"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1986

Q-shape Picture Disc of the Status Quo single 'Rollin home'.(front) Q-shape Picture Disc of the Status Quo single 'Rollin home'.(back) Picture Disc of the Status Quo single 'In the army now'. Cover of the doublepack-single 'Red Sky' with gatefold-sleeve.

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the year 1986 - the court case about the bandname between Alan Lancaster and Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi continues. Eventually it was decided that Rick and Francis can keep the bandname "Status Quo" for good. The way is paved for the new "Status Quo". Soon the first single of the new line-up is released - "Rollin' Home". It became a massive hit reaching No.9 of the UK-charts. And all other 3 single-releases became TOP20-hits in UK. And the new line-up is back on stage and their fans celebrate the new QUO. Very important the stadium tour with Queen on their "Magic"-tour. A perfect "comeback" of Status Quo (although they never had split up before). And with the single "In the army now" one of the biggest Status Quo hits ever was released. In Germany the single became the No.1 at the end of November and spent 4 weeks at the top of the german singles charts. Like a phoenix Status Quo rose up - much to the joy of their loyal fans.

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Pictures: Front- and backcover of the Q-shape single "Rollin' Home". Picture Disc of the single "In the army now" and cover of the doublepack-single "Red Sky".


  • January 1986: the PRT-Label released another Status Quo compilations album "The best of Status Quo (The early years)" (Cat.Nr. CDNSP773). But this comoilation is nothing other than a rerelease of the 1973 album "The best of Status Quo".
  • February 1986: in the lawsuit about the bandname between Alan Lancaster and Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt the jugde decided, that Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt can furthermore keep and act under the bandname "Status Quo". In an out-of-law case Alan Lancaster sold his rights of the name to the remaining two members.
  • April 1986: UK-Release of the Pye-Albums "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon" (Cat.Nr.CDMP8834) and "Dog of two head" (Cat.Nr.CDMP8837) on the CD-Format. Both CD's were only avialable for a short time.
  • 02.05. 1986: kick-off of a little austrian tour at the Stadthalle of Linz. 4 shows were played in Austria.
  • 07.05. 1986: UK-release of the single "Rollin' home" qwritten by John David, the bass player of Dave Edmunds. The b-side is the Rossi-Parfitt song "Lonely". The single was released on 7"-Vinyl format, then there was the Q-shape Picture Disc (see pictures above) and it was released as 12"-Vinyl-Maxi-single (with the additional song "Keep me guessing).
  • 14.05. 1986: UK-charts entry of the new single in the british singles charts. The single became a massive hit eventually reaching No.9.
  • 15.05 1986: the band performed at the BBC-show "Top of the Pops" with the new single "Rollin' Home". Moderator: Mike Smith, Simon Bates
  • 21.06.1986: the show at Brussels Union Stadium was filmed and it was later shown in the belgian TV at the show "Chewing Rock".
  • 05.07.1986: the Status Quo performance at the Dinkelsbühl Festival / Germany (with Jehtro Tull and others) was filmed and later 45 minutes of this show were broadcasted in german television.
  • 09.07.1986: Status Quo as Special Guest at the "Magic" stadium-tour of Queen. The kick-off is at the St.James Park in Newcastle upon Tyne. "The Alarm" and "INXS" were support bands too. This show is followed by 2 shows at the Wembley stadium. Later Queen released a live-album and a video from their show. And recently Queens show was released as a DVD showing Rick Parfitt in the wardrobe of Queen. Die stadium tour was to be continued at Manchester.
  • 18.07.1986: UK-release of the single "Red Sky", again written by John David. B-Side is the Rick Parfitt Song "Don't give it up", which was recorded for Rick's Solo-Project "Recorded Delivery". But originally John "Rhino" Edwards, Quo's new bass player, already played this song with his band "Rhino".
  • 25.07.1986: "Red Sky" entered the british charts and climbed up to No.19.
  • 07.08.1986: while drummer Jeff Rich wasn't able to play, Mr. Kenney Jones (ex-Small Faces, ex-Who) sat at the drums when the band performed at the BBC-Show "Top of the Pops". Moderator: Mike Smith
  • 09.08.1986: a day where Status Quo wrote rock history: Status Quo played in the morning at the Skanderburg Festival in Denmark, to return at midday to England and played at the Knebworth festival ahead of a strong 120,000 crowd. At the same festival played also Queen but later that day. After their Knebworth performance the band was flewn to Switzerland where they played at the Seepark Festival. That means that Status Quo played at 3 different countries within 24 hours.
  • 29.08.1986: the album "In the Army now" was released in UK. The album was recorded at the Chipping Norton Studios / London and the producer was Pip Williams apart from Dave Edmunds who produced the sojngs "Red Sky" and "Rollin' home". The album featured 11 songs Apart from the 2 David Songs "Red Sky" and "Rollin' Home" is the title track originally from the dutch brothers "Bolland and Bolland", another cover-song is "Speechless", which was originally written by Ian Hunter (ex Mott the Hoople). The album got very good reviews, because nobody thought that the new line-up will come back in that way. The album was pressed on LP, on CD and on cassette.
  • 05.09.1986: UK-charts entry of the new albums. It climbed up to No.7 of the british album charts with a toal run of 17 weeks in the charts. (2 weeks in the TOP10).
  • 22.09.1986: release of the album "In the Army now" in Germany.
  • 22.09.1986: the third single outtake of the album "In the army now" -this time the title track "In the Army now", who was originally written in 1982 by dutch brothers Rob and Ferdi Bolland, who had a single in Netherlands in 1982. The b-side is the Patrick, Rossi, Parfitt-composition "Heartburn" a non-album track. In UK the single was published as 7"-Vinyl-single, as Picture Disc (see above), as doublepack single and as 12"-Maxi-Vinyl single.
  • 29.09.1986: charts entry in Germany of the new Status Quo album "In the army now". The album peaked at No.14 with a total charts-stay of 23 weeks.
  • 02.10.1986: Status Quo with the new single "In the army now" at the BBC-Show "Top of the Pops". Moderator: Mike Smith
  • 13.10.1986: german release of the "In the army now" single. The single was released as 7"-vinyl single and as 12" maxi single and for the first time as a maxi CD. Therefore the german maxi-CD of "In the army now" is the most worthy of all maxi-CD's, because it was only released in Germany on CD-format.
  • 15.10.1986: after a little scandinavian-Tour, kick-off of the first german show in Osnabrück with the new line-up. Status Quo played 13 shows in Germany interrupted by a swiss show in Winterthur.
  • 16.10.1986: the BBC-show "Top of the Pops" showed the promo-video of "In the army now". Moderator: Simon Bates, Steve Wright
  • 20.10.1986: "In the Army now" entered the german singles-Charts and becme the most successfulst Status Quo single in Germany up to date. It climbed up the german charts until it reached No.1 and stayed 4 weeks at germans top position of the charts with a total chart-run of 19 weeks. (9 weeks TOP10 !!). Of course the airplay was as good as the chart position and every german radio station played the new german No.1.
  • 30.10.1986: again the promo-video of "In the army now" was shown in the british show "Top of the Pops". Moderator: Janice Long
  • 24.11.1986: the single "In the Army now" became the new No.1 in Germany. Until the 21st of December it stayed on No.1.
  • 26.11.1986: after 8 Ireland- and Northern-Ireland-concerts the UK-tour was kicked off in Bournemouth. The first UK-Tour of the new Line-Up. Status Quo pklayed all in all 22 shows. The last 4 shows were at the legendary and very popular Hammersmith Odeon.
  • 28.11.1986: UK-Single-release of "Dreamin'". The song is written by Francis Rossi and Bernie Frost. Its original title was "Naughty Girl". The b-side is the Parfitt Williams song "Long legged girls", which Rick recorded in 1985 for his planned solo-album "Recorded Delivery". The single was released in UK as 7"-vinyl, as 7"-Vinyl-single wrapped in a calendar / poster. The single was also featured as 12"-maxi-single.
  • 18.12.1986: the promo-video of "Dreamin'" was played in the BBC-show "Top of the Pops". Moderator: Mike Smith
  • December 1986: release of the video: Rockin' through the years (Channel Five CFV 05972). Included on the video are 25 Status Quo songs.
  • in Germany 2 LP's were released out of the Platinum-series. "Pictures of Matchstick Men" and "Mean Girl". The first one included side1 and side 2 of the Quo compilation "Spotlight on Status Quo Vol.1" and the latter side 3 and side 4.
  • Bob Young's solo-work "In Quo's Country" was released, which shows cover versions of Status Quo originals.
  • the 3. reissue of John Shearlaw's autobiography "STATUS QUO - The authorized biography " (The 25th Anniversary Edition) was published by Sidgwick and Jackson Ltd. (ISBN Nr.: 0-283-99401-0). The book now includes 182 pages.

    UK Discography 1986

  • LP: "The Best of (The early years)" (Cat.Nr. CDNSP773)
  • LP: "In the army now" (VERH36) (CD: VERHC36) (cassette: VERC36)
  • Single: "Rollin' home" (Vertigo QUO 18) (Picture Disc QUOP 18) (12"-Maxi: QUO 1812)
  • Single: "Red Sky" (Vertigo QUO 19) (doublepack single QUODP 19) (12"-Maxi: QUO 1912)
  • Single: "In the Army now" (Vertigo QUO 20) (picture disc QUOPD 20) (doublepack single QUODP 20) (12" vinyl maxi-single QUO 2012)
  • Single: "Dreamin'" (Vertigo QUO 21) (12"-maxi-single QUO 2112)
  • Video: Rockin' through the years (Channel Five CFV 05972)

    Charts (UK and Germany):

  • LP: "In the army now" (UK) No. 7
  • LP: "In the army now" (D) No. 14
  • Single: "Rollin' home" (UK) No. 9
  • Single: "Red Sky" (UK) No. 19
  • Single: "In the Army now" (UK) No. 2
  • Single: "In the Army now" (D) No. 1
  • Single: "Dreamin'" (UK) No. 15

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