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  • 23.12.: with todays final show in Bournemouth Status Quo played a total of 73 gigs in 2008.

  • 22.12.: from the UK charts; "Pictures - 40 years of hits" now No.35 - 7th week. Single "Its Christmas Time" No.61.

  • 21.12.: 1 year website of Bob Young; therefore he published 2 demo songs, a video clip of Quo's Madrid show in 1975, more photos, lyrics and first time he published some of his poems at his website - Happy anniversary ! ...more

  • 18.12.: Germany; another Deep Purple / Status Quo show announced from germans biggest ticket seller - Dortmund, june 10, 2009. The festival announced in Mühldorf, 3 days later, is under the banner "The Great White Open".

  • 15.12.: nice photos from the shows in Brighton and Wembley are available. ...more

  • 14.12.: new single "Its Christmas Time" entered the UK charts on No.40.
    The "Pictures" album is now 6 weeks in the charts and currently No.37.

  • 12.12.: germantour promoter Klaus Bönisch announced 9 Status Quo shows in Germany for October 2009 - special guest: KANSAS. See link "gig dates".

  • 08.12.: today the new Status Quo single "Its Christmas Time" has been released in UK. It's the 75th single release in St tus Quo long spanning career. The single is releas as CD-single, as 7"-vinyl single and is available as download.

  • 08.12.: Bob Young put up the "All Stand Up" song from the "This & That" CD. The song features both version, the 2001 demo and the 2003 "All Stand Up (For The NFL") version. ...more

  • 07.12.: "Pictures - 40 years of hits" now No.38 of the UK TOP75 (5th week).

  • 07.12.: another german date for 2009: Status Quo with Deep Purple and Manfred Mann in Muhldorf (near Munich) and 3 other bands - June 13, 2009.

  • 04.12.: the video-clip of the new Status Quo single "It's Christmas Time" has been published on the Daily Mirror site. ...more

  • 03.12.: the very rare promo video of "Ice In The Sun" has been published on Bob Youngs website. ...more

  • 02.12.: Bob Young published the 2 original verions of the song "Keep me guessing" on his website. Also part 1 of the "Roadhouse Blues" video of the legendary Milton Keynes gig in 1984 is now on his Youtube-website. Then there are new photos on his website (now a total of 345 photos!) ...more

  • 30.11.: the new Best of "Pictures - 40 years of hits" is now No.34 of the UK album charts in the 4th week. And the album is awarded with Gold.

  • 29.11.: Status Quo played at the german Bundespresseball in Berlin in front of politicians, artists and other VIP people.

  • 24.11.: the new Best of album now No. 22 of the british album charts.

  • 22.11.: just announced; Status Quo one of the headliner of the german Rock-of-Ages-Festival 2009 in Seebronn (near Stuttgart). Other bands are: german rock lady Doro Pesch, Roger Chapman, Mother Finest, Birth Control und Epitaph. The festival is from 31st July to 1st Augustt, but to date ists not known when QUO will be on stage. ...more

  • 22.11.: more gig dates for 2009 have been announced. Status Quo play Tidworth Festival (near Salisbury), 25th July and on the 5th August the band appear at the Glastonbury Extravaganza.

  • 21.11.: "Rodgau Monotones" and "Softeis" are special guests at the Open Air in Stadtallendorf, Germany next year (15th August).

  • 20.11.: Bob Young published some interesting photos about the Status Quo tour bus on his website. (use the link "People & Places") ...more

  • 20.11.: a short information about the France tour; the first shows went down very well and the attendances are between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

  • 18.11.: with the album release, with the pictures auction and with the new tour Status Quo was and is represented in the media. Here's a selection of recently held interviews. ..more

  • 16.11.: "Pictures - 40 years of hits" now No.15 of the UK album charts (2nd week).
  • 16.11.: and this week new entry at the european album charts on No.34.

  • 15.11.: photos from the last german show in Biberach can be seen

  • 15.11.: end of the german tour: another sold out show in Biberach where 2,400 fans saw a solid rocking performance of Status Quo. Also Manfred Manns Earthband with a good show.

  • 12.11.: Status Quo were announced as official show acts of the german BUNDESPRESSEBALL, which is an annual event with lots of politicians, representatives from sports, economy and media.

  • 15.11.: some photos from yesterdays show in Rostock, Germany

  • 11.11.: impressions from the first shows played in Germany: best crowd attendance for years. Braunschweig 6,000 - Cologne sold out 4,000 - Berlin sold out and the gig in Biberach next Friday is sold out too. The band in very good mood with stunning performances.

  • 09.11.: the new official Best of album "Pictures - 40 years of hits" entered the UK album charts at No.8.

  • 09.11.: pictures of the german shows in Braunschweig and Cologne are uploaded. ...more

  • 09.11.: the track list of the forthcoming single "Its Christmas Time" is for the Maxi-CD: 1.It's Christmas Time 2. Pictures of Matchstick Men / Ice in the Sun [Live From Oxford] 3. It's Christmas Time [Quo-eoke Mix].
    And the 7"-Vinyl-Single includes the song "Beginning of the End" [Live From Oxford] on the B-Side.

  • 08.11.: yesterdays show in Braunschweig was attended by almost 6,000 fans. First reports tell from a fantastic Quo show. The band played the same setlist as on the previously played shows in England.

  • 07.11.: today is the kick off of the german tour. Together with Manfred Manns Earthband, Quo are playing 6 shows in Germany.

  • 04.11.: to see the 30 seconds TV advert of the new BEST OF album "Pictures - 40 years of hits": ... click here

  • 03.11.: the new Best of compilation album "Pictures - 40 years of hits" was released today and includes the new single "It's Christmas Time".

  • 02.11.: 1st December is the release date of the new Status Quo single "It's Christms Time" in UK; see cover above. Additional tracks are live songs from the show in Oxford, recorded at the 4th October 2008. The single will be available on 3 formats; CD single, 7"-vinyl single and as download.

  • 02.11.: 4th November sees the release of a 2x-DVD series of different artists showing their guitar techniques. One 2x-DVD shows Rick Parfitt. This DVD-package plus a CD single is available at the upcoming shows and online via the website

  • 31.10.: the german radio station SWR1 did a TOP1000 charts of the best songs ever, with 3 Status Quo songs: In The Army Now voted on No.713, No.371 Whatever You Want and No.157 Rockin All Over The World. The winner was Led Zeppelins "Stairway to heaven" - runners up "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Queen) and Deep Purple "Child In Time" No.3. The songs have been voted by almost 700,000 listeners.

  • 30.10.: to promote the upcoming release of the compilation "Pictures - 40 years of hits", the band will appear on several TV shows next week - first one is Monday Nov. 3 at the GMTV show on ITV (7 - 9.25 am).

  • 30.10.: according to an interview in the new "RecordCollector" issue Francis Rossi is working on a solo-album and hopes for some solo shows in 2009.

  • 28.10.: the new magazine of the dutch fanclub "The Army No.80" has been published. Content: 2 interviews with Pat Marks and Jeff Rich.

  • 27.10.: there is a Status Quo Pub Quiz at the Universal Music website where you can win an e-guitar. ...more

  • 26.10.: Mercury Germany announced another Status Quo release, a CD called " Star Club". Release date: 14th November.At you can pre-order this CD.

  • 25.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROY LYNES! Status Quo's first Keyboarder is celebrating today his 65th birthday.

  • 23.10.: WOODEDZ with Quo bass-player John "Rhino" Edwards is playing a show at the Rising Sun in Twickenham - 24th October 2008.

  • 21.10.: french fan meeting with the french cover band VINCENT AND QUO at Billy Montigny in North France on the 25th October. Secand band is the AC / DC cover band "Machine Gun" - see flyer above.

  • 20.10.: Bob Young put up a part of the original demo of the song "I Don't Wanna Hurt You Anymore" on his website. ...more

  • 20.10.: due to illness of drummer Matt Letley all October shows had to be cancelled. All cancelled shows are rescheduled for January and February 2009.

  • 19.10.: Roger Glover (Deep Purple) has contributed one of his paintings to Status Quo’s ‘Pictures’ Auction. Here is the Link to the Deep Purple-Fanseite "The Highwaystar". ...more

  • 18.10.: the shows in Berlin and Biberach with Status Quo and Manfred Mann Earthband are already sold-out!!

  • 16.10.: Charts update: the Scooter vs.Status Quo Single "Jump that rock (Whatever you want)" is No.20 in Austria. In Switzerland the single is now No.96 in the 2nd week (first week No.79).
    17.10.: and in Germany in the 2nd week on No.15

  • 14.10.: the shows in Hull, Blackpool and Manchester had to be cancelled because of illness of Matt Letley. The shows are rescheduled for the 26th and 26th January in Manchester, 29th January Blackpool and 30th January Hull.

  • 13.10.: 5 Status Quo concerts have been announced for February 2009 in Ireland and Northern Ireland. ...more

  • 13.10.: the Oxford show was played at the 4th October and just a few days later the Live-2x CD is playing in your CD-player. Again a very good sound-quality packed in a nice cover, but without a track-listing. Cat.No.: Fourth Chord CDLHN46. You can order this CD at live here now

  • 12.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK PARFITT ! Rick is celebrating his BIG 60 today. All the best.

  • 11.10.: 7 years ago the QUOTICKER site went online. Thanks to all visitors of this website and thanks for the good feedback. So up to the next year with many news around the legendary rock band Status Quo!

  • 10.10.: the single "Jump that rock (Whatever you want)" released by german techno band SCOOTER entered the german singles charts on No. 11.

  • 06.10.: there are some changes at the crew of Status Quo: Lloyd Gilbert is new stage manager and Andy Taylor is new tour manager. Lance Miles is the drum technician and Richard Buckland is the Keyboard/Bass tech.

  • 04.10.: the 2x CD "Still in Search Of The Fourth Chord" has now been released by Edel, Germany. The Live-Songs from the Bonus-CD are from the show in Westonbirt, England. ...more

  • 02.10.: more information about the "Pictures: 40 years of hits" releases. The 4-CD earbook includes all 75 Quo hit singles and for the first time all singles of the "Under The Influence" album are included on an official sampler. ...more
    Other formats of this compilation are a 2x CD, a 2x CD plus DVD and an USB-Stick. If there is a vinyl format is not known.

  • 28.09.: at the show in Newcastle the band played the following songs: Caroline, The Wanderer, Rain, Don't Drive My Car, Mean Girl, Softer Ride, Beginning of the End, Is There a Better Way, Proposin Medley, Big Fat Mama, Pictures of Matchstick Men, Ice In the Sun The Oriental, Creepin up on you, In My Chair, Living on an island, In the army now, Roll over lay down, Down Down, Whatever you want, Rockin all over the world - Encore: Junior´s Wailing Rock n Roll Music/Bye Bye Johnny
    And the very special at the shows; pictures of the 40 plus years band history are being shown on 3 big screens thorughout the shows.

  • 26.09.: Happy Birthday Mike Hrano! Since 1993 he runs the official Status Quo Fanclub "From the makers of". All the best, Mike and many thanks for the good job.

  • 26.09.: Countdown for the big winter-tour which kicks-off on Saturday in Newcastle, followed by 5 double shows in Llandudno, Bristol, Oxford, Croydon and Harrogate. Until the 27th October Status Quo will have played 23 shows. Support act is Luke White.
    After a 9-days break the tour continues with 6 shows in Germany followed by a France and Scandinavia tour. After a short break the band heads out for 9 UK shows to be played at the bigger indoor venues.
    The whole tour is christened "Pictures - 40 years of hits" and there are some changes at stage to be expected.

  • 23.09.: Bob Young published today a part of the Rossi / Young Demo "Can't Change The World" on his website. ...more

  • 23.09.: Update; a new site listing the Status Quo videos and DVDs. ...more

  • 19.09.: Happy Birthday JOHN COGHLAN; QUO's ex-drummer (until 1982) is celebrating today his 62nd birthday. All the best, John! More about John Coghlan:

  • 18.09.: the band is currently doing rehearsals for the upcoming autumn / winter tour which kicks-off on the 27th September.

  • 14.09.: the tracklist of the 2nd CD of the forthcoming 2x CD "Still In Search Of The Fourth Chord" is now known. The following live-songs plus the video of "Beginning of the End" are featured on CD 2: Caroline - Beginning Of The End - In The Army Now - Down Down - Whatever You Want - Rockin' All Over The World

  • 12.09.: Bob Young published part of the song The Winner on his website. This song was written in 2006 by him and Francis Rossi. ...more

  • 10.09.: Dave Salt, tour-manager and Andrew Carman ,stage-manager have retired from their jobs. Thanks for great jobs all over the years !!!

  • 08.09.: out of the ticket gallery some more tickets - older and newer ones. ...more

  • 05.09.: more information about the 2x CD release "Still In Search Of The Fourth Chord" out 3rd October. Its released in Germany by Edel and CD 1 contains the whole "In Search Of The Fourth Chord"-album while CD 2 shows live recordings of Quo classics and the video of "Beginning of the End". See picture and link on the left.

  • 01.09.: there seems to be another Status Quo release offered at the german Amazon-site, at the swiss site and the swedish site. Its a 2x CD release titled "Still In Search Of The Fourth Chord". The release date is stated with 3rd October 2008. ...more

  • 31.08.: the Best Of compilation "Pictures - 40 years of hits" is to be released on the 3rd November 2008. This Best-of release will be available on several formats. ...more

  • 30.08.: on "" a 2x Best of-CD "The Status Quo Story" is announced. Planned release 22nd September and the tracklisting includes 38 songs. ...more

  • 29.08.: tonight 6 pm UK time an Andy Bown interview broadcasted by the great radio station

  • 29.08.: today and tomorrow the last 2 shows of the "In Search Of The Fourth Chord"-tour in Lithuania and Russia. The whole tour included 80 played shows.

  • 29.08.: out of the german Status Quo discography today the LP and cassette "Whatever You Want" of the year 1979. ...more

  • 25.08.: the Backwater magazin is now online. This fanmagazine of the swedish fanclub was published in the 70s 80s and 90s with good information and publications around Status Quo. Originally written in swedish was the last issue published in english language. Lots of publications are now online. ...more

  • 14.08.: according to an official statement on the website of the german technoband SCOOTER (22 TOP TEN hit singles!!), the new single "Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)" is together with Status Quo. More about this information soon.

  • 13.08.: on the 29th August the german coverband Piledriver is playing in 8097 RH Oosterwolde (GLD), Netherlands; Event: BIGPOP-Festival Location: Festzelt; Kleine Woldweg; Showtime: 22:00 - 23:30 h

  • 13.08.: Sanctuary Records announced a Deluxe-Edition of "Dog of two head". It is a rerelease of the 2003 published CD with 5 bonus tracks. Release date is 19th August 2008. Meanwhile the new DVD-Box "Collectors Box Set" (Stormbird SBX2859) is released in UK.
    Edit 25.08. its exactly the same CD as released in 2003 - the only difference is, that it is without the slipcase

  • 11.08.: ticket sales for next years show in Zurich Switzerland have started today. ...more

  • 09.08.: Yvonne Hanvey, a dedicated Quo fan, is writing a book called "Going Quoing" where she features gig reviews written by her own or written by Quo fans. She is still looking for more contributions. So if you have fund memories of your first Quo show, of a special one etc. so write Yvone an email: yvonnehanvey at

  • 09.08.: today there is a Francis Rossi Interview live at the Chris Tarrant show at Smooth Radio - the interview will be on at approx. 11.30 am UK time. You can listen to it online. ..more

  • 08.08.: first gig announced fo 2009. Status Quo ae due to play the Hallenstadion in Zurich Switzerland at the 22nd August 2009. Quo played there in 2003, in 2005 and in 2005 and all three shows were sold out with a 13,000 crowd.

  • 03.08.: today 6 pm UK time Status Quo Special on with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi. ...more

  • 03.08.: the support acts for the UK October tour and the french tour are officially annouced:
    support UK tour (27.09 to 27.10.) is: Luke White
    support french tour is: Michael Jones

  • 01.08..: TOP-NEWS: August is Status Quo month on the british radio station Planet Rock. There are a lot of specials about Status Quo. ...more

  • 31.07.: there is an interview with Francis Rossi and Philippe Duponteil at the belgian radio station "classic 21" which will be broadcasted on Monday, 4th August from 12h to 13h european time. The interview will be recorded at the Lokeren festival. ...more

  • 30.07.: Matt Letley, Quo's drummer has wrote another weblog on his website. ...more
    As well, John "Rhino" Edwards, bass player of Status Quo wrote a new weblog with write-ups of the last shows. ...more

  • 28.07.: exactly 40 years ago Status Quo had their best charts notes in the US-Billboard charts. The single "Pictures of Matchstick Men" was listed on No.12 in week 31, 1968.

  • 25.07.: there is a 7-minutes video of Quo's show in Dornbirn, Austria (11.07.08) published by Vorarlberg-News. Click on "Tolle Stimmung". ...more

  • 24.07.: french TV France3 has broadcasted a bit of Status Quo's performance at the Cognac Blues Festival in France. Please forward 8.15 min on the player. ...more

  • 22.07.: BBC Worldwide France is currently broadcasting a series called "Top of the Pops" in the german-french TV "ARTE". On the 23rd July Status Quo can be seen with the song "Caroline", but you can see this video also on the internet. here

  • 18.07.: Status Quo fan Bertold Türtscher and his impressions of the Austria Tour 2008 can be seen:

  • 16.07.: the new magazine "The Army 79" of the dutch fanclub has been published. Contents: a big report about the Alempop-Festival (30.5.) - interviews with Francis Rossi, the guitar technician Lloyd Gilbert and the promoter of the Alempop-Festival.

  • 13.07.: the german retailer ROSSMANN exclusively offers a 2x-CD compilation "The best of Status Quo".

  • 12.07.: 2,700 fans saw yesterday Status Quo at the Messe-Halle Dornbirn, Austria. Status Quo with a solid performance. There was a power failure at the end of the song "Rain" which lasted 6 minutes. Notable: the very good promotion of the radio station "Radio Vorarlberg", they even broadcasted bits of the soundcheck and interviews with the fans before the show.

  • 10.07.: pictures from the austrian shows in Graz and Vienna are added to the photo archive. ...more

  • 09.07.: in Germany a 2x-DVD "Sweden Rockfestival 2005 /2006" is released featuring Status Quo with the song "Caroline". ...more

  • 08.07.: the DVD/CD-Set "Rare Broadcasts" which was released last year is due to be re-issued with the name "Collectors Box Set" on the 11th August 2008. Referring to the website it is a combination of the "Videobiography" DVD-Set and the "Rare Broadcasts-CD. ...more

  • 04.07.: Bob Young has added a very interesting song on his website. "Let's Change The World" (Rossi/Young/Gribbin) by Joe Echo, the artist Bob Young is managing. ...more

  • 01.07.: tomorrow, 2nd July, there is a Status Quo special at the german Rock radio starting at 8 pm european time.

  • 29.06.: the swiss music online retailer is currently offering a Status Quo CD called "Status Quo Best 2008". More informations are not known at the moment.

  • 28.06.: the new 2x-Live-CD "In Search Of The Fourth Chord, Live at the National Arboretum Westonbirt" (LHNCD42) recorded at Quo's show just 6 days ago has been mailed out. It is not a bootleg and not a burned CD-Rom, its an official Live-CD, with excellent soundquality. It was recorded by "Live Here Now" who are experts on recording live shows with a fast delivery system. The CD is issued in a nice Digipack but has no tracklisting. A must have for all fans and collectors of the band. For more information about this CD including the tracklisting: click here

  • 24.06.: a little Scandinavia tour is officially confirmed at the end of November and early December with 4 shows in Denmark and 2 shows in Sweden. Thats now a total of 81 Status Quo shows this year in just 7 months.
    Notable this years UK-Tour which is split into 2 parts. The first part in October will be a tour of the smaller venues while the 2nd part in December is a big arena tour with special guest Manfred Manns Earthband.

  • 24.06.: pics of the Quo shows in Bochum and Frauenfeld added to the concert photo page.. ...more

  • 21.06.: Status Quo and their support bands: the australian band "Twentysevens" was support on the 2006 UK-Tour of Status Quo. They were so impressed by Status Quo, that they have done a cover version of Quo's "Pictures of Matchstick Men" which is issued on their new album "Sex, Politics & Religion". ...more
    The band has a very nice Quo related link:

  • 17.06.: officially confirmed; Status Quo play at the Heineken Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 26th November.

  • 17.06.: the new Live-CD from the Westonbirt show 22.6.2008 can now be pre-ordered. ...mehr

  • 14.06.: Quo are currently in Scandinavia. Yesterday in Jessheim, Norway the song "Creepin up on you" was played in the setlist.

  • 12.06.: the fanclub magazine of the official Status Quo fanclub "From the Makers of" is currently send out - Vol.10.1. It is confirmed that there is a new song on the new "Greatest Hits" album which is called "It's Christmas Time". The new album "Pictures - 40 years of hits" will be released on the 10th November.

  • 11.06.: the show in Westonbirt - June 22, will be recorded by the company "Live Here Now". The concert goers can buy the CD after the show. Also this CD can be pre-ordered from June 16 onwards. And there is to be a download for this live CD.

  • 11.06.: John Coghlan (Quo's first drummer) was in british radio and he is guesting Jackie Lynton in Oxford on the 28th of June.

  • 09.06.: soon the new magazine of the dutch fanclub will be published. There is to be an interview with the band.

  • 08.06.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeff Rich. Quo's ex-drummer is celebrating his 55th birthday.

  • 05.06.: there is a change in the upcoming shows: the show in Sofia, Bulgaria, 5th July is cancelled, this date is replaced by Belgard, Serbia. And 2 more Status Quo shows are announced: 3rd July in Budapest, Hungary and 6th July in Debrecen, Hungary.

  • 05.06.: before the show in Bochum (29th May) Francis Rossi was asked about his opinion of other music, such as Chuck Berry and others. This 12-minutes interview can be seen and downloaded:

  • 03.06.: first release of the year 2008 is a Woolworth CD release - Status Quo "The Essential Collection" Cat.No.WITUNI014. It is with the same track listing as the german "Millenium" CD and the dutch "Classic Collection" from the year 2000. ...more

  • 03.06.: Alan Lancaster's website is now online. ...more

  • 02.06.: there are some pictures from the Frauenfeld show. ...more

  • 01.06.: Status Quo played only a shortened set at yesterdays show in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Due to the heat in the wooden hall, they dropped Burning Bridges and the encore was only Juniors wailing and Rockin all over the world. A very bad sound quality at the venue.

  • 31.05.: Rick Parfitt has become father again. His wife gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl). Congratulations!!

  • 30.05.: accord to the Ayrshire News 6,500 fans attented the Quo's show at the race course in Ayr.

  • 27.05.: update of the german discography sites. ...more

  • 27.05.: last Saturday Status Quo played their first show in 2008. They were playing at the "Burns an' a' that" Festival at the race course of Ayr in Scotland. The band in very good mood with a fantastic rocking show and a changed setlist. ..Setlist Ayr

  • 20.05.: out of the german Status Quo discography today the cassette album "Pop Chronik" from the year 1975. ...more

  • 19.05.: after 5 months without shows the band will appear the first time on stage in 2008. The band kicks-off their long concert schedule at the Burns Rock Festival at the Racecourse of Ayr, Scotland. Special guests are From The Jam.

  • 16.05.: Bob Young published on his website the studio demo of "Baby Goodbye" which later became the song "Goodbye Baby" issued on the album "The Party Ain't Over Yet".
    And on Bobs weekly BLOG you can read some interesting stuff about John Coghlans new project. ...more

  • 16.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob Young. He is celebrating his 63rd birthday today. All the best BOB !! More about Bob Young: here

  • 15.05.: the news came up, that Alan Lancaster is writing a book (The Status Quo Story).

  • 14.05.: Matt Letley wrote a new Blog on his website, telling that he played drums on a cover version of "Drifting Away" performed by Ove Wulff. more

  • 09.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY John "Rhino" Edwards. Quo's bass player is celebrating his 55th birthday.

  • 08.05.: this weeks playlist chart of Radio ROKC, Russia shows Status Quo's last single "Beginning of the end" on No.3; while Radio Serbia's chart lists the single on No.11 for this week.

  • 07.05.: the venue for the show in Winterthur has now changed to Frauenfeld.

  • 06.05.: Manfred Manns Earthband are special guests at the 2nd leg of this years UK tour.

  • 25.04.: special guests at the Open Air in Locarno, Switzerland are Nazareth.

  • 22.04.: Status Quo play at the Cognac Blues Festival in Cognac (near Bordeaux) France - 23rd July 2008.

  • 22.04.: the new issue of the dutch fanclub "The Army 78" has been published. A big part of the issue is about the Woodedz show in Frieschepalen including a John "Rhino" Edwards interview.

  • 22.04.: "Beginning Of The End" in the charts this week; currently No.5 of Radio ROKC, Russia and No.11 of Radio Serbia.

  • 18.04.: 8 additional dates for the UK-Tour announced. All dates see link "gig dates".

  • 13.04.: yesterday the french fan meeting took place in Paris - "Le Quo Party France 2008". 2 bands played there, the german boogie band RAILROAD from Hamburg and WOODEDZ, the band featuring Status Quo's bass player John Edwards. Other WOODEDZ member were Freddie Edwards with excellent guitar playing and Status Quo's drummer Matt Letley. A big thankyou to the organizing team of Bruno Ponchon.

  • 13.04.: the venue of the concert in Winterthur has changed: the venue is now in Frauenfeld, Ruegerholz Halle.

  • 07.04.: on their current tour the german techno band "Scooter" is covering the Status Quo Song "Whatever you want".

  • 06.04.: all 6 shows of the german tour in November will see Status Quo performing with Manfred Manns Earthband. 2 classic bands at each night.

  • 06.04.: the song ‘Paper Plane’ has been used in an American movie called ‘The Nines’.

  • 05.04.: the new book "The Ultimate Gigography" is sold out. But there will be a 2nd edition in May 2008. More about that soon.

  • 04.04.: the song "I Cried" (Rossi/Young), which became part of "Heavy Traffic" can now be heard on Bob Youngs homepage. ...more

  • 03.04.: there was a 30 minutes Status Quo special on the german digital TV-station "Eins Festival" which was broadcasted on the 2nd April. They showed the 3 Betclub performances with the songs "Technicolor Dreams" "Are you growing tired of my love" and "Spinning Wheel Blues" and the "Whatever you want" clip from the "Rockin all over the years" video.

  • 01.04.: new updates on the Bob Young website: first video of the legendary Diesel Band gig at the Marquee in London - 9th July 1985 published. At the end of the show Alan Lancaster, Rick Parfitt and John Coghlan were on stage that night.
    Bob intends to upload all videos of this show on a regular basis.
    And the artwork of the comic "Rockers Rollin" is already up on his website. ...more

  • 28.03.: in todays "Daily Mail" was the advert of this years UK tour underlined with the announcement that a new "Best of" - CD "Pictures - 40 years of hits" will be out in November 2008.

  • 27.03.: the dates for this years UK-tour have been officially announced. Its a two-parted tour. The first part kicks-off on the 27th September and spans through October. The 2nd part will take place in December. The tour is christened "Pictures - 40 years of hits". The total of confirmed concerts now 63 for this year with the first show at the end of May. All dates see link "gig dates".

  • 27.03.: out of the ticket gallery more ticket stubs from all over the years....more

  • 27.03.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY BOWN ! Status Quo's keyboarder is celebrating his 62nd anniversary today.

  • 20.03.: today the original demo of the song "Heavy Traffic" was published at the Bob Young website. Link: Music & Songs ...more

  • 20.03.: News from France; the first date is confirmed, Status Quo will be playing at Grenoble, 15th November.
    added 22.03.: 2 more french shows:18th November in Rouen and 20th November in Le Mans.

  • 20.03.: the next UK-Tour is christened "Pictures - 40 years of hits". This was announced from the official fanclub FTMO.

  • 10.03.: german tour promoter Klaus Bönisch announced 6 german dates with Status Quo in November 2008:
    07.11.2008, Braunschweig, VW Halle
    08.11.2008 Köln, Palladium
    09.11.2008 Berlin, Tempodrom
    11.11.2008 Rostock, Stadthalle
    12.11.2008 Dresden, Kulturpalast
    14.11.2008 Biberach, Stadthalle

  • 10.03.: Status Quo is playing an open-air concert in South-Wales - Merthyr Tydfil, Cyfarthfa Castle. ...more

  • 09.03.: Woodedz, (Quo's bass player John "Rhino" Edwards and his sons) have a new song "Busy Doing Nothing". You can listen to it through the internet. ...more

  • 08.03.: more updates on Bob Young's website, photos songs and the brand new page "Press Articles". ...more

  • 05.03.: the swiss coverband "Pink Sugar" are playing 2 shows at the skiing resort Flims Laax, Kanton Graubünden, Switzerland on the 15th and 16th March. The special thing about this coverband; they are all youngsters and not older than 17 years old and started 2 years ago. ...more

  • 29.02.: again there is a french quoparty which will take place in Paris at the Cabaret Sauvage - 12th April 2008. Two bands are playing; the very good german band RAILROAD (see above) and WOODEDZ (Quo's bass player John "Rhino" Edwards and his two sons). More information under

  • 28.02.: officially confirmed: Status Quo to play at the Royal Hall of the Villa Marina in Douglas / Isle of Man, June 3, 2008. ...more

  • 27.02.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE LYNTON! He is celebrating his 68th birthday. He was the man with the famous announcement on the legendary "Live 77!"-album.

  • 25.02.: Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan played with the Party Boys at the Bon Scott Memorial Festival in Australa; Claremont Showground; and they played the Status Quo Songs "Rocking All Over The World", "Backwater", "Over The Edge" and "Roadhouse Blues".

  • 21.02.: pre-announcement: the third McVention, a meeting of Status Quo fans, will take place in Paisley / Scotland at the 21st June, 2008. ...more

  • 19.02.: the scottish band RED HOT CHILLY PIPERS did a cover version of QUO's "Rockin' all over the world" on their recent album "Bagrock to the Masses". The band is playing Jock n Roll thats Rock music with bagpipes.

  • 19.02: June 15, 2008 sees Status Quo performing at Kilafors Herrgård (Sweden)
    Special guests at the Ayr Burns Festival (24th May) in Ayr (near Glasgow) is the band "The Jam".

  • 16.02: Bob Young wrote a new Blog on his own website. And his people and places foto page has now including 119 photos.

  • 16.02: another Quo concert date announced. The band is to be playing at the Locarno's festival weeks "Moon & stars". Locarno/Switzerland - Grande Piazza. Tickets on sale next Monday, 18th February ...more

  • 15.02: Status Quo in the show-programme "DOCK ROCK" of Britains international "ExCel Motor Show" in London - 25th July.

  • 14.02: more informations about the Status Quo show in Winterhtur/Switzerland at the 31st May; special guests are Chris Thompson and the band The Hills. The anniversary event (35 year) of the swiss concert promoter "Free and Virgin" kicks-off at 7 pm european time. After the shows the bars are open and a discothek willtake place. Tickets are available at

  • 09.02: in "The Sun" newspaper is the talk of a film about Status Quo. ...more

  • 09.02: in his new BLOG, Bob Young is talking about the origin of the song "Heavy Traffic". Originally it were 2 songs.

  • 07.02: HAPPY BIRHTDAY ALAN LANCASTER! Quo's ex-bass player (until 1985) celebrates his 59th birthday today. All the best Alan.

  • 06.02: another Status Quo concert date; on the 2nd August Status Quo are playing at the Whitehaven Rugby League Club (UK). ...more

  • 05.02: the german coverband PILEDRIVER has announed their shows this year:
    23. März 2008 (Hardenberg NL – Classic Rock Festival (mit Deep Purple und Led Zeppelin Coverband) Tickets
    26. April 2008 (Zutphen NL – Monsters of rock)
    03. May 2008 (Maasmechelen Belgien)
    17. May 2008 ("Heimathaus" in 49767 Twist)
    23. May 2008 - (Tribute night Buchten NL)
    28. June 2008 (Geleen NL)
    05. June 2008 (Heeg NL)
    22. August 2008 (Beek NL)
    23. August 2008 – Manege lt Bytling, 9271 GE Zwaagwesteinde / NL
    30. November 2008 – (Dotje´s Superparty – Panningen / NL)
    If you are interested in merchandising of this band please write an email - click on link "site credits" at the top of this page.

  • 05.02: the german radio station "Die neue 107,7" did an extra chart of "the best live songs ever" which was broadcasted today. Status Quo reached this chart notes: Whatever you want No.26 - Rockin all over the world No.22 - In the army now No.18. All 3 songs taken from the Live Album "Live Alive Quo" ('92). The winner was Metallica with sinfony orchestra and the song "Nothing else matters" (1999). Runners-up Led Zeppelins '72 Live-Song "Stairway to heaven".

  • 04.02.: more gig dates announced: beginning of July sees Status Quo pülaying at places they never been before such as Batislava (Slovakia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Beograd (Serbia), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and a 3rd austria show announced inGraz. For details see link "gig dates" at the top of the page.

  • 03.02.: from now on you can order the book "The Ultimate Gigography" from Thomas Franck. All information about this book: ...more

  • 02.02.: the demo of the song "Coming and Going" (featured on the 1980 album 'Just supposin'), was included today on the Bob Young website (as well as other regular updates). This demo is only featured on the CD of the limited edition book "SQ 40th anniversary". ...more

  • 30.01.: the new fanclub magazine of the dutch fanclub "The Army 77" has been released. It includes a Bob Young interview and reports of the Crossed Guitar Festival 2007 with Predatür and John Coghlan.

  • 28.01.: there is a photo gallery of Status Quo at the website of the british radio station "GOLD RADIO": ...more

  • 27.01.: according to the newspaper of the german town Giessen (close to Frankfurt) Status Quo is announced to play at the Messhallen in Giessen at 25th October, 2008.

  • 23.01.: Bob Young wrote a new report at his Blog and another 2 songs were added to the song section. "Don't you tell me to go" und "Chicago Blue". ...more

  • 22.01.: Status Quo play at the Alempop-Festival, Kerkdriel, Netherlands. ...more

  • 21.01.: TOPNEWS: announced on the biggest austrian ticket service Status Quo are playing in Vienna at the 9th July 2008. Tickets can be ordered too:

  • 21.01.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Pete Kircher, Quo's ex-drummer (1982 - 1985) is celebrating his 60th birthday.

  • 20.01.: Bob Young's photo archive is increasing; again 4 photos added. One with Noddy Holder and one with Donal Gallagher. ...more

  • 19.01.: a look back into the history of Status Quo. 40 years ago Status Quo had their first hit with "Pictures of Matchstickmen". ...more

  • 18.01.: there is an interview with Francis Rossi published at a french website. This interview was held during the french Quo tour at the 13th October 2007. ...more

  • 17.01.: Status Quo are to play in Bratislava, Slowakia on the 1st July. ...more
    Not confirmed yet: Status Quo at the Kerkdriel Festival, Netherlands (with Wishbone Ash) on the 30th May.

  • 16.01.: new on the Bob Young website the songs "Down Down" and "Sunrise to Sunset" which David Coverdale wrote especially for Micky Moody and Bob Young. ...more

  • 15.01.: Status Quo are playing in Næstved, Denmark at the Sommerrock-Festival.

  • 15.01.: the Status Quo year 2007; a review in pictures: ...more

  • 14.01.: Thomas Franck, a german Status Quo fan and expert collected all information about Status Quo live shows and wrote the maybe most comprehensive listing of Status Quo "on the road" in his book "The Ultimate Status Quo gigography". ...more

  • 13.01.: update on the Bob Young website: 4 more photos out of Bob's archive added to the link "People & Places". ...more

  • 10.01.: in the current issue of the Classic Rock mag is a 6-page report about Status Quo.

  • 09.01.: another 2 songs can be heard on the Bob Young website - "Mean Girl" from Bob's "In Quo Country" album and "Purple Haze" by Groove Armada. ...more

  • 07.01.: here is the year review 2007, with a summary of important facts: ...more

  • 07.01.: some facts and impressions of the recent UK-Tour 2007. ...more

  • 06.01.: 4 photos added to the Bob Young website. ...more

  • 04.01.: Ph.Duponteil and Ph.Robin are working on a 2nd edition of their successful Status Quo book "La Route sans fin".

  • 03.01.: the next issue of the dutch fanclub magazine "The Army No.77" is to be published on the 21st January including a new Bob Young interview.

  • 30.12.: Gino de Michele has shot some extra-ordinary pictures at Quo's show in Wembley, most of them are black and white. ...more

  • 28.12.: this year Status Quo played a total of 83 shows. The whole year review is coming soon.

  • 28.12.: the Status Quo special which was broadcasted yesterday at the belgium rock radio station "Classic 21" can be heard:

  • 27.12.: there are pictures from the 2nd Brighton show ...more

  • 22.12.: Bob Young has now his own homepage with lots of interesting stuff. ...more

click here for all news of the year 2007