 9th June 2006. Again, like in 2003, Deep Purple is on the line-up together with the likes of George Thorogood & the Destroyers, John Waite and Journey. For more information and tickets:
  • 25.01.: the german tour in May and June is now officially confirmed, also the Schwung festival.

  • 24.01.: another german show announced from german tour promoter Moderne Welt/Stuttgart; Status Quo with a concert in Bamberg,Forum at the 1st June. (Bamberg is in Bavaria.)

  • 23.01.: news about the film project: according to both Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi take part in the planned action thriller "CARE FACTOR ZERO" which is to be filmed in 2007. Fans can take part in the film via the official Status Quo website
  • 23.01.: officially confirmed are now the show in Birmingham (21.5.), the swedish tour (in July with Smokie) and the shows in Paris (22.10.) and in Newmarket, Racecourse (30.6.)
  • 23.01.: the re-issued "Under the influence"-CD is now to be released in UK on the 6th February.

  • 21.01.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pete Kircher. Quo's drummer from 1982 to 1985 celebrated his 58th birthday. All the best Pete !

  • 20.01.: the tickets for the Birmingham concert - May 21, 2006 - are on general sale now. This concert is to be filmed for a further Live-DVD.

  • 19.01.: tickets for the Tufertschwil Open Air at the 18th August 2006 are now available. Ticket price is 70 swiss francs. You can order via the following link. ..Tickets for Tufertschwil

  • 18.01.: today there was a 30 minutes special in the swiss readiostation "Lac d'Geneve" about the first french Status Quo biography "La route sans fin".
  • 18.01.: the discography-page of the Quoticker is added with the german LP-discography. (a CD and cassettes discography soon)

  • 17.01.: out of the series "Rockin' all over the years" new the review of the year 1995. ... more

  • 16.01.: today UK release of the 3-CD-Box "The Ultimate Collection" (Cat.No.: Universal CCM063618-2). It's a rerelease of the dutch release in 2003 which was originally planned for the US market. click here for tracklist

  • 13.01.: May 21, 2006 - filming for a new Live-DVD at the NEC, Birmingham.

  • 12.01.: the next remaster CD's which are to be released on January 30th, 2006 can also be preordered via:

  • 07.01.: Eric Fave, webmaster of the french Status Quo website, did an interview with Phillipe Duponteil about his book "La route sans fin". A summary of the book is written in english too. The interview is in french. -> click here for details
    By the way: there's a 2nd french QUO party this year - March 18, 2006. The location is near Lens in the north of France and the band Predatür is announced to be playing there.

  • 06.01.: news from the official Status Quo fanclub. Mike Hrano told on the official Message board that he is working on producing guitar pendants from Rick's own pendant. 6 different samples already exist (solid silver and 9 and 18 carat gold). In one or two months they could be available from the Quo shop.

  • 04.01.: again Status Quo and Deep Purple; this time at the "Rock under Broen"-Festival in Middelfaart/Denmark - June 10. According to the promoters homepage Deep Purple are headliner.

  • 03.01. Status Quo in the last year with 89 shows, 2 times in the TOP20 of the UK-Charts, with a new album, with 2 new singles, with a new 2x DVD and much more, but also with 2 new medleys.
    The first medley is an album-trailer of the new album and was issued on the 2 Daily Mirror Free CD's "Status Quo and friends" consisting excerpts of the songs: "The party aint over yet"; All that counts is love"; "Gotta get up and go"; "Belavista Man"; "The Bubble"; "Goodbye Baby" Running time 5.48 min.
    The other medley was included in the live-set of the "SQ40"-Tour and eventually consisted of the songs: "What you're proposin"; "Down the dustpipe"; "Little Lady"; "Red Sky"; "Dear John"; "Big fat mama" Running time: 8.17 min. (note: the first batch of the "SQ40"-shows saw this running order: What you're proposing - Dear John - Rockers Rollin - Red Sky - Juniors Wailing - Down the Dustpipe - In my chair)

  • 01.01.2006: I wish all visitors of this website a Happy New Year. Main aspect of this site is to deliver you with news around Status Quo, releases, gig dates and other interesting news. The year reviews will come to an end and than there will be an update of the ticket gallery, of the german discography and the QUO ABC and the start of a new series called "Cover Quo" which will be about ... the covers.

  • 01.01.2006: Mercury records UK announced the release of another Status Quo compilation due to be out on February 12, 2006 - the name is "The Status Quo story"

    click here for news of the year 2005