"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1983

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Status Quo played no shows in 1983.

The year (in chronological order):

The year 1983 started with studio works for a new album. The band decided to work on the album at the caribean island Montserrat. So the band flew to Montserrat in early February for 8 weeks. The output of new material recorded there was very poor. A reason was seen in the beauty and magic of the island with all its attractions. Back in England the recordings had to be continued to deliver enough material for the record company. The songwriter partnership Francis Rossi / Bernie Frost wrote some new songs e.g. "I wonder why", which was planned as B-Side for the planned single "Too close to the ground". This song was later issued as B-Side of the Rossi/Frost single "Modern Romance" in 1985.

  • While the band was working on the new album, there were some Status Quo releases in May, June, July and August. The record label Vertigo decided to rerelease the Quo albums "Hello" - "Piledriver" - "Quo" and "On the Level" out of their "PRICELESS"-series. (in December the "Blue for You" album was included too). The PRT-Label released a 10"-Vinyl-LP titled "Works". But the most interesting release was the LP "To be or not to be", which included songs, who were poosible A-Side singles, but An interesting compilation, which is different to most of the many QUO compilations..
  • In 1983 Andy Bown contributed on Pink Floyd's album "The Final Cut".
  • September 2, 1983 saw the first single release of the new album "Ol' rag blues". It's a Lancaster/Lamb composition.
  • The 2.single was released in Oktober 28, 1983 "A Mess of Blues". Originally written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, was it recorded by Elvis Presley in 1960.
  • 25th November 1983 the new Status Quo album "Back to Back" was released.
  • "Marguerita Time" the 3rd single from the new album was released on December 2, 1983. A Rossi/Frost composition. An unusual song by Quo standards, but which appealed to most of the music listeners. At the beginning of 1984 the single notched up at No.3 of the UK singles charts.
  • Quo's performance at the UK show "Top of the Pops" on Decdember 15, 1983 saw a spectacular performance of the song "Marguerita Time". In between the song Rick Parfitt fell into the drum-kit and everything tumbled down. By the way: this performance saw Slade's Jimmy Lea as substitute of Alan Lancaster, who stayed with his pregnant wife in Australia.

    Listed below all releases of the year 1983 ( England + Germany)


  • LP "Back to back" - LP (814662) CD (814662-2)
  • Single "Ol' rag blues" - (812896-7)
  • Single "Marguerita Time" - (814955-7)


  • LP "Hello" - Mai 1983 (PRICE16) cassette (PRIMC16)
  • LP "Piledriver" - Mai 1983 (PRICE17) cassette (PRIMC17)
  • LP "To be or not to be" - Juni 1983 (Pickwick/Contour CN2062) cassette: (CN42062)
  • 10"-vinyl "Works" - Juli 1983(PRT DOW10) cassette (ZCDOW10)
  • LP "QUO" - August 1983 (PRICE38) cassette (PRIMC38)
  • LP "On the Level" - August 1983 (PRICE39) cassette (PRIMC39)
  • LP "Back to Back" - 25.11.1983 LP (VERH10) cassette (VERHC10)
  • LP "Blue for you" - Dezember 1983 (PRICE55) cassette (PRIMC55)
  • Single "Pictures of Matchstick Men/Down the Dustpipe" - Mai 1983 (Old Gold OG9298)
  • Single "Ol' rag blues" - 2.9.1983 7" (QUO11) (limited single in blue vinyl QUOB11); 12" (QUO1112)
  • Single "A Mess of Blues" - 28.10.1983 7" (QUO12) 12" (QUO1212)
  • Single "Marguerita Time" - 2.12.1983 7" (QUO14) Picture disc (QUOP14) double single (QUO1414)

    Charts (only highest chart-notes):
    England: "Back to Back" No. 7
    England: "Ol' Rag Blues" No. 9
    England: "A Mess of Blues" No. 15
    England: "Marguerita Time" No. 3 (in January 1984)
    Germany: "Back to Back" No. 60
    Germany: "Ol' rag blues" No. 47


    1. with a proper guitar sound and a charismatic singer a band appeared from Ireland like a hurricane - U2. The band did play a sensational performance at german rock show series "Rockpalast" in Essen on August 20, 1983.
    2. 1983 saw another 2 "Rockpalast Nights" in german's TV. Complete Live-performances up to 4 bands were broadcasted live in full length until the early morning hours. On April 17, 1983 Kevin Rowland and Dexy's Midnight Runners with John "Rhino" Edwards were part of the "Rockpalast Night".
    All about these amazing "Rockpalast Nights" (written in english too) www.rockpalastarchiv.de
    3. UK: albums of the years - Michael Jackson "Thriller" Paul Young "No parlez" and David Bowie "Let's dance".
    4. Football: FC Liverpool won the championship in England - Dundee United won the scottish championship.