"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1998

Cover of the german sampler 'Status Quo' from Delta Music Cover of the dutch compilation 'Master Series'
Cover of the german Maxi-Single 'In the army now 98' Frontcover of the 4x-CD-Box 'The Complete Status Quo' from Readers Digest

The year 1998 - Status Quo's fantastic performance at germans most successful Saturday night show "Wetten dass..." in February caused a sensation. The Best of 2x CD "Whatever you want" which was released at the same time stormed into the german LP charts as new entry to No.13. Later in April Rick Parfitt was again in german TV and due to the success the band played 2 (!) german tours in 1998. Then there was the german only release of the Maxi-CD "In the army now" with the first song produced by Mike Paxman, who became new producer of the band. 3 german Status Quo fans did a "Status Quo special" broadcasted by radio station Osnabruck. And another good fanzine appeared in Germany that year. Not that you think, it was only Germany this year. No, the band played another tour in Australia and they even played some shows in Austria and the band was busy in studio for the recordings of a new studio album. It was the first year that previously unreleased songs were put together on a 2x CD compilation and the 4 PYE albums were released again, but this time with interesting bonus tracks. Readers Digest (UK) came up with a superb and unique 4-CD-Box called "The complete Status Quo" and included 72 songs. Patty Parfitt, ex-wife of Rick Parfitt wrote the book "Laughing all over the world - My life married to Status Quo" and the year ended with the usual UK tour were bits of the new album "Under the influence" could be heard, which was due to be released in springtime 1999.

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Pictures: Cover of the german sampler "Status Quo - Its music" - dutch compilation 'Master Series' - Cover of the german Maxi-CD 'In the army now' - Cover of the 4x CD-Box 'The complete Status Quo' from Readers Digest.


  • January 1998: 2 "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter were published - No.28 and No.29.
  • January 1998: the announced german tour in February was postponed to April because the band needed time in studio for recordings.
  • January/February 1998: the band is in the Chipping Norton Studios for new recordings with their new producer Mike Paxman, who had worked with Jeff Rich and John "Rhino" Edwards in the past. New versions of "Whatever you want" and "Don't waste my time" ware the results of these recordings.
  • 27.02.1998: release of the 2x Best of-CD "Whatever you want - the very best of" in Germany (also in Austria and Switzerland). The album got a good promotion especially by german TV station SAT1 were the adverts could be seen at prime time programmes.
  • 28.02.1998: Status Quo at the big german ZDF-Show "Wetten dass...". Right after Madonna's performance the band were on and Status Quo with a fantastic show. Almost 20 million people watched this show and saw the band playing "In the army now" and a medley of "Rockin all over the world - Whatever you want - Caroline und Down Down".
  • February 1998: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.30 was published.
  • February 1998: the official fanclub published his new fanzine "From the makers of..." Vol.3 No.4. Content: the main part of this fanzine is covered by an interview with the Status Quo manager David Walker. And the Status Quo expert Dave Oxley wrote the 2. part of the Status Quo cover versions. First information about a planned solo album of John "Rhino" Edwards.
  • 05.03.1998: new entry of the new Best of album in the german charts with the album going straight to No.13. Certainly because of the great performance at the "Wetten dass.."-show. It became one of the successfulst german Status Quo albums ever with a total of 14 weeks in the german album charts. In Switzerland the album climbed up to No. 18 and spent 9 weeks in the swiss charts.
  • 24.03.1998: kick-off of an Australian tour in Geelong. Until the 4th of April the band played 9 concerts.
  • March 1998: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.31 was published.
  • 17.04.1998: in Düsseldorf the first german tour of this year started. The tour included 16 shows with special guests Thunder.
  • 20.04.1998: german release of the Maxi-CD "In the army now '98" (Cat.No.: Mercury 568 543-2). This songs are included: "In the army now"- 2. "Whatever you want" (new version) redcorded at the Stambridge Studios; London - 3. "Caroline" (live) recorded live at Brighton, December 1996 - 4. "Don't waste my time" ('98 Version) recorded at the Chipping Norton Studios and the first Status Quo song produced by Mike Paxman.
  • 30.04.1998: the 3 german Status Quo fans Karin Hölter, Veronika Balsliemke and Rüdiger Wenzel did a very good one hour Status Quo special which was broadcasted from german radio station "Offenes Radio Osnabrück". There was a drawing of tickets for a Status Quo concert and a drawing of tour programmes, the history of the band and plenty of Quo music. (Songs: Whatever you want (live); Fun Fun Fun; Like a zombie; One man band; Cream of the crop; In the army (live); Anniversary Waltz; Don't waste my time ('98); Rockin all over the world, Caroline (live); Come on you reds; Gerdundula (live Düsseldorf 96); Down Down; Ciao Ciao)
  • 30.04.1998: Rick Parfitt is guest of the german TV talkshow "Gottschalks Talkshow", Cologne. The other guests are Brian May and Ringo Starr. Host: Thomas Gottschalk
  • April 1998: Jackie Lynton's album "Pin-Board Wizards" (Cat.No. AND CD14) was released by "A new Day Records". Rick Parfitt was one of the guest musicians. The song "Hi Lilly hi ho" is dedicated to Rick's mother. Notable the very unusual song "Come over and bring some dosh" - its nothing else than a phone call, where Jackie is speaking and points out who the guest musicians are.
  • May 1998: the local german TV station HH1 broadcasted the Status Quo special "Kuno's Status Quo Special - part 1". Moderator: Kuno Dreysse. Produced by Downtown Bluesclub Hamburg. Content: excerpts of early Status Quo performances and excerpts of an interview with Rick and Francis.
  • May 1998: Delta Music released in Germany the Status Quo compilation "Status Quo Best of - Ice in the sun" (Cat.No. Laserlight 21 294). 18 songs of the PYE-period from 1968 - 1971 are included on this CD. -> click here to see the cover
  • May/June 1998: the first german Status Quo internet-site by Jurgen Schrader "www.statusquo.de". Content: Disquography, Picture Gallery, Tour Dates, Fancorner, Real Audio and MP3-Sounds. A good website with brilliant graphics.
  • 06.06.1998: the annual "QUODAG", the fan meeting of the dutch fanclub "The Army" took place in Eerbek/Netherlands. This year it was the 10th anniversary of the fanclub, who still exists. Live acts were the dutch coverband "Quotation" and the german coverband "Piledriver".
  • 22.06.1998: Castle Communication Records released a 2x-CD with previously unreleased material. "The Singles Collection 1966-73" (Cat.No. CCS CD 821) CD 1 with the title "The Singles Collection 1966-73" icncluded all singles (with b-sides) of The Status Quo and Status Quo. Even the single "Railroad" which was never released in UK was on this CD. The 2.CD with the title "The Rarities" included all singles (with b-sides) of The Spectres and Traffic Jam and 3 previously unreleased songs of The Spectres: "Waiting with my angel" they say it was the first Alan Lancaster composition) - "When he passed by" and "Spics and Specs". Then there are 12 previously unreleased tracks of Status Quo songs. Most notable the instrumental version of "Tune to the music". A highly regarded compilation and a must for every Status Quo fan and friend. -> click here to see the cover
  • 29.06.1998: the album "Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From the Status Quo" was released as remaster CD. (Cat.No. ESM CD 620) This release included 3 bonus tracks: "To be free" (B-side of 'Black Veils of Melancholy') - "Pictures of Matchstick Men" (unreleased Stereo Alternate Mix) and "Paradise Flats" (unreleased Stereo Mix). The booklet included very good informations about every song.
  • 29.06.1998: and the 2. release of the day by Castle Communications was the album "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon" (Cat.No. ESM CD 621). Again a remastered CD with good informations in the booklet. This release included 4 bonus tracks: "In my chair" - "Gerdundula" "Down the dustpipe" and "Juniors Wailing". All previously unreleased tracks. All 3 releases were put together and mastered by Robert M.Corich. The published material like covers and photos etc. is from Bob Young and Pat Travers.
  • June 1998: Delta Music released another Status Quo sampler in Germany out of their series "It's Music" entitled "Status Quo" (Cat.No. 22 821). 16 songs out of the PYE-period were issued on this CD. Cover see picture above.
  • June 1998: the 2 german fans Michael Schotte and Samuel Kring founded the "Helloooo.." World Fanclub and they published their fanzine "Status Quo Tribune". Content: gig report from Hannover, charts statistics and a seek/buy section. -> click here for the frontcover of the 1.Status Quo Tribune
  • June 1998: the local german TV station HH1 broadcasted the second part of the Status Quo special ""Kuno's Status Quo Special - part 1". Moderator: Kuno Dreysse. Produced by Downtown Bluesclub Hamburg. Content: interview of fans before the Hamburg concert and again some excerpts of an interview with Francis and Rick.
  • June 1998: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.32 was published. The news came up of another german tour in November.
  • 04.07.1998: at the beautiful market place of Imst a little Austria tour kicked-off with 4 shows in Austria. The concert in Kapfenberg had to be cancelled by short hand because of technical problems of the lightning rig (one hour before the show was due to be on).
  • July 1998: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.33 was published.
  • 03.08.1998: Castle Communications released the album "Spare Parts" (Cat.No. ESM CD 625). 5 bonus tracks are included on this remastered album: "The Price of Love" - "Josie" (from the mini-album "Fresh Quota" 1981) - "Do you live in fire" (from "Fresh Quota") - "Hey little woman" (previously unreleased track) - "Are you growing tired of my love" (Stereo Mix). Again with good infrmations about every song in the booklet.
  • 03.08.1998: and the 2nd release from Castle Communications: "Dog of two head" (Cat.No. ESM CD 626). Again remastered and with good informations about each song in the booklet. 5 previously unreleased tracks of "Tune to the music" - "Good Thinking Batman" - "Time to fly" - "Nanana" - "Mean Girl" were issued on this CD. With this 4 rereleases each PYE-album was released three times over the years.
  • September 1998: the second "Status Quo Tribune"-Fanzine from the World Fanclubs "Helloooo..." was published. Content: report about a meeting with Rick Parfitt at "Gottschalks Talkshow", gig review of the radio PSR Festival in Aue/Germany, Sybille Machats attempt to achieve entry to the Guiness book of records by writing the longest fan letter ever and a review of the 5 Castle Communication releases by Dr.Lee Hawkins (he dedicated his doctor work to Status Quo). This time the fanzine is written in english and german.
  • 07.10.1998: dutch release of the Status Quo sampler "Status Quo - Master Series" (Cat.No. Polygram BV 558 659-2). A very interesting compilation, because this CD featured such rarely played songs like "Dead in the water"; Mysteries from the ball" or "Gone thru the slips". Notable the picture on the front cover, it looks like the band was painted. Cover see above on the right side.
  • 27.10.1998: a very interesting 4-CD-box was released by Readers Digest (UK) called "The complete Status Quo" (Cat.No. CD: RDCD1831-4 cassettes: RDC1831-4). 72 songs are issued on the 4 CD's (cassettes) and included all hits apart from "All around my hat". The very comprehensive booklet was written by Status Quo expert Dave Oxley. Cover see above.
  • October 1998: the band again in the Chipping Norton Studios for recordings of the new studio-album "Under the influence" which was due to be out in springtime 1999.
  • October 1998: the official fanclub published his new fanzine "From the makers of..." Vol.4 No.4. A good part of the fanzine is a tour report about the austrian shows. And Mike Hrano with a report about the album recordings.
  • 09.11.1998: Mike Batt's project "Philharmania" was released by Stella Music, Hamburg in Germany. Mike Batt together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra produced the album "Philharmania - Vol.1" (Cat.No. 559 618-2). All-time highes of the music were covered by other artists. Status Quo anticipated alongside other artists like John Farnham, Roger Daltrey, Huey Lewis, Kim Wilde and others. Status Quo covered the Rolling Stones number "Not fade away".
  • 17.11.1998: Dresden/Germany saw the start of the 2nd Germany tour in 1998 and it was also the start of the so-called "It's good to tour"-Tour. The name is originally from the British Telecom slogan "It's good to talk". A total of 13 shows were played in Germany. Special guests: T'Pau
  • November 1998: Patty Parfitt, ex-wife of Rick Parfitt, wrote a book entitled "Laughing all over the world - My life married to Status Quo" which was published by Blake Publishing. (ISBN No.:1-85782-198X). The book is written in english and included 250 pages and s/w and coloured photos.
  • November 1998: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.34 was published.
  • 04.12.1998: kick-off of the annual UK tour in Manchester. Special guests are T'Pau. Before and after the show bits of the new album could be heard.
  • December 1998: the official fanclub published his new fanzine "From the makers of..." Vol.4 No.2. Content: a big report about the recordings of the new album.
  • miscellaneous 1998: the german coverband Piledriver released their first CD called "Piledriver" (Cat.No. BMB 58089015). 12 Status Quo songs are covered very well on this album together with the songs "Hard Rock Cafe" - "Get down" - "Homebound Train" and "Top of the bill".
  • miscellaneous 1998: the dutch band DE BAKO released the album "Ondergrond". Out of the 13 songs are 6 Status Quo songs who are covered in dutch language. "Ik heb je nodig" (Big Fat Mama) - "Lief dom blondje" (Blue eyed lady) - "Stamcafe" (Mad about the boy) - "De Vechter" (The Fighter from F.Rossis Solo-Album) - "Eenzaam" (Reason for living) - "Je wilt m'n geld" (Don't waste my time).

    UK discography 1998:

  • Album: "The Singles Collection 1966-73" (Cat.No. CCS CD 821)
  • Album: "Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From the Status Quo" (Cat.No. ESM CD 620)
  • Album: "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon" (Cat.No. ESM CD 621)
  • Album: "Spare Parts" (Cat.No. ESM CD 625)
  • Album: "Dog of two head" (Cat.No. ESM CD 626)
  • Album: "The complete Status Quo" (Cat.No. CD: RDCD1831-4 cassettes: RDC1831-4)