"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1984

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Status Quo played a total of 64 shows in 1984. ***** Setlist played in 1984: click here

(photo by kind permission Eric Favre, QUOFRANCE)


The year 1984 started furiously, the single "Marguerita Time" climbed up on No.3 of the british singles charts - January 5, 1984. A very untypical Quo-Song, which was discussed by many fans, the critics and the music press. Alan Lancaster refused this song. "This is definitely not Status Quo and I can't identy myself with this song". The dissonances within the band couldn't be hidden any longer and it was a shock when the message dropped in, that Alan Lancaster forbid the band by law to perform without him. (as it happened in the past) Alan Lancaster's home was since quite a while Australia and he couldn't come over, because he wanted to stay with his pregnant wife.

  • Another big surprise for all Quo fans was the announcement of the "End of the Road" tour, which was declared as last tour ever. Future projects shouldn't only be recording new material, but no more live appearances. By then everybody knew that there was a twist within the band and this tour was supposed to be the "swan song". In a total the "End of the Road" tour included 69 shows. (5 shows had to be cancelled due to illness of Francis Rossi, after he collapsed at a show in Basel/Switzerland) The tour started on the 11th of April in Dublin and ended with a triumphal show in Milton Keynes (July 21).

    Keep right on to the End of the Road

    Ev'ry road thro' life is a long, long road,
    Fill'd with joys and sorrows too.
    As you journey on how your heart will yearn
    for the things most dear to you.
    With wealth and love 'tis so,
    But onward we must go.

    Keep right on to the end of the road,
    Keep right on to the end,
    Tho' the way be long, let your heart be strong,
    Keep right on round the bend.

    This british popular gave the name for the tour. Written by Sir Harry Lauder for his son, who died at a battlefield in the first world-war. By the way: this song is to date a chant of Birmingham City football club supporters.

  • While the tour rolled on the single "Going down town tonight" was released in May. (Vertigo QUO15) It was re-recorded version of the song who was issued on the "Back to Back" album.
  • In July 2 festivals rounded up the "End of the Road" tour, in London/Selhurst Park (14.7.) and on the 21st of July in Milton Keynes. This legendary performance, which attracted a 45.000 crowd, was filmed and later issued on video cassette. Other guests this day were Jason and the Scorchers, Gary Glitter, Marillion, Nazareth.
  • Phongram / NL released the LP "Live at the N.E.C." in Augst. This LP was already issued on the triple album "From the makers of".
  • in September another Re-Release from Vertigo: out of their "PRICELESS" series the LP "Status Quo Live!"
  • the book "Again and again" written by Bob Young and John Shearlaw (Sidgwick & Jackson ISBN: 0-283-99101-1) was released and from Tom Hibbert the book "Status Quo" (Omnipress ISBN 0.860001.957.8) was published.
  • Oktober 19, saw the release of the new single "The Wanderer". Originally a TOP20-Hit of Dion in 1962.
  • in November the video from the Milton Keynes concert "End of the Road '84" (Videoform VFX19) was released. NOTABLE: from this last show a total of 7 videos was released over the years !
  • in December the compilation "Twelve Gold Bars Vol.2 + 1" was issued, the first LP "Twelve Gold Bars Vol.1" was issued for free.
  • Solo projects: Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi contributed on the Band Aid single "Do they know it's Christmas Time", which was released in December.
  • Andy Bown played on Roger Waters album "The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking". More about that: ...click here
  • the band "Partners in Crime", with John Coghlan, published in 1984 the single "Hold on" (EPIC TX4803")

    Listed below the publications in Jahr 1984 ( England + Germany)


  • LP "12 Gold Bars Vol.2" - LP (824043-1) CD (824043-2)
  • Single "Going down town tonight" - (818741-7)
  • Single "The Wanderer" - October 1984 (880327-7)


  • LP "Live!" - September 1984 (PRID5) cassette (PRIDC5)
  • LP "Twelve Gold Bars Vol.2+1" - December 1984 (QUOTV2) cassette (QUOMC2)
  • Single "Going down town tonight" - May 1984 (QUO15)
  • Single "The Wanderer" - October 1984 7" (QUO16) 12" clear vinyl (QUOP16)

    Charts (only high positions):

  • England: "Marguerita Time" No. 3
  • England: "Going down tonight" No. 20
  • England: "Twelve Gold Bars 2 + 1" No. 12 (Gold-Auszeichnung!)
  • England: "The Wanderer" No. 7
  • Germany: "Marguerita Time" No. 52