"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1992

MAXI-CD 'Rock til you drop' in a guitar shape cover. Frontcover of the 'Full Quota'-Fanzine from Nicola Lisle. CD-Cover of the Status Quo compilation 'The early years' DOJO EARL D 8

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The year 1992 - a year were the band was constantly touring with 89 known shows. And from Quo's performance at the 25th anniversary of BBC Radio One at Sutton Park, Birmingham a "Live"-album was released. The first german tour after 4 years took place and it was such successful that a second german tour was scheduled for November. UK saw an "Island Hopping"-Tour with the band playing concerts at the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Jersey and Guernsey.
And it's the year when the first Status Quo fanzine appeared with Nicola Lisles excellent "Full Quota"-magazine. It was the beginning of a long run of fanzines and newsletters for the next years besides the 2 regular publications of the official and the dutch fanclub. The existing fanclub "Quo Army" came to an end but with the proposal that at the 1st January 1993 a new official fanclub called "From the makers of.." is established.

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Pictures: Cover of the UK-Maxi-CD "Rock til you drop"; frontcover of the "Full Quota"-Fanzine and the CD-Cover of the compilation "The early years"


  • 04.01.1992: start of 9 additional UK-shows in Livingston due to the high ticket demand at the end of 1991.
  • 06.01.1992: right in time for the current UK-Tour the single "Rock til you drop" was released in Great Britain. The title track of the "Rock til you drop"-album was written by Andrew Bown. It was issued on 7" and 12"-Vinyl-format and as cassette-single. And in limited edition there was a Maxi-CD in a guitar-shape cover. (Cover see above) Each cover had an individual number. This cover was originally intended for the release of the single "Fakin the blues", which was cancelled by the record company. Additional songs on were the "Medley" and an edited version of "4500 Times".
    Its the last single which was issued on the 12"-vinyl-format.
  • 13.01.1992: the new single entered the UK-Charts notching up on No.38 with a total charts run of 3 weeks.
  • 17.01.1992: the band is touring Scandinavia and played 6 concerts in Sweden and Denmark.
  • 03.02.1992: Vertigo released the '77 "Live!"-album on CD-format.
  • March 1992: Nicola Lisle published the Status Quo-Fanzine "FULL QUOTA". The first issue included 24 pages and featured a very good news-section and other interesting reports. The "Full Quota" fanzine was without doubt the best fanzine ever which was written about Status Quo. 15 issues were published until November 1995. Cover see above.
  • March 1992: when the band was in Paris, they were presented with a certification that the star RA in the Ursus major constellation was renamed to "Status Quo".
  • 01.04.1992: Hannover saw the kick-off of the first german Status Quo tour since 4 years. A total of 10 shows were played and support "Diesel Park West".
  • 02.05.1992: Status Quo with a little tour through Spain. 5 concerts were played.
  • 26.05.1992: the Dojo-Label with the UK-release of the Status Quo compilation "The Early years" (Cat.No.: Dojo Earl D 8) This CD was compiled by Garry Fielding, who was running the fanclub at the time. There were 2 previously unreleased songs on this compilation, which Garry Fielding discovered on the mexican 3-track-EP "Necesito tu amor" (Need your love) (Cat.No.: EPI-300). Lead vocals on the song "Need your love" were sung by Bob Young. The other unreleased track was "In my chair". Cover of this compilation see above.
    Cover of the mexican EP (by kind permission G.Röder) -> click here
  • 07.06.1992: the so called "ISLAND-HOPPING"-Tour started at the Isle of Man on the "Mad Sunday" of the annual motorcycle-race TT Trophy. Status Quo played in front of a 16,000 sell-out crowd at King Georges Park of Douglas. 2 shows in St.Peter Port at the island of Guernsey followed and then 3 gigs in St.Helier on the island of Jersey. Another planned show at the Isle of Wight had to be cancelled because of financial problems of the local promoter. This show was later rescheduled on 10th November.
  • June 1992: the 2. "Full Quota"-Magazine was published. It included on the 36 pages the Status Quo Story Part 1, a John "Rhino" Edwards Interview, review of the Paris show.
  • 17.07.1992: Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi in the ITV-Show "Comedy Night Out" were they played together with the comedians Hale and Pace a version of Chuck Berry's "Roll over Beethoven".
  • 20.08.1992: Status Quo played at the "Party in the Park" which was held at the Sutton Park, Birmingham. It was because of the 25th anniversary of BBC Radio One. The 125,000 people saw a 45 minutes show of Status Quo. The whole performance was broadcasted at BBC Radio One. Other performing bands were The Farm and Del Amitri. Later an edited version of the song "The Roadhouse Medley" and the album "Live Alive Quo" were released from this show.
  • 27.09.1992: UK-release of the new single "Roadhouse Medley (Anniversary Waltz Part 25)" (Cat.No.: QUO33) It's the first release under the Polydor-Label. The single was a Radio-Edit of the "Roadhouse Medley", which the band played at Sutton Park, Birmingham and included excerpts from the songs "The Wanderer", "Marguerita Time", "Living on an island", "Break the rules", "Something bout you baby I like". This radio edit was mixed in Netherlands. The single was issued on 7"-Vinyl-format, as single cassette (UK) and as Maxi-CD. B-Side of the 7"-Single was the extended version of the "Roadhouse Medley". And on the Maxi-CD the Roadhouse Mix was included.
    Novelty: it was the first time that a Status Quo digipack was released. That's 2 Maxi-CD's in a gatefold-cover. The 2.Maxi-CD (QUODD33) included the Radio Edit and the extended version of the "Roadhouse Medley" and the song "Don't drive my car (live)".
  • September 1992: issue 3 of the "Full Quota"-magazine appeared. It included 34 pages. Content: Status Quo Story Part 2, gig reviews of the "Island Hopping Tour" and Sutton Park, Interview in Paris
  • 01.10.1992: Status Quo with a performance at "Top of the Pops" were they played their new single "Roadhouse Medley". Moderator: Mark Franklin, Claudia Simon
  • 04.10.1992: The single "Roadhouse Medley" is in the UK-charts peaking at No.21 and spent 4 weeks in the UK-singles-charts.
  • 20.10.1992: Status Quo performed 3 songs at the "Last Tattoo" at the Deutschland-Halle, Berlin. Its the Farewell of the allied troups and on this occasion the band was introduced to Queen Elizabeth II. The band played the songs "Roadhouse Medley", "In the army now", "Rockin all over the world".
  • 02.11.1992: Release of the Live-Album "Live alive Quo". The whole 45-minutes show at the Sutton Park, Birmingham was included and 3 additional live songs recorded at the Wembley Arena in 1990. It's the first time that live-versions of the songs "In the Army now" and "Burning Bridges" can be heard on an official Status Quo release. The album was issued on LP-format, as CD and cassette and on the DCC-Format (UK).
  • 09.11.1992: UK-Chartsentry of "Live alive Quo". Highest position was No.36 and the album stayed 4 weeks in the UK-Charts. Later it was honoured with silver award.
  • 13.11./14.11.1992: Status Quo performed at "Peter's Pop Show" in Dortmund/Germany.
  • 15.11.1992: the second german tour of this year kicked off at the Rudi-Sedlmeyer Halle in Munich. Until the 1st December Status Quo played 13 sell-out shows. Support Band was "FIREHOUSE".
  • 23.11.1992: the Import-CD "Ice in the sun" from the Ariola Express was issued in UK.
  • 04.12.1992: Start of the annual UK-Tour in Sheffield. The tour included 14 shows and ended on the 21st December at the Wembley Arena.
  • December 1992: "Full Quota" issue 4 was published. The 36-pages fanzine included a Jeff Rich interview, gig review of the Isle of Wight show, Status Quo Story Part 3 and the second part of the Paris-Interviews held by Philippe Duponteil.
  • December 1992: release of the Video "Live Alive Quo". It included the whole Status Quo performance at Sutton Park, Birmingham and the Promo-Video of "Roadhouse Medley" aufgenommen in Holland.
  • "John Coghlan's Diesel" released in Scandinavia and mainland Europe the single "River of Tears" / "No moon Shines" (Cat.No. Vastfront VF CD 1) and later that year the album "Flexible Friends" was recorded, but it was never released. Bob Young took place both on single as on the album recordings.

    UK Discography 1992:

  • Album: "Ice in the sun" (Ariola Express 291 008-200)
  • Album: 2xCD "Live!" (Cat.No.: 510 334-2)
  • Album: "The early years" (Cat.No.: DOJO EARL D 8)
  • Album: "Live alive Quo" (Cat.No.: 517 367)
  • Single: "Rock til you drop" (Cat.No.: 7"-QUO32; 12"-QUO3212; Maxi-CD QUOCD32; cassette QUOMC32)
  • Single: "Roadhouse Medley" (Cat.No.: 7"-QUO33; Maxi-CD QUOCD33; Digipack QUODD33; cassette: QUOMC33)
  • Video: "Live alive Quo" (Polygram 085 952-3)

    UK chart notes 1992:
    Single: "Rock til you drop" - No.38
    Single: "Roadhouse Medley" - No.21
    Album: "Live alive Quo" - No.36

    1. Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses" was the rock song of the year, who was taken from the excellent album "Keep the Faith".
    And australian rockers AC/DC proved with "Razor's Edge" and the stormer "Thunderstruck", that they still belong to the rock-superstars.
    An excellent album came from the US band REM (= rapide eye movement) with "Automation for the people"
    Some albums of the year 1992: "Keep the Faith" Bon Jovi - "Razor's Edge" AC/DC - "Automation for the people" (REM) "Temple of Love" Sisters of Mercy - "Popular Favourites 1984-1992" Talking Heads - "The battle rages on" Deep Purple
    2. Hits of the year in UK:
    Singles: 1. I will always love you (Whitney Houston) 2. Rhythm Is A Dancer (Snap!) 3. Would I lie to you (Charles & Eddie)
    Albums: 1. Automation for the people (REM) 2. Slanted and Enchanted (Pavement) 3. The Chronic (Dr.Dre)
    3. Football: english champions were Leeds United and the scottish champions were Glasgow Rangers.
    4. Succesful films of 1992: "The beauty and the beast" "Sister Act" "Kevin - alone in New York" "Basic Instinct" "Hook" "JFK" "Green tomatoes"