"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1999

pictures: "On the Level"-Fanzine; promo poster of "Under the Influence"; Cover of the book "Rockers Rollin - The Story of Status Quo" - Cover of the sampler "Essential Quo Vol.1" - Cover of the compilation "Matchstick Men" - Cover of the Poland-CD 'Legendary Rockstars".

the year 1999 - a year which will be long in mind. First a new album with a new producer, Mike Paxman and with a new record label, Eagle Rock. Then there was the idea to promote the new album "Under the influence" on a pub-tour, which meant that the band played live in pubs all over England and in clubs on mainland Europe. This was something the band hadn't done since the early 70s. But it wasn't a big success with poor chart notes of the new album and the 3 released singles. The album itself was praised by the fans and the critics. Since many years a real Quo rocking album with lots of highlights. Then there was "winter" in October when the band decided to play their annual UK wintertour in October because of the commitments with the "Nokia Night of the Proms". The first time that the band played with an orchestra. Then there was a live show in Germany filmed for later TV broadcasting. And a little village in Switzerland with just 100 habitants saw the Quo headlining at Tufertschwil festival in front of a 10,000 crowd. Overall a very busy year for the band - with a new album with which they surprised the fans and the media and proved that they are still there at the end of the old millenium and ready to rock the new millenium, ready for the 5th decade in their long-lasting history.

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===> Press cuttings of the Pub-Tour 1999 (The Sun, BILD, Ipswich and Leeds)


  • 07.01.1999: Start of the film „My name is Joe“ in Germany. Part of the soundtrack is QUO’s “Down the dustpipe”.
  • January 1999: a new Quo-newsletter appeared in Germany called “GOING QUOING” written by Sybille Machat (who also wrote the very good Andy Bown website) and Birgit “Cozy” Weisbrod. Until June 2001 they published 18 newsletters (2-pages DIN A4 sized).
  • 20.02.1999: Status Quo played at the “NORDIC SKIING World championship in Ramsau / Austria. The entrance was free for all.
  • 24.02.1999: a big campaign for the PUB Tour started in “The Sun” – it was called “Get Quo to play in your boozer”. The competition was to describe in 25 words why QUO should play in your local pub.
  • February 1999: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.36 and the "Going Quoing"-Newsletter 02/99 were published .
  • Februar 1999: another Status Quo fanzine appeared. This time from England and it was entitled “On the level”. (see cover above) Thew A4 sized fanzine was written in English and the first issue included mainly gig reviews of the “It’s good to tour” Tour, gig dates and news about the new album.. A review of the “On the level” album by the editors themselves and reviews of ’98 releases such as “Mojo” – “Planet Sound” and “Record Collector”.
  • 08.03.1999: Quo’s new record label “EAGLE Reocrds” released in UK the single “The way it goes” .(Cat.No. EAGXS075 Cassette: EAGCS075) Additional songs on this Maxi-CD are Huey Smiths “Sea Cruise”. Frankie Ford hat a big hit with this song in 1959, a Rock n Roll song, which became known for its famous refrain “Ooh-Wee, ooh weeh, Baby”. And the 3rd track on this single was the “Album Trailer” with excerpts of songs of the forthcoming “Uner the Influence” album.. The single was released in UK on CD and on cassette format.
  • 15.03.1999: the new single entered the UK singles chart and went to No.39
  • 23.03.1999: Castle Select Records released a Status Quo compilation “Matchstickmen – The psychedelic years” (Cat.No. SELCDE555) The CD included 20 songs from the PYE-period.with a good booklet. Cover see above in the second row in the middle
  • 23.03.1999: a very interesting Status Quo sampler series started with the release of the CD “The Essential Quo Vol.1” (Cat.No. Spectrum 554 891-2) 18 songs represented a good selection of the time between 1974 and 1990 and with a good booklet. Cover see above. After a while Vol.2 and Vol.3 appeared, again with a very good tracklisting. Not to mention that there was a 3 CD boxset including all 3 CD’s.
  • 29.03.1999: kick-off of the UK pub-tour in London’s “Ruskin Arms”.
  • 29.03.1999: with the kick-off of the pub tour the new studio album “Under the influence” was released. (Cat.No. CD EAGCD076; MC: EAGMC076) It’s the first Status Quo studio album since the release of “Thirsty Work “ in 1994. The album included 12 songs; with 11 self-penned songs. The song “Not fade away” originally released by Buddy Holly and later covered by the Rolling Stones. Quo’s cover was more the Rolling Stones version and in 1998 a different Quo version was included on the “Philharmania” CD released in Germany. The album was praised by the fans and got good critics. A good rocking album proved that the Quo was still there at the end of the millennium and ready to enter the next decade. The album was released on CD formal and in UK on cassettes.
  • 29.03.1999: “The Sun” , England’s biggest newspaper , published a gig review of the show at “Ruskin Arms”.
  • 30.03.1999: a series of 6 Status Quo CD’s was released in Russia including 2 Quo studio albums . 1.CD "Dog of two head" / "Rockin all over the world" (Cat.No. P07) - 2.CD "Piledriver" / "1+9+8+2" (Cat.No. P08) - 3.CD "Hello!" / "On the level" (Cat.No. P09) - 4.CD "Quo" / "Never too late" (Cat.No. P10) - 5.CD "Blue for you" / "If you can't stand the heat" (Cat.No. P11) - 6.CD "Back to Back" / "In the army now" (Cat.No. P12) Die CD's sind jedoch nicht lizenziert und sind somit eher dem Bootleg-Sektor zuzuordnen, sind aber äussert professionell und schön gemacht und daher zu empfehlen. -> click for cover But the CD’s are not licensed so they should count to the bootleg sector, although they are made very professional and look very nice they are worth to collect..
  • March 1999: the new fanzine “From the makers of” Vol. 4 No.from the official fanclub was published. Content: an exclusive interview with all band members about the new album.
  • March 1999: the ”Rockers Rollin” newsletter No.37 was published and the “Status Quo tribune No.3” from the german “Helloooo…” fan club had been sent out.
  • March 1999: Status Quo appeared in british televison in the show “Noel’s houseparty” and performed 2 songs – “Rockin’ all over the world” and “”The way it goes”.
  • March 1999: Status Quo at the “Breakfast Show” of GMTV (UK) and they performed the song “The way it goes".
  • March 1999: the most interesting performance saw the band at the “Vanessa show” where members of the official fanclub could ask questions to Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. At the end the band performed “The way it goes”.
  • 02.04.1999: short reviews of the "Ruskin Arms" pub gig are published in "The Guardian" and the "Evening Star".
  • 05.04.1999: the new album went into the charts. In Germany the highest chart note was No.56 and the album is listed 4 weeks in the album charts. In UK the album went to No. 26 (2 weeks in the charts) and it was awarded with silver.
  • 05.04.1999: a very interesting meeting with Status Quo happened to a german Status Quo fan. In the show "Lass Dich überraschen" ("Be surprised") who fulfilled extraordinary wishes, a Status Quo fan came home to celebrate her birthday and when she came in her living-room, what a big surprise, Status Quo was in the living room and performed a short version of "Caroline" and "The way it goes". Moderator: Thommy Ohrner
  • 10.04.1999: in Germany's biggest newspaper "BILD" is a competition called "Gewinnen Sie Status Quo für Ihre Party" ("Win Status Quo for your party"). You have to name Quo's biggest hit. The winner could turn up with 100 friends to one of the 5 german club-shows in Hamburg 25.4 - Berlin 26.4. - Munich 27.4. - Frankfurt 28.4. and Cologne 29.4. (additional show in Leipzig added later)
  • 11.04.1999: "Under the Influence" alubm entered the swiss charts on No.28 (highest position). The album stays a total of 5 weeks in the swiss album charts.
  • 22.04.1999: Rick Parfitt and Franics Rossi are being interviewed in the dutch radio show "Denk aan Henk" and the band played 4 songs - "Caroline", "Twenty wild horses", "Under the influence" and "The way it goes".
  • 28.04.1999: a short review about Status Quo's club show at the "Bongo Bar" in Munich is broadcasted in german television Bayern 3.
  • 29.04.1999: the performance at Frankurts Disco "Nachtleben" is broadcasted by german television HR3.
  • April 1999: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.38 and the "Going Quoing"-Newsletter 03/99 are published.
  • April 1999: a Status Quo special in dutch television about Status Quo and the dtch fanclub "The Army". There is an interview with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi and Jan Labee, the former leader of the dutch fanclub.
  • 10.05.1999: a new CD is out in Germany; its the soundtrack to the SAT1 TV series "Benzin im Blut" ("Petrol in the blood") (Cat.No.: Polydor 547 501-2). On the CD are new 4 Status Quo song; "Driving to glory" written by Rick Parfitt and John "Rhino" Edwards; "Fighting with the pack" (Rossi, Parfitt, Frost); "I knew the bride" by Nick Lowe - in 1977 a TOP30 hit for Dave Edmunds in UK; "Sea Cruise", which was already included on Status Quo's new single "The way it goes".
    Then there are 4 techno versions of Status Quio songs - remixes by bands called "Das Mysterium"; "Julian Feifel"; "Frankie Chinasky" and the songs are "Whatever you want" - "Don't drive my car" - "Pictures of Matchstickmen" and "Mystery Song".
  • 31.05.1999: UK-release of the single "Little white lies" (Cat.No.: EAGXS101 MC: EAGCS101). This song is written by Rick Parfitt and is from the album "Under the Influence". Other tracks on this Maxi-CD are "I knew the bride" and "Pictures of Matchstick Men '99". The single is released as Maxi-CD and as cassette.
  • May 1999: there is a review of the "Under the influence"-album in the british music magazine "Q" by Valerie Potter.
  • May 1999: the second issue of "On the Level"-fanzine was published. The content of the 30-pages are a big review of The "Under the Influence" album, reports about the pub gig at "Ruski Arms", gig reports of "Its good to tour" tour and "What went wrong" in the authors own view why critics why the album and the single had not charted well. And critics about the pub tour; the majority of the fans couldn't see the pub tour.
  • May 1999: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.39 was published.
  • May/June 1999: another review of the "Under the influence" album by Dave Ling in the british "Classic Rock" magazine. Dave Ling later was highly involved in the first "Classic Rock Spoecial" which was of Status Quo.
  • 05.06.1999: meeting of the dutch fanclub "QUODAG" which was held in Eerbek with the german coverband "Piledriver".
  • 06.06.1999: the new single "Little white lies" entered the UK-single charts with highest pos. No.47.
  • 07.06.1999: UK-release of the DIGIPACK "Little white lies" (Cat.No, EAGXA101) with the two songs and "Pictures of Matchstick Men '99" and "Driving to glory" (Parfitt/Edwards).
  • 17.06.1999: Status Quo live in german TV studio of Baden-Baden where they played a stunning 70-minutes performance in front of 300 people. The show "Ohne Filer pur" is long-standing german concert series and featured a lot of well-known artists and bands. Quo's performance was filmed and was later broadcasted in televison.
  • 25.06.1999: the band is playing at the charity festival "Concert for Kosovo" in Seoul; South Corea.
  • 27.06.1999: another charity festival "Concert for Kosovo" with Status Quo; this time in Munich, Olympic stadium. The band performed the songs "Rockin all over the world"; "Whatever you want"; "Caroline" and "Don't waste my time". The show was filmed and later broadcasted in german TV.
  • June 1999: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.40 and the "Going Quoing"-Newsletter 04/99 are published.
  • 17.07.1999 a Sweden-tour kicked-off in Helsinborg with a total of 11 shows.
  • 27.07.1999: german TV ZDF broadcasted a shortened report of the "Concert for Cosovo" festival with Status Quo.
  • July 1999: the "Rockers Rollin"-Newsletter No.41 was published.
  • July 1999: there is a CD release in Poland by Old Records label. The CD is entitled “Legendary Rock Stars Greatest Hits” (Cat.No. OLDR 069-2) The included tracks are the songs from the “Ma Kelly Greasy< Spoon” album without the song “Everything” and the songs from the “Hello!” album minus “4500 Times”.
  • 02.08.1999: the UK Spectrum label released the second CD of the series “The essential Quo – Vol.2” (Cat.No. 554 896-2) Again the CD included 18 tracks of the Vertigo time. The song “In my chair” is taken from the “Live! ‘77” album. Cover see above in the second row – right.
  • 02.08.1999: another new Status Quo CD compilation released by Castle Pie label – “Ice in the sun” (Cat.No. Castle PIESD005). The CD includes 15 tracks out of the PYE period.
  • 20.08.1999: Status Quo are the headliner of the Tufertschwil Openair, which is a little village with only 100 habitants.. 10,000 fans turned up to see a fantastic Status Quo performance. Oter bands are: Polo Hofer and the Desert Rats; Spider Murphy Gang
  • August 1999: the Rockers Rollin newsletter No.42 was published.
  • 03.09.1999: a sump-up of the “Ohne Filter pur” series which were filmed in July at the TV studio in Baden-Baden was broadcasted in german television SWR. It included an interview with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi with moderator Cherno Chabotay.
  • 20.09.1999: UK-Release of the single “Twenty wild horses” (Cat.No. CD: EAGXS105; cassette: EAGCS05) Additional songs on this Maxi-CD are “Analyse Time” written by Francis Rossi and Andrew Bown and the song “Obstruction Day” (Parfitt/Edwards) Both songs were recorded in Francis Rossi’s ARSIS studio for to be issued on this Maxi-CD. The single was published on CD-format and as cassette.
  • 24.09.1999: german SWR television broadcasted the full Status Quo show from the “Ohne Filter pur” session filmed on the 17th June
  • 27.09.1999: the new single entered the UK charts on No.53.
  • September 1999: the “Rockers Rollin” newsletter NO. 43 and the "Going Quoing” newsletter 05/99 were published.
  • 02.10.1999: the annual UK-tour kicked off in Manchester. Support acts are local bands and the special guest Gwyn Ashton. Something strang happened during this tour. The tour programmes are sold out before the tour ended. The reason was that the programmes were printed in an insufficient number, so not everybody who attended the tour could buy a programme. Therefore the “Under the influence” tour programme is became most collectable and very worthy with highest prices on auctions. Most notable the setlist of this tour; the first shows started with “Twenty wild horses” as opener and with the song”Shine on”, but after the first shows the setlist was changed opening the show s with “Down Down” and “Shine on” being dropped from the setlist.
  • 11.10.1999: the single “Twenty wild horses” was released in Germany, but the single couldn’t chart.
  • 30.10.1999: kick-off of the “Nokia Night of the Proms” Together with Zucchere, Emilia, John Miles, Purple Schulz, Natala Choquette and the Orchestra Il Novecento the band played 26 concerts, 8 in Germany and 12 times in Antwerpen/Belgium. With the orchestra Status Quo performed 4 songs each night – “Rockin’ all over the world”; “In the army now”; “Whatever you want” and “Twenty wild horses”. Every show ended with the finale when all artists on stage performing the Beatles song “Hey Jude”. Note: the last shows were played without Andrew Bown, his substitute was John Miles.
  • October 1999: the new fanzine “From the makers of” Vol 5.1 from the official fanclub was published. Content: interviews with the band members; a Mike Paxman interview, Quo’s new producer, and more news about the forthcoming solo-album of John “Rhino” Edwards.
  • October 1999: the “Going Quoing” newsletter 06/99 was published.
  • November 1999: release of the book “Rockers Rollin – The Story of Status Quo” written by Status Quo expert Dave Oxley. It was published by ST Publishing / Scotland (ISBN No. 1-898927-4) The book contained 224 pages and in 12 chapters Dave Oxley wrote the history of the band. Followed by a chapter of the band members activities outside of Status Quo. The book was rounded off with a complete and excellent UK discography.
  • November 1999: the “Going Quoing” newsletter 07/99 was published.
  • 06.12.1999: BMG released the CD “The Night of the Proms – Vol.6” (Cat.No. 74321705622) The CD included 2 songs by Status Quo performed during the Nokia Night of the Proms – “Whatever you want” and “Twenty wild horses”.
  • 24.12.1999: on Christmas Eve the german television TM3 broadcasted the “Nokia Night of the proms “ show filmed in Munich. The broadcast included Quo’s performance.
  • December 1999: an exclusive members only fanclub-CD was released. – “Fakin the blues” (Cat.No. QUOCD31) with the additional songs “Heavy Daze” (Parfitt/Williams) and “Better Times “ written by Francis Rossi and Bernie Frost. All songs were originally issued on the planned 1991 Maxi-CD release “Fakin the Blues” which was deleted in last minute. The songs were recorded during the Rock til you drop sessions in Bray studios. Every CD was manually signed with an individual number and the booklet included a history of the never released single.
  • December 1999: a charity single “Its only Rock n Roll” (Cat.No. Universal 156600-2)was released for the benefit of the “Children’s Promise” organization. Many well-known artists took part on this project, including Rick Parfitt and Franics Rossi, who all rerecorded this Stones song with the Rolling Stones.
  • December 1999: the “Rockers Rollin” newsletter No.44 was published.
  • December 1999: the official fanclub published their fanzine “From the makers of” Vol.5.2 mainly a write-up of the “Nokia Night of the proms”.

    more Quo news of the year 1999:

  • in Eastern Europe release of the Status Quo Sampler "Golden Collection 2000" with 21 songs of the bands career. Please note: this is not an official release, not licensed !! -> click here for cover
  • Hungarian release of the Status Quo CD "Best of" (Cat.No. Eurotom Nr. 0140) 14 songs of the albums "Dog of two head" - "Piledriver" and "Hello!" plus Pictures of Matchstick Men are issued on this CD. -> click here for cover
  • another release in Poland with the CD "Classic Collection", which in many ways is very similar to the CD "Legendary Rock Stars", which was released in July. (Cat.No. GOLD-Records GRR 023-2) Same tracklisting, almost the same label Old Records - Gold records and the cover almost the same. -> click here for cover
  • a very interesting compilation again form Eastern Europe with the CD "The Legendary Rivals "Sweet Status Quo Slade" (Cat.No. MCDA87008) The CD features 5 songs from Sweet, 4 songs from Status Quo and 6 songs from Slade. A very collectable item. -> click here for cover
  • the norwegian band Gluecifer played the Status Quo song "Drifting away" live on their tour.
  • the very popular german hit singer Wolfgang Petry covered "Rockin all over the world" on his Live album "Alles Live".
  • Austria: Status Quo are in austrian TV ORF2. The show called "Oh Du mein Österreich". Status Quo perform the song "Little white lies" and a medley of "In the Army now" "Whatever you want" and "Rockin all over the world".

    UK discography 1999:

  • Album: "Under the Influence" (Cat.No.: EAGCD076)
  • Album: "The essential Quo - Vol.1" Cat.No.: BMG 74321705622)
  • Album:“Matchstickmen – The psychedelic years” (Cat.No. SELCDE555)
  • Album: "Ice in the sun" (Cat.No. Castle PIESD005)
  • Album: "The essential Quo - Vol.2" (Cat.No. 554 896-2)
  • Maxi-CD:"The way it goes" (Cat.No. EAGXS075)
  • Maxi-CD:"Little white lies" (Cat.No.: EAGXS101)
  • Maxi-CD:"Twenty wild horses" (Cat.No. CD: EAGXS105)
  • Cassette:"The way it goes" (Cat.No. EAGCS075)
  • Cassette:"Little white lies" (Cat.No. EAGCS101)
  • Cassette:"Twenty wild horses" (Cat.No. EAGCS105)

    UK chart notes 1999:

  • "Under the influence" - No. 26
  • "The way it goes" - No.39
  • "Little white lies" - No.47
  • "Twenty wild horses" - No.53