"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1990

Fanclub-Magazin 'Quotations Issue six' CD-Cover of the Status Quo compilation 'Spinning Wheel Blues' CD-Cover of the Status Quo Kompilation 'A Golden Hour of Status Quo' - KGHCD110

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The year 1990 - what a start of the fourth decade in the band-history! After the unsuccessful year 1989, the band stroke back impressively in 1990 . One of their biggest hits ever "Anniversary Waltz Part 1", went to No.2 in the UK charts and the Best of-Album "Rocking all over the years", was the fastest and best selling Status Quo album ever. The band is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a concert in Minehead, where the story of Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt started way back in 1965. Some compilation-albums were released this year and another Live-video. The very successful year ended in true Quo style with the traditional UK winter-tour, which was a virtual sell-out. The band looked back to a very successful year, but plans for 1991 were already under the way.....

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Pictures: Fanclub Magazin "Quotations" (by kind permission Garry Fielding) and CD-Cover of the Status Quo compilation albums "Spinning Wheel Blues" and "A Golden Hour of Status Quo".


  • January-March 1990: the beginning of the year was very quiet. Only Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi were being interviewed by BBC-Moderator Anne Nightingale. The interviews were done for the BBC-series "One to One". A video was made of this interviews and it was released the next year, but cancelled within one day.
  • 07.04.1990: a notable performance from Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi in the british TV. they were guests in Richard Digance show ABRACADIGANCE and they played the song "Whatever you want" and together with the showmaster the song "Address Book".
  • 17.04.1990: the Knights Label (UK) released the Status Quo Kompilation "A Golden Hour of Status Quo" - see cover above.
  • May 1990: the release of the planned single "The Power of Rock" was cancelled by the record company, because they wanted to see what further material was coming up this year.
  • 17.06.1990: the second show of the year saw Status Quo first time playing in Berlin-Weissensee (East-Berlin) at the local festival. The show was filmed and 55 minutes were broadcasted in german TV.
  • 30.06.1990: another milestone in the bands history with the performance at the Knebworth-Festival. 120,000 people attended this festival to see many well-known bands, who came together because of the "Silver Cleef Winners Award". Alongside Status Quo such likes as Cliff Richard, Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Elton John, Genesis, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd performed that day. Status Quo was the second band on stage and their 60 minutes performance was a total success.
  • July 1990: the announcement that a new single will be out in September - a Medley of Rock n Roll-classics. And it was announced that Status Quo celebrates their 25th anniversary at Minehead,Butlin Somerset World with a special show. 1965 Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi met in Minehead the first time. And the news came up that there's a Status Quo "Best of" album titled "Rocking all over the years" to be released in October.
  • 16.08.1990: 4 Quo songs from the Knebworth-Festival were shown in ITV television. "Whatever you want", "Dirty Water", "In the army now" and "Rockin' all over the world".
  • 28.08.1990: 3 video-tapes were released from the Knebworth-Festival from Castle Music Pictures. The same 4 songs which have been broadcasted in TV 2 weeks before were included on the Video-tape.
  • 28.08.1990: and from the Knebworth-festival a 2x LP and a 2x cassette is released. Both including 3 Status Quo songs "Dirty Water", Whatever you want" and "Rockin all over the world"
  • August 1990: the Maxi-CD "Down, Down" (Cat.No.: 866966-29) is released in Germany by Vertigo. Additional songs are "Rockin all over the world" and "Ring of a change".
  • September 1990: UK release of the single "Rockin' all over the world" / "Paper Plane" (Kat.Nr.: OG9567) by the Old Gold label.
  • 17.09.1990: the first UK-single release of the year - "Anniversary Waltz Part 1". The Band decided to record a medley of Rock n Roll classics, which they always liked to hear and which they occasionally played at sound-checks or at studio sessions. The selected songs are "Let's dance" Chris Montez "Red River Rock" Johnny and the Hurricanes "No particular place to go" Chuck Berry "The Wanderer" Dion "I hear you knocking" Dave Edmunds "Lucille" Little Richard "Great Balls of Fire" Jerry Lee Lewis. The B-Side of the 7"-Vinyl-Single is the song "The Power of Rock", which was taken from the album "Perfect Remedy".
    The cover was misprinted; the first batch of singles showed 2 photos of Rick Parfitt and Jeff Rich was omitted. The 2.pressing showed all 5 members of the band. A limited 7"-Vinyl single edition was released later with a gatefold cover and on silver vinyl. The gatefold included an inlet with quotations from radio DJ's for Status Quo's 25th anniversary.
    Other formats of the single were 12"-Vinyl-Maxi-Single, Maxi-CD and sngle-cassette. The maxi-CD's included the whole Anniversary Waltz. Apart from the afore mentioned Rock n Roll classics the songs from the single "Anniversary Waltz Part 2" were issued on the maxi-singles. (songs see date 3.12.1990) Additional song on the 12"-Maxi-Single is "Perfect Remedy"
    Some mispressings of the 12"-vinyl-edition appeared: some copies included on the flipside the songs "Little Lady" and "Paper Plane" while other copies played only an extended Version of the song "The Power of Rock".
  • 17.09.1990: the Ariola record company released the Status Quo compilation "Spinning Wheel Blues" (Cat.No.: 295.975) on CD and MC format. (see cover above) The compilation was imported to UK.
  • 17.09.1990: Castle Music rereleased the PYE-albums "Spare Parts" and "Dog of two head" . Both rereleases were released on LP and on cassette format.
  • 17.09.1990: another, this time interesting Status Quo compilation was released from Castle Communications: "B-Sides and Rarities". Issued on LP. The compilation featured 24 songs from 1966 to 1971.
  • 24.09.1990: "Anniversary Waltz Part 1" entered the british singles-Charts and peaked at No.2. The single became a massive hit for Status Quo in England.
  • 27.09.1990: the band performed at the british charts-show "Top of the Pops" with the new single "Anniversary Waltz Part 1". Moderator: Anthea Turner
  • 08.10.1990: UK release of the Best-of Album "Rocking all over the years". Issued as 2x-LP, 2x-CD and (in UK) as 2x-MC. With the new single "Anniversary Waltz Part 1" the album featured the hits from 1968 to the year 1990. It became the fastest- and best-selling Status Quo album ever.
  • 08.10.1990: another video-tape from Status Quo was released: "Rocking all over the years" (Channel 5 CFM 26442). Its the NEC show in Birmingham from the 18th December 1989.
  • 10.10.1990: the day of the anniversary gig at the holiday camp Butlins in Minehead . This was the place were Francis Rossi, who played there with his band "Spectres" and Rick Parfitt, who performed with the Harrison sister's, met the first time. The 3,000 available tickets for the show were sold soon. Assorted guests like longtime radio-DJ's and friends and media people were invited. The journey to Minehead started in London in an extra hired train called "the Quo Express". The show at the Princess Ballroom was filmed and was released on video the following year.
  • 11.10.1990: "The Happy Anniversary Waltz Part 1", the name of this unique promo-video of the new single "Anniversary Waltz Part 1" was shown at "Top of the Pops". Moderator: Bruno Brookes
  • 15.10.1990: the new Best of album "Rockin all over the years" entered the UK-album-charts nothcing up on No.2. After 2 weeks more than 300,000 copies were sold and this alubm is to date the best and fastest selling Status Quo album. In the meantime it reached triple platinum states with more than 1 million copies sold in UK. Worldwide sales are more than 5 million copies. The album spents 28 weeks in the britisch charts.
  • 22.10.1990: release of the single "Anniversary Waltz Part 1" in Germany.
  • 29.10.1990: german charts-entry of the single peaking at No.17 with a total of 12 weeks in the charts.
  • Oktober 1990: the fanclub-magazin "Quotations issue 6" is published (see left picture above). It contained a very interesting interview from Garry Fielding with Rick Parfitt. And it contained an excellent japanese discography.
  • November 1990: Germany: the german Repertoire-Label released the Status Quo album "Piledriver" on CD (Cat.No.: REP-4119WP). The CD included 2 bonus-tracks "Joanne" (flipside of "Caroline"-Single") and "Lonely Nights".
  • November 1990: a very extra-ordinary Status Quo compilation is released by the BAKTABAK label. "Introspective" is a mixture of interview and music.
  • 14.11.1990: start of an Ireland and North-Ireland-Tour in Carlow/Ireland. The band played 11 shows there.
  • 26.11.1990: Germany: release of the Best of-album "Rocking all over the years".
  • 01.12.1990: in Swindon the traditional UK-wintertour is kicked off. The tour ended with a show at London's wembley arena on the 23rd of December with a total of 16 shows.
  • 02.12.1990: german charts-entry of the Best of-album. Highest position was No. 46 and it spent 11 weeks in german's album-charts.
  • 03.12.1990: UK-release of the single "Anniversary Waltz Part 2". Again a medley of Rock 'n Roll classics: "Rock n Roll Music" Chuck Berry - "Lover Please" Billy Swan - "That'll be the day" Buddy Holly - "Singing the Blues" Guy Mitchell - "When will I be loved" Everly Brothers - "Let's work together" Canned Heat - "You keep a knockin" Little Richard - "Long tall Sally" Little Richard. The single was isuued on 7"-Vinyl; as cassette-single (only UK) and as maxi-CD. B-Side was a live version of "Dirty Water" taken from the "Rocking all over the years" and recorded at the NEC, Birmingham N.E.C. December 12,1989.
  • 10.12.1990: "Anniversary Waltz Part 2" listed the first time in the UK-singles-charts climbing up to No.16.
  • 17.12.1990: another, but this time a very extensive, Status Quo compilation surfaced the day of light with the 5-LP-Box-Set "The Early Works", released from Castle Communications out of their "Essential"-series. It included 63 Songs of the Spectres, Traffic Jam, The Status Quo and Status Quo. And the Box-Set contained a comprehensive booklet with a very good discography by Quo historian Garry Fielding. This compilation was issued on a 3-CD-Box-Set as well.
  • 20.12.1990: meanwhile the new single reached the TOP20 and therefore it was time to be in the charts show "Top of the Pops" were the promo-video was played. Moderator: Bruno Brookes
  • 25.12.1990: Status Quo live in the "Top of the Pops" show with the performance of their big hit "Anniversary Waltz Part 1". Moderator: Anthea Turner, Mark Goodier
  • another Status Quo compilation is released in Italy. The 3-CD-Set "Status Quo Story" included 48 Songs of the PYE period from 1967 to 1971. (Cat.No.: CD3PR28) For collectors: in the meantime cassettes of these CD's were released in Poland.
  • in Belgium/France the Status Quo compilation "Portrait" is released. (Cat.No. LP: BRLP54) (CD: BRCD54) (Cassette: BRMC54).

    UK discography 1990:

  • Album: "Rocking all over the years" (Vertigo 846797-1) (CD: 846797-2) (Cassette: 846797-4)
  • Album: "The Early Works" (Cat.No.: ESBLP136) (3xCD: ESBCD136)
  • Album: "Introspective" Baktabak (Cat.No.: LP LINT5003) (CD: CINT5003) (Cassette: MINT5003)
  • Album: "Spare Parts" (Cat.No.: LP CLALP205) (CD: CLACD205) (Cassette: CLAMC205)
  • Album: "Dog of two head" (Cat.No.: LP CLALP206) (CD: CLACD206) (Cassette: CLAMC206)
  • Album: "B-Sides and Rarities" (Cat.No. LP: CCSLP271) (CD: CSSCD271) (Cassette: CCSMC271)
  • Album: "A Golden Hour of" (Cat.No. CD: KGHCD110) (Cassette: KGHMC110))
  • Album: "Knebworth" (Cat.No. 2xLP: 843921-1) (Cassette: 843921-4)
  • Single: "Rockin' all over the world / Paper Plane" (OLD GOLD OG 9567)
  • Single: "Anniversary Waltz Part 1" Phonogram (Cat.No. 7" QUO28) (7" silver vinyl QUOG28) (12" QUO2812) (Maxi-CD QUOCD28) (Cassette: QUOMC28)
  • Single: "Anniversary Waltz Part 2" Phonogram (Cat.No. 7" QUO29) (Maxi-CD QUOCD29) (Cassette: QUOMC29)
  • Video: "Rocking all over the years" (Channel 5 CFM 26442)
  • Video: "Knebworth" (Cat.No.: CMP6007)

    UK chart notes 1990:

  • Album: Rocking all over the years - No.2
  • Single: Anniversary Waltz Part 1 - No.2
  • Single: Anniversary Waltz Part 2 - No.16

    1.Some albums of the year 1990: "A Catholic Education" Teenage Fanclub - "Brigade" Heart - "The Best of" Alan Parsons Project - "Lennon 4CD Boxed Set" John Lennon - "Serious Hits...Live" Phil Collins - "Tripping the live fantastic" Paul Mc Cartney
    2. Hits of the year in UK:
    Singles: 1. Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers) 2. Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O'Connor) 3. Sacrifice / Healing Hands (Elton John)
    Albums: 1. Foreign affair (Tina Turner) 2. ..but seriously (Phil Collins) 3. Soul Provider (Michael Bolton)
    3. Football: english champions: FC Liverpool. Scottish champions: Glasgow Rangers
    4. successful films in the cinema in 1990: "Rain Man" "Pretty Woman" "The war of roses" (Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner) "Ghost - news from Sam" (Patrick Swayze) "The Club of the death poets" "The man, who's dancing with the wolf" (Kevin Costner)