"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1997

Cover of the sample 'Ice in the Sun - The best of Status Quo' the swedish fanzine 'Backwater' which was published in 1997 (first time in english language Cover of the german Spectrum-compilation 'Status Quo' Status Quo phone card which was released in UK in 1997 limited Edition Australien 2x-CD Status Quo phone card which was released in UK in 1997

The year 1997 - the year started sensational, because the band played a tour in Japan and in Australia for the first time in more than 20 years. In the truest sense "Rockin' all over the world" the band played in USA, Canada and in Arabia. But then there was a heavy blow with Rick Parfitt having an emergency heart operation. But Rick Parfitt recovered soon and he and the band made a triumphant return to stage at the 2nd August in Norwich. In October a very successful Best of-album was released.

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Please note - there is an extra page about the Norwich gig. -> Norwich-Report 2.8.1997

Pictures: Cover of the sampler "Ice in the sun - The Best of Status Quo" - front page of the swedish BACKWATER-magazine, which was the first international edition (in english) - published in 1997. (by kind permission Roger Johansson) - Cover of the german Spectrum-CD 'Status Quo' - 2 Status Quo phone cards which were released in UK.


  • January 1997: the new fanzine of the official fanclub "From the makers of..." Vol.3 No.1 was published - Content: in the news section a report about the "Gotcha"-Award, the main part of the magazine is the "Whatever you want" section. (members asked questions to the band) and the Status Quo expert Dave Oxley with a report about cover-versions of Status Quo songs.
  • January 1997: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.20 was published.
  • 01.02.1997: Status Quo in Germany at the Kieler Ostseehalle. The band was presented with the R-SH-Award of radio Schlewig-Holstein. Status Quo played the 2 songs: "Anniversary Waltz" and "Rockin all over the world". It was filmed for later TV broadcast.
  • 09.02.1997: in german TV station RTL2 the R-SH award celebrations were broadcasted.
  • 24.02.1997: the band set off to Japan for the first tour in more than 20 years.
  • 25.02.1997: the first Status Quo concert in Japan at the Shibuya Public Hall of Tokyo. 2 more shows were played in Japan.
  • February 1997: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.21 was published.
  • 04.03.1997: the first australian tour in more than 20 years started at the Twin Towns Service Club. A total of 7 concerts were played in Australia.
  • 19.03.1997: Status Quo in America: the House of Blues / Los Angeles saw a rocking Status Quo and it was followed by a show in Toronto / Canada at the 21st March and one show in New York at the 22nd March.
  • March 1997: a 2 CD box-set was released in Australia called "Rockin all over Australia '97". This limited edition was only available in Australia and included the 2 Best of -CD's "12 Gold Bars Vol.1" and "12 Gold Bars Vol.2".(Cat.No.: Polygram 534713-2).
  • 21.04.1997: the band played a show in Dubai and 2 days later another show in Bahrain.
  • April 1997: Jana Engelhardt from Germany published her second "Don't Stop 1/97" fanzine. Content: a report of Madame Tussauds rock circus; Bob Youngs rereleased "In Quo Country"-CD ("The tex axile rides again"); Alan Lancaster poster from germans youth mag BRAVO; and a Little Egypt interview.
  • April 1997: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.22 was published.
  • 30.04.1997: the shock; Rick Parfitt with an quadruple by-pass emergency operation. All scheduled concerts had to be cancelled.
  • 11.05.1997: Rick Parfitt left hospital.
  • May 1997: Kaz Records with a UK-release of the sampler "The Best of Status Quo - Ice in the sun" (Cat.No. CD Pulse PLSCD206). 24 Songs out of the PYE period were featured on this CD. , which was also issued on csssette format. Later in 2002 this sampler was rereleased by PRT.
  • May 1997: from Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) and the band Type-O-Negative the Status Quo song "Pictures of Matchstick Men" was covered on their album "Konrad Stein: Private Parts - The Album".
  • May 1997: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.23 was published.
  • 07.06.1997: a fanclub meeting of the dutch fanclub "The Army" in Eerbek/Netherlands. The dutch bands "One2many" and "Quotation" played there.
  • June 1997: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.24 was published.
  • 30.07.1997: opening of Sunderlands new football stadium - "stadium of light". It was the first time that Rick Parfitt was back on stage since his quadruple bypass operaton way back in April 30. Status Quo played there 4 songs "Fun, Fun , Fun", "Rockin all over the world", "Whatever you want" and "Anniversary Waltz Part 1".
  • 02.08.1997: one of the most important concerts in Status Quo's long career took place at the football-ground of Norwich FC, "Carrow Road". 15,000 fans turned up to see the first full show of Rick Parfitt after his quadruple heart bypass. More about this concert: -> click here
  • August 1997: another 4 Status Quo phone cards were released in UK. (see pictures above)
  • August 1997: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.25 was published.
  • September 1997: the first international swedish fanzine "Backwater" was published in english language. Printed on DIN A4 format the fanzine included 32 pages The authors are Per Engelbo and Olle Ostergard. The fanzine included very good interviews with 1) Francis Rossi 2) with Rick Parfitt 3) with Alan Lancaster and ended up with a very interesting article about John Coghlan's Diesel Band and the chronic of the never released "Flexible Friends" album, which was recorded in Sweden. All songs were reviewed.
  • September 1997: Delta Music released a Status Quo CD "Status Quo" (Cat.No.21037) in Germany. The sampler included 16 songs of the PYE-period. See cover above.
  • September 1997: Jana Engelhardt/Germany published her Status Quo fanzine "Don't Stop No.2 '97". Content: Status Quo fact-sheet, a poster of Rick Parfitt from the year 1981 and a Status Quo song listing.
  • 13.10.1997: UK-release of the already announced 2x Best of-CD "Whatever you want - The very best of" (Cat.No. Polygram TV CD: 553704-2; cassette: 553704-4). The compilation included 41 songs.
  • 13.10.1997: together with the Best of-album a video called "Whatever you want - the very best of Status Quo" (Cat.No. Polygram Video 055462-3), was released, but it was a rerelease of the "Rockin through the years" video of the year 1986.
  • 17.10.1997: the band is in London at HMV for a "Signing-Session" to promote their new Best of album.
  • 20.10.1997: the new Best of-album "Whatever you want - the very best of" entered the UK album charts and notched up at No.13.
  • October 1997: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.26 was published.
  • October 1997: the official fanclub "From the makers of" published its new fanzine Vol.3 No.3. The whole fanzine was about the tour in Japan and Australia early this year.
  • November 1997: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.27 was published.
  • 03.12.1997: in Bournemouth the "Whatever you want"-UK-Tour kicked off with a total of 16 shows. Special guest: Paul Rodgers (ex-Free, ex-Bad Company)
  • December 1997: the big british music market "WH Smith" filmed a TV-spot with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi, to promote the "Whatever you want"-Best of-Album. The spot was shown on british television throughout December.
  • December 1997: Jana Engelhardt/Germany published her "Don't Stop"-fanzine issue 3/4 '97 for the last time. On the 31 pages a Rick Parfitt poster was issued and a band poster from Pop (1979). A Status Quo history and Newsflashes were issued too.
  • more releases of the year 1997: Polygram South Africa released a Status Quo Best of-CD out of their series "Essential Rock". The sampler included 15 songs. -> click here for cover

    UK discography 1997:

  • Album: "The Best of Status Quo - Ice in the sun" (Cat.No. CD Pulse PLSCD206 cassette PLSCA406)
  • Album: "Whatever you want - The very best of" (Cat.No. Polygram TV CD: 553704-2; cassette: 553704-4)
  • Video: "Whatever you want - the very best of Status Quo" (Cat.No. Polygram Video 055462-3)

    UK chart notes 1997:

  • Album: "Whatever you want - the very best of" - No.13