• 31.12.: according to the irish online ticket-service: Status Quo and Meat Loaf are playing at the Irish Rock Festival - June 18, 2005 - Ardgillan Castle (near Dublin).
  • 31.12.: to coincide with the big 40th anniversary of Status Quo I will particularly take a look back on all 40 years of Quo's career like I've started with the year reviews. There will be reports about highlights e.g. 1982 NEC - Butlins - Rock til you drop day. If you have been on special Quo shows like the above mentioned or the stadium tour with Queen 1986 - Knebworth - Glasgow 1976 - End of the road tour and you want to send in your report, please feel free - your always welcome.

  • 28.12.: "Thinking of you" now on No.28 of the lithuvanian FM99 charts (2nd week).
    News in short: Alan Lancaster did an interview in an australian radio station; it will be continued in January.
    The cheerleaders of the german Soccer-Team "Rhinefire" Düsseldorf will take part in the next Status Quo video clip.
    A 9 year old (!) drummer from USA covered the Quo song "Nothing at all".

  • 21.12.: "Thinking of you" is listed as new entry on No.27 of the lithuvanian charts at the radio station FM99.

  • 20.12.: news from the remaster CD's. Mercury will release the first 6 CD's on January 31, 2005:
    ON THE LEVEL (Cat.No.: 9825910) Bonus-Tracks "Down Down" Single-Version, "Roll Over Lay Down", Gerdundula" and "Junior's Wailing" from the 'Live EP' and "Roadhouse Blues" from the 'Rockers Rollin'-Box-Set
    QUO (Cat.No.: 9825940) Bonus-Track "Lonely Night"
    HELLO! (Cat.No.: 9825942) Bonus-Track "Joanne" (B-Side of the Caroline-Single)
    STATUS QUO LIVE! (Cat.No.: 9825972) Doppel-CD - the songs are in the order how they were live recorded.
    BLUE FOR YOU (Cat.No.: 9825976) Bonus-Tracks "You Lost The Love", "Mystery Song" Single-Version, "Wild Side Of Life", "All Through The Night" and a previously unreleased demo version of "Wild Side Of Life"
    PILEDRIVER (Cat.No.: 9825977) Bonus-Track "Don't Waste My Time" Live from Reading Festival 1973
  • 5 CD's will be released at the 7th of March, 2005:
    IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT (Kat.No.: 9825941) Bonus-Track "Accident Pone" Single-Version
    NEVER TOO LATE (Cat.No.: 9825843) Bonus-Track "Rock N' Roll" Single-Version
    JUST SUPPOSIN' (Cat.No.: 9825967) Bonus-Track "AB Blues"
    WHATEVER YOU WANT (Cat.No.: 9825968) Bonus-Track "Hard Ride", "Bad Company", "Another Game In Town", "Shady Lady" (Demo-Version) "Rearrange" and the edited Single-Version of "Living On An Island" and the song "High Flyer"
    ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD (Cat.No.: 9825969) Bonus-Track "Getting Better"

  • 19.12.: all remaining shows of the UK tour had to be cancelled due to bronchitis of Francis Rossi. Despite 13 cancelled shows Status Quo played a total of 77 gigs in 2004.

  • 18.12.: the belgian newspaper "Laatstte Nieuws" (issue: Dec. 15) included the Quo compilation CD "Het Beste Van Status Quo". Cover: here

  • 14.12.: the shows in Harrogate, Scarborough and Blackpool had to be cancelled due to bronchitis of Francis Rossi. Next scheduled show is Saturday December 18, Birmingham, N.E.C., which attracts the biggest attendance alongside London's Wembley show. All 3 cancelled shows are re-scheduled for January 2005.

  • 13.12.: the new single "Thinking of you" now on No.73 in the UK-Singles-Charts. (3rd week)

  • 12.12.: the show in Manchester had to be cancelled due to bronchitis of Francis Rossi. The show is rescheduled for January 27, 2005.

  • 11.12.: the new fanclub magazine of the official english fanclub "From the makers of.." will be sent out from December 20 onwards.

  • 10.12.: Top News: tonight's show in Bristol had to be cancelled due to bronchitis of Francis Rossi. The show is rescheduled for January 30, 2005. Also the show in Liverpool had to be cancelled for the same reason. (Re-scheduled for 31.1.2005)

  • 09.12.: in the german charts-website OLJO: the hot 100 best selling singles in the European Union - Status Quo's new single "Thinking of you" is listed as new entry on No.64. This charts shows the European TOP100 relative to the sales figures. More interestingly this charts estimate the sales of the singles - in case of Quo's single an estimated 8,200 copies sold in week 49. More:

  • 06.12.: Status Quo announced for the Hessentag 2005 in Weilburg/Germany - June 22, 2005. Together with Jethro Tull. Tickets are already available:

  • 05.12.: The new single "Thinking of you" now No.50 in the UK-singles-chart (2nd week). The current position in the Welsh singles chart is No.34.
  • 05.12.: "Don't waste my time" was addited in the encore in yesterdays show at the Wembley Arena.

  • 02.12.: Saturday sees the well-known show at the Wembley Arena/London. Special Guests are the welsh band The Alarm.
  • 02.12.: out of the ticket-gallery 2 german tickets from this year: Karlsruhe and the very nice ticket from Heppenheim

  • 30.11.: recently the french-speaking television TRS2 from Switzerland broadcasted 50 minutes of Quo's Montreux performance - July 4, 2004. As expected in top soundquality and top videoquality the following songs were to be seen: Hold you Back - Mystery Medley - Gerdundula - Roll over lay down - Down Down - Whatever you want - Rockin all over the world - Rock n Roll Music - Carol - Bye bye Johnny. It is planned to release an official live DVD from this show next year.

  • 28.11.: TOPNEWS: the new single "Thinking of you" new entry at No.21 in the UK-Singles-Charts. QUO's 60th hit single !!!
    Innovation in the current live-Set: Matt Letley plays a drum-solo inbetween the song "Gerdundula".

  • 25.11.: Happy Birthday Little Richard. He celebrates his 72nd birthday today. He originally recorded the song "Lucille", which is included on Status Quo's Anniversary Waltz Medley and the B-Side of the "Lucille"-Single "Bring it on home" is included on Status Quo's "Rock til you drop" album. More about Little Richard

  • 24.11.: Fred and Arjen from the belgium Quo website did an interview with Rhino - Nov.10, 2004. ...Rhino Interview

  • 22.11.: while the band is on UK-Tour Status Quo is promoting the new single. Tuesday sees a performance of "Thinking of you" at ITV1's GMTV show together with an interview. Thursday another interview in the Frank Skinner-Show (ITV1).
  • 22.11.: there's an audio interview with Francis Rossi an the website of BBC Nottingham. If you suf the following link, the interview links is on the top right. ...more

  • 17.11.: there are lots of pictures of the Sheffield gig in the internet by Debs and Graham. ...more

  • 15.11.: next Saturday, Nov. 20 (6.30 pm MEZ) the french TV (TRS2) of Switzerland shows 50 minutes of QUO's performance at the Montreux festival.
  • 15.11.: Status Quo are announced to play at the Rockweekend in America near Limburg/Netherlands - April 1, 2005. Tickets can be ordered from the following website. ...more

  • 12.11.: Happy birthday PAUL HIRSH. Paul is celebrating his 51th birthday today. He was QUO's keyboarder in 2000 and 2001. All the best, Paul !! More about Paul Hirsh on Monica Geismar's website:

  • 11.11.: next Saturday, Nov. 13, british ITV television shows some live performance of Quo's show at the Octagon in Sheffield. The show "The Great British Pop Test" starts at 9.45 p.m. british time.

  • 09.11.: Ozzy Osbourne and Type-O-Negative covered Status Quo's "Pictures of Matchstick Men". This version is to be included on Ozzy's 4-CD-Box "Bible of Ozz" due to be released February 2005. More about this 4-CD-Set here: ...more

  • 05.11.: at yesterday's show in Nottingham the upcoming new single "Thinking of you" was added to the current setlist.

  • 04.11.: recently the south german radiostation SWR1 broadcasted another super charts of all-time greatest hits. This time they did an extra chart for men votings and women votings. (it was the 3rd record charts since 2002). Status Quo were voted with 6 songs.
    Men: Rockin all over the world No.84 - Whatever you want No.236 - You're in the army now No.349 - Caroline No.437 - Down Down No.747 - What you're proposin No.760.
    Women: Rockin all over the World No.232 - Whatever you want No.480 - You're in the army now No.621.
    A total of 15.000 people voted and men's winner was Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to heaven" while women's greatest all-time hit was Bryan Adams "Summer of 69".

  • 01.11.: there was no change in the setlist at the start of the UK tour in Cardiff.

  • 29.10.: Sunday, 31.10. sees the start of this years traditional UK-Winter-tour. On "Helloween day" the kick-off is in Cardiff/Wales. (Wales is known for its tradition regarding "Helloween-Day"). The UK-Tour covers a total of 40 shows until December 23. After long long years Margate made a warm comeback to the tour itinary, after having been a regular venue throughout the seventies.
  • 29.10.: there were various reports in music magazines e.g. some pages in the current Classic Rock magazine with Rick Parfitt telling some news about the song-writing for the next studio-album. And on the Q magazine an excellent report appeared about the "Live!-77" album out of the series "the greatest classic rock albums".
  • 29.10.: on the 8th of November a 4 DVD set is to be released about the "Live aid" festival way back in 1985. Quo is included with 2 songs "Rockin all over the world" and "Don't waste my time".
  • 29.10.: the John Coghlan-book is now released. On 211 pages John tells his story with the band and his life after Quo. Remarkable: Dieter Zill (Top-photographer of german's biggest selling youth magazine BRAVO) contributed the first time with photos he shot with the band.

  • 25.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Roy Lynes. Quo's ex-keyboarder is celebrating his 61st birthday. All the best, Roy
  • 25.10.: chart news: the "XS all areas" album didn't chart in UK and in Germany for the current week.
    (weeks in charts: England 3 - Germany 1)

  • 18.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chuck Berry. He is celebrating his 78th birthday. His song "Bye bye Johnny" brings every Quo gig to an end.
  • 18.10.: the "XS all areas" album couldn't chart in this weeks UK TOP75 album charts.

  • 16.10.: the italian Label: EARMARK announced now the last LP Re-release of the Quo Pye albums. "Dog of two head" is due to be released on 2. November. It can already preordered at german online retailer JPC. ...more

  • 15.10.: Germany: the new album "XS all areas" entered the german album charts at No.84.

  • 14.10.: the new single "Thinking of you" is now due to be released on November 22. The single will be avialable as Maxi-CD + 7"-Picture disc and DVD-Single. Detailled information here:
  • 14.10.: the special guests of the forth-coming UK tour are announced: until 25th November Paul Camilleri will be special guest. He is currently touring with Quo on their german tour and got good critics. From 25th November Mike Peters from the irish band "The Alarm" is special guest. The major shows in London and Birmingham will be supported by the whole "The Alarm".
    By the way: Both "The Alarm" and QUO were special guests on QUEEN's "It's a kind of magic" tour at Londons Wembley Stadium - July 11, 1986. ( see also the "Quo and Queen" report )

  • 13.10.: Chart-News: the new album "XS all Areas" is No.36 of the Welsh BBC album charts. (3rd week)

  • 12.10.: Happy Birthday RICK PARFITT. Rick is celebrating his 56th birthday while on tour and playing tonight live in Offenbach/Germany. All the best, Rick.
  • 12.10.: the new fanzine of the dutch fanclub "The Army 67" has been sent out.

  • 11.10.: 3 years ago this website went online. Thank you to all visitors of this website; I wish you all the best.
    And even the 4th year continues with news. This time from the Charts-front: "XS all areas" No.57 (3rd week) of the current UK TOP75 album charts. The new single couldn' t chart and went out after 3 weeks.

  • 10.10.: nice pictures from yesterdays show in Cologne can be seen here: ..more

  • 08.10.: tonights show in Berverungen had to cancelled because of illness of Rick Parfitt. Next show Saturday in Cologne.

  • 08.10.: in the official Welsh album charts the new CD "XS all areas" is currently No.17 (2nd week) after new entry on No.7.
  • 08.10.: the new album is advertised in german TV.

  • 06.10.: the John Coghlan book is released now in UK. Steve Myatt, author of this book send me an email containing this:
    John has kept his own counsel since leaving Status Quo - until now. As I say in the book, John is neither angry nor bitter, but it was certainly time for his story to be told.
    It's very much a full biography; the story of his life as well as the history of the band from the very beginning. I also cover the period after he left, the ups and downs, and bring it right up to date.
    In writing the book I had a lot of help from some terrific people, and I'm very grateful. I was hugely impressed by how highly John is regarded by so many people.
    It's called 'Coghlan And Quo' and is published by Aureus. It's a full-length book with many photos that have never been seen before. It can be ordered directly on

  • 05.10.: another single release is due for November 1 in UK. "Thinking of You" will be published in 2 different formats. A single CD and a 7" vinyl picure disc. On the CD is the "Mystery Song" Medley and Inrterviews and videos of the current singles. The picture disc contains a medley of "Soemthin bout you babe" and "Break the rules" from this year's Montreux festival.
    By the way: according to the new tour programme the full Montreux show is planned as live DVD for release in 2005.

  • 03.10.: yesterday's show in Karlsruhe with NO CHANGE in the setlist. A shortened encore with "Paper Plane" "Rock n Roll Music" "Carol" "Bye Bye Johnny". Around 3,500 people saw a solid performance of Status Quo and the start of "XS all areas" tour.
    UK-Chart-News: album No.41 (2nd week); Single No.48 (3rd week) and DVD No.2 as new entry in the DVD-Video-Charts

  • 01.10.: Saturday, October 2, start of the "XS all areas"-Tour with 11 shows in Germany - kick off in Karlsruhe. (all dates via Link: GIG DATES) Special guest is Paul Camilleri . In Karlsruhe and Halle special guest Manfred Mann's Earthband.
  • 01.10.: Monday (4.10.) release of 2x-CD "XS all areas - Greatest Hits" and the DVD in Germany.
    Chart-News: Wales is part of the UK but they have an own singles-chart and Status Quo's new single "You'll come round" is currently No.24 (2nd week).

  • 26.09.: Chart-News: new single "You'll come round" now No. 28 of the UK singles chart in the 2nd week.
    The new album "XS all areas" new entry on No. 16 of the UK album charts.
    According to the english newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" more than 2500 copies of the book "XS all areas" were sold so far and its currently No.9 of the weekly bestseller list".
    Tomorrow, Monday 27.9. next release - this time the new DVD "XS all Areas", which is listed also listed as new release in Germany. (e.g. Saturn)

  • 24.09.: the new DVD "XS all Areas", which is to be released on Monday, September 27 in UK includes 2 songs from this year's Montreux Jazz Festival (4500 Times - Gerdundula) and 1 more song (Big fat mama) of last year's show in Zofingen/Switzerland. If the DVD will be released in Germany can't be said, but both DVD and 2x CD are already offered as import goods.
  • 24.09.: on the german written news page was a competition in association with promoter Gerry Weber to promote the show in Halle October 3. The prizes were a meet and greet and the new books and CD's. Thank you very much to Gerry Weber Management.

  • 22.09.: October 4 is the release date of the new Best-Of-2x-CD "XS all areas - Greatest Hits" in Germany .

  • 20.09.: today is the release of the 2x CD compilation "XS all Areas - Greatest Hits" in UK.
    The single "You'll come round" reached No.14 of the UK-singles-chart as new entry. This is the 59th(!)-Hitsingle from Status Quo in UK.

  • 18.09.: on Sunday, September 19, John Coghlan, Quo's ex-drummer, is celebrating his 58th birthday. In October John Coghlan's book about his time with Quo will be released in October. (more see link NEW RELEASES) But there's more news about John Coghlan:
    1. there's a very good interview with John from August 7, 2004. It's published on the belgian Quo website John Coghlan-Interview
    2. John is featured on 4 tracks of Maartin Allcock's (ex-Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull) new album "Serving Suggestion". More about this album and how to order:

  • 17.09.: the very good interview with Rick and Francis in the Steve Wright show, which was broadcasted last Tuesday September 14 can now be heard on TWOD's website. ...Steve Wright Interview

  • 16.09.: the lyrics of the 3 new songs are now available. Click on the song you want: "You'll come round" *** "Lucinda" *** "Thinking of you"
  • 16.09.: today the book signing tour starts at London's noblesse warehouse "Harrods". Rick and Francis will be signing their new autobiography "XS All Areas". The book is available from 17. September onwards in all good book-stores of Britain. On the following link you'll find all dates of this book signing tour. -> Book-Signing-Tour-Daten

  • 14.09.: Rick and Francis will answer questions of Quo fans in a web-chat of the biggest english newspaper "The Sun". The questions can be send in from NOW ON at the following link: ...more
  • 14.09.: yesterday there was 37 minutes QUO-special at hte online-radio "Planet-Rock" with a Francis Rossi interview held at Powderham Castle (UK). Quo songs played: "Break the Rules" "Roll over lay down" "Rain" sowie die 3 neuen Songs "You'll come round" "Lucinda" and "Thinking of you".

  • 13.09.: today the new Status Quo single is out in Great Britain accompanied with 3x TV appearances. Cat.No.: Universal 9868066

  • 11.09.: Zurich: Status Quo played a fantastic show last night at the Zurich Airport festival. Setime around 70 min. No change in the setlist but without the Heavy Traffic songs and Big Fat Mama.

  • 07.09.: next Monday, Sep. 13 - 9 p.m. (UK-time) there's an interview with Francis Rossi held at Powderham Castle (UK) in UK's Internet radio "Planet Rock". Click on the following link to connect with Planet Rock. Then click on "LISTEN LIVE" at the top of this website.

  • 05.09.: the latest issue of the Classic Rock magazin feature a very good article about Status Quo and their new releases.
  • 05.09.: in the german TV show from RTL "Die Chart-Show - Bands" Status Quo was voted on No.57. Only the Top10-singles were counted. The winning band were "The Beatles" - Runners up "ABBA" - No.3 "Sweet". Quo had 5 Top10 hit-singles in Germany with "In the army now" No.1 for 4 weeks in late 1986.

  • 01.09.: not confirmed yet, but the first gig dates of next year appeared, with some February shows in Scandinavia. (Denmark: 2.2.2005 Kopenhagen, 3.2. Middlefart, 4.2. Viborg, 5.2. Aarhus Norway: 7.2. Bergen, 8.2. Stavanger, 9.2. Oslo Sweden: 11.2. Västeras, 12.2. Karlstad, 13.2. Örebo )

  • 31.08.: the DVD "The Ultimate Anthology" was released yesterday in UK (DVDLTD DVDL024). The DVD shows not only the Anniversary Waltz video, it also features the "Doing their thing" performance in Granada TV way back September 1970. It can be ordered via HMV or AMAZON. click here for picture

  • 30.08.: with today's show at Lincoln Castle (UK) the Riffs tour comes to an end. 72 shows were played at the Riffs tour, which started on October 29, 2003.

  • 28.08.: the release of the "XS all areas" DVD now September 27. The big english newspaper "The Daily Mail" serialise the autobiography book "XS all areas" on 3 days (28.8. - 31.8.). For the book signing dates click to the official Status Quo website:

  • 19.08.: on Saturday, August 21, there's fan meeting in Gourock/Gamble Halls - Scotland.

  • 14.08.: the english QUO-Coverband State of Quo play a show in Melle-Buer/Germany (near Osnabrück) - August 21. 8 p.m. european time. Pre-order tickets - Tel.: 0044 5427/6162 from abroad. Sometimes John Coghlan (Quo's ex-drummer) plays shows with this band.

  • 13.08.: Status Quo is playing a free concert at Zurich's airport / Switzerland - September 10 (8 - 10 p.m. european time). Admission free !!! It's because of celebrity days at the new Zurich airport, officially confirmed yesterday from the airport via media publication.

  • 12.08.: from Status Quo site officially confirmed the new releases with additional informations:
    September 13 new single "You'll come 'round" (Rossi/Young) as Maxi-CD and 7"-Vinyl Picture Disc with the additional songs "Lucinda" (Parfitt/Edwards) and "Down, Down" live at Montreux Festival 2004.
    September 17 release of the book "XS all areas" (17,99 engl.pounds).
    September 20 release of Best of-2x CD "XS all areas" with 40 songs.
    September 20 release of a Greatest Hits-DVD titled "XS all areas".
    All aforementioned released only for UK at the moment. Release dates for other territories will follow. More information about single, book, Greatest Hits CD + DVD from the official Status Quo website

  • 09.08.: after yesterdays show in Broadlands now a 3 week break until the next show at Powderham Castle (Aug.28).

  • 05.08.: out of the series "Rockin all over the years" new the review of the year 1974. ...more

  • 27.07.: Update in the QUOTICKER: new the UK album charts with awards. ...more

  • 22.07.: John Coghlan confirmed last weekend, that he is working on a book out in October 2004.
  • 22.07.: There's a french fanclub holding 75 members. Every 4 months a fanclub magazin is published (in french). Interested so click here:

  • 14.07.: yesterday Status Quo played Como/Italy. The first italian Quo's gig since 1981 !! There are pictures of yesterday's show. By the way: the Deep Purple mailinglist showed today a gig review were Status Quo was described as absolutely amazing rock band which was the good-time-party-band of the whole show. Here is the link for the Como-pics: ...more

  • 13.07.: the show in Lisabon/Portugl - July 18, is cancelled.

  • 12.07.: the show in Vicenza, Villa Pisani/Italy - July 14, is cancelled.

  • 10.07.: very nice pictures of the Schwung-Festival last Thursday in Roeselare/Belgium can be seen on this link: ...more

  • 09.07.: the festival tour with Deep Purple went down very well so far, with very good press reviews of the gig in Coburg/Germany (8.000 attendance) and the 2 swiss gigs in Uster (see pic above) and Montreux (sold out gig).
    Monday, July 5 saw the broadcasting of Quo's show in Montreux on swiss radio station DRS3 - this songs were played in radio:
    Caroline - Somethung bout you babe I like - Break the rules - 4500/Rain - Hold you back - Mystery Medley - Gerdundula - Roll over lay down - Down down - Whatever you want - Rockin' all over the world - Bye Bye Johnny
    The show in Montreux was filmed and its possible that the show will be broadcasted on german or swiss TV later this year. If so, I'll write it here.

  • 03.07.: first info from USTER/Switzerland - 11.15 p.m.: Status Quo with a furious performance last night in front of a 15.000 crowd!! More news soon.
    Important notice regarding tomorrow's Montreux festival. QUO's on swiss radio DRS3 at 9.15 p.m. UK-time / 22.15 GMT. You can hear it via web-radio: ...more

  • 01.07.: Friday July 2 sees the start of the festival-tour with Status Quo and Deep Purple. Kick-off is in Uster/Switzerland with german hardrockers Scorpions, german's BAP and Manfred Mann. (see red box above) If you look on the history of both, Status Quo and Deep Purple, there are some connections. Both delivered legendary Live-Albums - Quo's "Live '77" and Deep Purple's "Made in Japan" (1972). In 1976 Roger Glover (Deep Purple) produced Quo's single "Wild Side of Life". 1978 Bob Young's book "Alias the Compass" was published, some illustrations are from Roger Glover. 1982 Graham Bonnet released his album "Line-Up" with Jon Lord (Deep Purple) and Francis Rossi and Micky Moody (ex-Whitesnake). Moodys work with Bob Young should be known by the fans. And after 2 festivals last year in Netherlands and Austria now 10 dates together in Switzerland, Germany, Slowenia, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. All visitors a lot of fun.

  • 28.06.: the swiss radio station DRS3 is broadcasting live the Montreux festival on Sunday, July 4 with Status Quo, Cheap Trick and Deep Purple. Beginning: after the football-final in Portugal. Via web radio for internet users: ...more

  • 27.06.: another Re-release of the "Anniversary Waltz" DVD, this tame entitled "The Ultimate Anthology" - due to be released August 30. By the way; that'll be the 5th release of the Waltz-DVD (1x UK 1x Germany/Europe 1x France 1x USA plus the new one)

  • 25.06.: from the collecting front - the 3 CD-box "The Essential Quo" which was originally released in UK is now released in Spain but with a different box. The CD-rerelease of the Vertigo-albums has been put back to January 2005.
  • 25.06.: the new QUO single "You'll come around" (Rossi-Young) is due to be released in UK on September 13.
    According to an articel in the Evening News (Birmingham) Brian Adams said that he is willing to contribute on the next Quo studio album.

  • 23.06.: Germany: the Status Quo tour ended with 2 triumphant shows in Munich (ca. 4.500 attendence) and Heppenheim (ca. 5.000 attendance).
    Here is the link for photos of the Munich show: ...more

  • 19.06.: Germany: a change in the setlist. Now "Big Fat Mama" instead of "Little Lady".

  • 18.06.: the show in Flensburg (16.6.) was attended by 1.000 fans. There's a change of the special guests. From now on the support act of the next german gigs are "Who's That Girl" who already supported Quo on their last UK tour.
  • 18.06.: news from John Coghlan. Quo's drummer until 1982 has written about his time with Quo. Steven Myatt's book "Coghlan and Quo" is due to be published on October 1,2004 and can already be preordered form ...more

  • 15.06.: the second show in Tesinach in a beer tent was attended by 2.700 people. (see also pic above)

  • 13.06.: the start of the german June tour in Bielstein was attended by more than 3.000 fans. Same setlist as on the UK Tour and e.g. in Dublin this year. There is a gig review (written in german) but many pics about this open air. ...more

  • 11.06.: Saturday June 12, sees the start of the first german tour in 2004 with 7 shows. Kick-off is the annual open air at the beer brewery Bielstein near Cologne. Support act is the german AC/DC-coverband DIRTY DEEDS. On the other 6 shows Gary Howard (ex-Flying Pickets) is the special guest.

  • 08.06.: Happy Birthday Jeff Rich. He was Status Quo's drummer from 1986 - 2000 and today he celebrates his 51st birthday. All the best, Jeff !!!

  • 31.05.: yesterday the german coverband "Piledriver" played on the OldiesNight in Esslingen (near Stuttgart) an amazing gig. Due to technical problems and due to the closing of this festival, the set was only 1 hour. But "Piledriver" proofed once again their reputation of the best Quo coverband. More about Piledriver: ...more

  • 30.05.: the new issue of the official english fanclub "From the makers of..." has been published. 2 significant dates: September 17 - release of the Status Quo book "XS all areas" and September 20 - release of the new Best of compilation CD "XS all areas" including 2 new songs.

  • 29.05.: Happy Birthday Francis Rossi. Quo's lead singer and founder member celebrates his 55th birthday today !!! All the best Francis !!

  • 27.05.: 20 years ago Status Quo played the legendary "End of the road" tour. And therefore out of the series - "Rockin' all over the years" the review of the year 1984. ... more

  • 24.05.: out of the series "Ticketgallery" this time tickets from 1973 and from the year 1974 . And for the whole gallery here

  • 22.05.: Francis Rossi is planning another solo-album in 2006.
  • 22.05.: the american re-release of the Anniversary Waltz-DVD is due to be released in UK as "Live Legends". More info: ...more

  • 21.05.: officially on the QUO line; in September another "Best of "-album called "XS all Areas". It's planned that there are 2 or 3 new songs on this Best of-Compilation.

  • 20.05.: Newsletter from Little Egypt for all Quo fans: We have been plugging Little Egypt to Steve Wright for a while now and it would be great if you could send Steve an email via his radio show and request some Little Egypt music or even ask to have the boys on his show. ...more

  • 18.05.: out of the series - "Rockin' all over the years" the review of the year 1983. ... more

  • 16.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob Young. Today Bob is celebrating his 59th birthday. All the best , Bob !!
  • 16.05.: the italian Label: EARMARK announces another LP-release; this time "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon". Due out June 7, 2004. It can already preordered at german online retailer JPC. ...more

  • 14.05.: the UK winter tour dates have been announced. Again 40 gigs from October 31 - Cardiff to December 23 - Edinburgh. New are Halifax and surprisingly Margate. Margate used to be a venue Quo frequently joined in the early 70's. It's now back in the schedule after long years. All gigs: ...more

  • 13.05.: Rick Parfitt will be on stage for 3 songs when Rhino's Revenge is performing in London's Halfmoon Putney next Friday, May 21. Matt Letley will be the whole gig on the drums and Andrew Bown is to be expected between the audience.
  • 13.05.: the setlists from 1969 onwards are now uploaded. Click on the link statistics (see above) or

  • 11.05.: the compilations CD "Rockin' all over the world" is now No.35 of the norwegian TOP40 album charts in the 5th week.

  • 09.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY John "Rhino" Edwards. Quo's bass player is celebrating his 51th birthday. All the best, Rhino !!

  • 04.05.: the norwegian Compilations-CD "Rockin' all over the world" now listed on No.24 of the TOP40 album charts in Norway. (week 19; 3.5.04)

  • 03.05.: The german Online-retailer JPC has listed the LP "Spare Parts" as new issue. Label: Earmark. Release date approx.: May 10, 2004. The italian record label released early this year the LP "Picturesque Matchstickable Messages". ...more
  • 03.05.: The german Online retailer offers the CD "Whatever you want/Just supposin". Origin: Australia / Release date: 01.04.2004 ...more

  • 02.05.: The very rare Promo-Single Black Sabbath/Status Quo "Children of Grave/Roadhouse Blues" (only 100 copies exist) was sold last night for 330 pounds at Ebay. -> click here for cover

  • 28.04.: the french Coverband "Vincent and Quo" released a new Live-CD. Including 14 Quo Songs: Caroline - Hold you back - Softer Ride - Paper Plane - Break the rules - 20 Wild Horses - In my chair - Shine on - Creepin up - Roll over lay down - 4500 Times - Rockin all over the world - The Oriental - Whatever you want. The CD is online available at: ... more

  • 25.04.: the norwegian Compilations-CD "Rockin' all over the world" has climbed to No.16 of the norwegian album charts. (3rd week)

  • 24.04.: the announced Status Quo-DVD "Live Legends" (Classic Rock Legends Kat.Nr.: CRL1503) is now announced for release on 24th of May.

  • 21.04.: the norwegian Compilations-CD "Rockin' all over the world" has moved to No.18 (in the 2nd week) of the norwegian album charts.

  • 19.04.: the german hardrockers SCORPIONS replace Cheap Trick on the Status Quo - Deep Purple European 2004 tour in Uster/Switzerland and Porto/Portugal (note: venue has changed). The Scoprions are germans most known hardrock band over the past 30 years.
  • 19.04.: while it's very quiet around the band, "Rhino's Revenge" is playing 3 shows in May in England. Alongside Rhino there is Matt Letley (drums); Dave Goodes (git, voc) and Mike Casswell (git, voc) - Dates: 21.5. Halfmoon Putney, London. (7 p.m.) 22.5. Carling Academy 2, Brimingham (6.30. p.m.); 23.5. The Met Lounge, Peterborough (8 p.m.). (Matts brother is the leadsinger of the support band UNDESIDED, who is due to play the first show in London)

  • 17.04.: the new issue of the dutch fanclub "The Army 65" has been sent out now. The main point this time is the Andy Bown interview recorded November 2003 by Arjen de Graaf and Fred de Ridder.
  • 17.04.: another Status Quo-Best of album released in Norway: "Rockin' all over the world" Universal CDLM 584748-2. The CD includes 21 songs and is currently No.20 of the norwegian album charts. ...Tracklist/Cover

  • 15.04.: today is Dave Edmunds "big 60" - he celebrates his 60. birthday. From Dave Edmunds is the song "I hear you knocking" part of Status Quo's Anniversary Waltz and the song "Crawling from the wreckage" was recorded by Dave (other artists did a recording too). All the best Dave !!!
  • 15.04.: next Saturday Status Quo is performing live on german television. They're one of the guests in the big show "50 Jahre Rock" (50 years of rock). The show is on german major TV station ZDF and starts at 7.15 p.m. UK time. The reason for the 3 hour show is that on April 12, 1954 Bill Haley's single "Rock around the clock" was released in Germany. The single was a massive hit in Germany and is regarded as the break-through of Rock n Roll in Germany. Other guests in this show are german hard rockers "Scorpions", "Jethro Tull", "Emerson Lake and Palmer", Bill Wyman, Roger Glover and many more. Host is german's most famous show master Thomas Gottschalk. The ZDF should be accessible via home-satellite.

  • 11.04.: 20 years ago the legendary "End of the Road" tour started with 2 concerts in Dublin (11./12.4.). ... more

  • 01.04.: out of the series "For the collector of" this time the promo fire brigade (!) "Burning Bridges". ... more

  • 29.03.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Matt Letley. The drummer of Status Quo is now 43 years old. All the best, Matt!

  • 27.03.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andy Bown. Quo's keyboarder is celebrating his 58th birthday today. All the best, Andy! More about Andy Bown -> ... more

  • 24.03.: the offical website confirmed another 4 summer open airs in UK. Lincoln Castle(30.8.), Kettering(29.08.), Epson Downs(29.7.), Audley End(7.8.). The 10 october dates in Germany and 1 more show in Belgium - Brussels, Forest National have been confirmed too. All in all now 48 shows so far this year.

  • 22.03.: the planned Status Quo book is already offered at british online retailer It's release date is planned for September 3. ...more

  • 21.03.: with yesterdays gig in Odense/Denmark the first shows of the year 2004 have come to an end. Especially the irish gigs went down very well with inspired visitors. From Killarney there are some fantastic pics by Kevin Doyle. (Thank you!) ...more

  • 17.03.: Germany: the 2 QUO gigs in Karlsruhe (2.10.) and Halle (3.10.)featuring Manfred Mann's Earthband.

  • 15.03.: the english online retailer "" offers a new QUO DVD called "Live Legends". You can already preorder this DVD

  • 12.03.: the summer festival tour with Deep Purple and Cheap Trick is now officially confirmed. Status Quo and the afore-mentioned bands will play 11 shows all over Europe. Most notable: the first shows in Italy since many years !!!

  • 11.03.: Quo will again play a show at Powderham Castle this year - August 28. And the german tour promoter Moderne Welt announced updates of the german October dates. All dates see link gig dates on the left. The first irish shows went down very well.

  • 04.03.: another 2 gigs in UK announced officially: Alcester (27.6.) and Delamere Forest, Cheshire. (31.7.) Meanwhile the first gigs of the year 2004 are in sight. On Saturday, March 6 the start of the irish tour is in Belfast, followed by another 5 shows in Ireland. After that there are 3 shows in Denmark.

  • 28.02.: another festival with Deep Purple and Cheap Trick - this time July 10 in Lennestadt / Germany Sauerland-Kaserne (info from Deep Purple The festival in Madrid/Legranes (July 17) is also with the likes of Deep Purple and Cheap Trick. IMPORTANT !! This festival and all others with Deep Purple and Cheap Trick are yet to be announced officially, but local promoters are already promoting these events and tickets can be bought.

  • 27.02.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jackie Lynton. Today Jackie celebrates his 64th birthday. All the best !!

  • 26.02.: the great website: by Beth Dufour announced, that Rhino's bass guitar as mini replica can be bought from April on. For more info's: and

  • 24.02.: the british TV Channel 4 published a documentary of the artists with the best selling singles in UK. Most singles sold are Sir Cliff Richard and The Beatles (20 Mio.) - Status Quo is No.20 with almost 7 million sold singles in UK.
    24.02.: another summers gig announced from official site - August 8 sees Status Quo playing a show in Broadlands, Romsey Hants (UK).

  • 23.02.: the german tour-promoter Moderne Welt announced another 2 german Status Quo gigs: 12.6. - Bielstein (close to Cologne) at a brewery open-air and 13.6. in Teisnach (in a beer-tent). The gig in Damme 19.6. is now in Lingen, Emslandhalle - 18.6. And for October 10 german gig dates are announced. (for all concert dates click on the link GIG DATES)

  • 22.02.: last Friday (20.2.) Status Quo played a private show in Berlin/Germany.

  • 20.02.: Rick Parfitt was spotted between the audience at yesterdays gig of the new british super band "The Darkness" in Berlin/Germany (19.2.).
  • 20.02.: In the german "Gitarre und Bass" March issue and in the english "Guitar's Buyer Magazine" March issue No.31 both crossed telecasters are on the front cover. The german issue features a 4 page report about the telecasters and Rick and Francis while the english magazine features a 5 page report. For collectors here the mail-adress for the english magazine:

  • 19.02.: according to a post from the fanclub-organizer Mike Hrano the new Rick Parfitt game "Parfitt's name game" will be released in UK in mid May and it's a world wide sales contract.

  • 16.02.: another Status Quo show announced: July 17, Madrid (E).
  • 16.02.: a scottish Quo-Convention is announced for August 21 in Gourock (near Glasgow).

  • 14.02.: Rick Parfitt launched his new game "Parfitt's Name Game" at the media day at Toy Fair - the UK's largest, most influential toy fair - in London, January 29. When the game is available can't be said in the moment.

  • 07.02.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alan Lancaster. Today Alan celebrates his 55th birthday. He was Quo's bass-player from 1962 - 1985. All the best, Alan.

  • 04.02.: recently the sunday issue of "The Daily Mail" newspaper included a CD called "Giants of Rock" (Universal MoS016). One of the 15 tracks is Status Quo's "Down, down". This CD was promoted in british TV and they showed 10 seconds of the "Rock til you drop"-Day at Glasgow QUO playing "Down Down".

  • 01.02.: the first Status Quo LP on vinyl since 1994 arrived. The reissue LP "Picturesque Messages.." (Earmark 42026) has the same front and back cover as the original LP, but its inner cartoon bag shows the pictures and report of the 1998 CD reissue. The vinyl label is different to the original label too.

  • 29.01.: the festivals in July with Deep Purple have another addition. The organizers of the annual Schwung-Festival in Roeselare/Belgium announced for this years festival - July 8, 2004 - Status Quo, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick and Rose Tattoo. ...more

  • 28.01.: new series in the QUOTICKER - "Rockin' all over the years" the review of past years starting with the year 1973. ... more

  • 27.01.: the new issue "The Army 64" of the dutch fanclub is out. There's a Status Quo fan afternoon in Drachten - February 1. The german coverband "Piledriver" plays in Loppersum/NL (30.1.), in Steenwijkerwold/NL (31.1.) and in Drachten/NL (1.2.).

  • 25.01.: in german most successful TV show "Wetten dass...?" which was broadcasted yesterday the host Thomas Gottschalk announced a TV live show "50 years of rock music". The show will take place in Hannover Preussag Arena, April 17, 2004. Gottschalk said " the show will be with Jethro Tull, Scorpions, Queen, Status Quo and the re-united Emerson Lake and Palmer and many more". The 3 hour show will show bands live on 3 stages and the greatest rock musicians will take part either live or with videos and interviews. Status Quo is invited to this show.

  • 21.01.: today Pete Kircher celebrates his 56th birthday. He was Status Quo's drummer from 1982 - 1985. All the best Pete.

  • 20.01.: while the release of the 2x CD "Star Boulevard" is delayed, the 3-CD-Box "The Complete PYE Collection" is released now in Great Britain. For the complete tracklist: ... click here

  • 15.01.: the tracklist of the 2x CD "Star Boulevard" Compilation is now available. ...more
  • 15.01.: the LP "Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from ..." was re-issued by italian Label Earmark recently. It can be ordered at german online-retailer JPC. ...more

  • 10.01.: the german tour promoter Moderne Welt announced today 4 summer festivals with Status Quo in Germany. Hamburg (17.6.) - Damme (19.6.) - Munich (20.6.) - Heppenheim (21.6.). And talk is about 2 shows in Denmark. (Ringsted (18.3.) - Odense (20.3.))

  • 09.01.: out of the series "For the collector of" this time the very interesting promo clock (!) "Never too late". ... more

  • 08.01.: Tickets for a Status Quo show on June 17 in Hamburg / Germany can already be ordered at german online ticketservice

  • 01.01.: I wish every visitor of this website a happy new year 2004 ! Its now the 39th year in QUO's history counting from the year 1965 when they decided to go professional. 30 years ago 1974 the first headline tour in Germany - 20 years ago (1984) the legendary "End of the road" tour - 10 years ago - (1994) "Thirsty Work" and no end ... Therefore upcoming soon a new series in the QUOTICKER "Rockin all over the years" - a look back or better a review of the years.

  • 29.12.: the year review 2003 can be read on this website. ...more

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