"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1982

german cover of the Status Quo single 'Jealousy' Ticket of the legendary cover of the dutch Status Quo single 'Young Pretender'

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The year 1982 - at the beginning of the new year there were rumours about Status Quo what drummer will come after John Coghlan had left the band and what if they found nobody. In January the band announced that they found a new drummer, Pete Kircher. Soon the recordings of the new studio-album continued. And when the news came up of a new UK tour in April and May, the Quo fans were entusiastic as ever. In April the new album "1+9+8+2" was released and it became a major hit album with another No.1 in UK. Most notable the show at the N.E.C. in Birmingham at the 14th of May. It was a charity show for "Princes Trust" and it was the first rock concert ever that a member (Prince Charles) of the royal family attended. A single was released from this show "Caroline" and in 1983 a video of this show is released. The reputation of the band is such high, that the 3-LP-compilation "From the makers of" peaked at No.3 of the UK charts.
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Pictures:german cover of the single 'Jealousy' and Ticket Birmingham N.E.C., the 'Princes Trust' show. Dutch single "Young Pretender".


  • January 1982: the band was busy to find a new drummer. At the end of the month the band announced that they have found a new drummer; Pete Kircher (ex-Honeybus; ex-Original Mirrors). First Pete Kircher played with Honeybus in 1970. In 1976 Status Quo toured with support band Shanghai were Pete Kircher was the drummer. Later Pete Kircher was involved on John Du Cann's solo-Project when Francis Rossi worked there too. And before he joined Status Quo he played with the Original Mirrors. After a new drummer was found the recordings for the next studio-album were continued. And a UK tour in April and May was announced called "1+9+8+2". If you add the numbers you'll get 20. And that means the 20th jubilee according to 1962 when the school-band THE SCORPIONS was founded. The demand for tickets was as high as always
  • 28.01.1982: in germans youth magazine Bravo (issue 05/82) a Status Quo write-up is published.
  • February 1982: Status Quo are in the Montreux-Studios/Switzerland to continue with the recordings of a new studio-album.
  • 19.03.1982: UK-release of the single "Dear John", written by S.Gustafson and Macauley. B-Side is the Lancaster Lamb composition "I want the world to know".
  • 26.03.1982: the new single "Dear John" entered the UK-Charts and climbed up to No.10.
  • März 1982: Germany: release of the PRT compilations album "Hit Station", which was published by the MARIFON label. The album featured songs from the PYE period.
  • 01.04.1982: the band appeared at "Top of the Pops" and played the new single "Dear John". Moderator: John Peel.
  • 15.04.1982: after many rehearsals an irish tour was kicked-off with 6 shows.
  • 16.04.1982: release of the album "1+9+8+2" in UK. The album featured 11 songs with the usual well-known boogie-sound and apart of the single "Dear John" all songs are self-penned. A limited number of albums appeared with a gatefold sleeve including a band-history.
  • 23.04.1982: in Deeside, Leisure Centre the UK-Tour kicked-off with a total of 20 shows. 7 consecutive nights in London's Hammersmith Odeon.
  • 24.04.1982: UK: Charts-entry of the new album "1+9+8+2". The album notched up at the No.1 position and spending a total of 20 weeks in the british album-charts, with 3 weeks in the TOP10. It later achieved platinum awards.
  • 14.05.1982: Status Quo played a memorable concert at the sold-out N.E.C of Birmingham. It's a charity gig for "The Princes Trust" and all proceedings were given to the donation. It's the first rock concert which was attended by a member of the royal family - Prince Charles. The show was being filmed and 50 minutes were shown at BBC television and the whole 2-hours gig was broadcasted completely on the radio. Later a video was published of this show. A concert highlight for the band and their fans. The bootlegs of this show are one of the best Status Quo bootlegs and gave a good impression of the enthusiastic audience . There's a 23 minutes version of "4500 Times" and at the radio-concert you can hear Tommy Vance (he died this year) who is announcing Francis Rossi playing the national anthem on his guitar.
  • 17.05.1982: Germany: the album "1+9+8+2" entered the german album charts peaking at No.29 with 9 weeks in the charts.
  • 28.05.1982: Status Quo performing in Dortmund/Germany; Westfalenhalle at the "Rock Spectakel Festival". The show was filmed and 45 minutes of Quo's stunning performance were later broadcasted in german TV WDR3 called "Rockpop in Concert".
  • 04.06.1982: UK release of the new single "She don't fool me". This boogie rocker was written by Andrew Bown and Rick Parfitt. The B-side is the song "Never too late", which was the title track of Status Quo's 1981 album "Never too late". Francis Rossi and Bernie Frost wrote this track.
  • 13.06.1982: "She don't fool me" entered the UK singles charts. The single reached only No.36. This was the most worse ranking of a Status Quo single since over 10 years in UK.
  • 24.06.1982: Status Quo performing the new single "She don't fool me" at the show "Top of the Pops". Moderator: Dave Lee Travis.
  • June 1982: the PRT label released a cassette-only album in UK "100 Minutes of Status Quo" (Cat.N.: PRT ZCTON101). 29 songs of the PYE period are included on this cassette.
  • September 1982: the planned UK release of the single "Jealousy" was cancelled by the record company. Although in some european countries the single was released. B-Side is the Alan Lancaster-Song "I love Rock n Roll". By the way this B-side song was released as single in Australia. Both songs are taken from the album "1+9+8+2". In 1985 Francis Rossi and Bernie Frost recorded their own version of "Jealousy".
  • October 1982: out of the series "Spotlight on ..." the second Status Quo compilaton was released from the PRT-Label in UK. "Spotlight on Status Quo Vol.2" . Again its a 2x LP album.
  • 22.10.1982: a single of the Birmingham concert was released; "Caroline (live at the N.E.C.)" (Cat.No.: QUO10). Another track of the live-show appeared on the b-side "Dirty Water (live at N.E.C.)". A picture disc was issued, the first Status Quo picture disc (Cat.No. QUOP10). And a Maxi-vinyl-single was issued too featuring the third live-track from the N.E.C. gig "Down Down" (Cat.No. QUO1012). Notable: the single was released in Spain and funnily the title was translated into Spain. So it turned out, that the english name "Caroline" was translated into the spain "Carolina" and featured as sub-title on the cover.
  • 29.10.1982: the new single "Caroline live" entered the UK album and peaked at No.13.
  • 05.11.1982: the Phonogram record company decided to release a 3-LP-compilation called "From the makers of". The special thing, it's a 3-LP-Box which is issued in a card box and the first 50,000 copies were issued in a numbered circular tin box. The first 2 LP's included songs from the PYE period until 1982 while the third LP included 10 songs from the N.E.C. show. Later in some european countries the third LP was officially released as "Live at the N.E.C.". The 3-LP-compilation was a big success and was later awared with platinum.
  • 20.11.1982: "From the makers of" entered the british album-charts notching up on No.3 with a total of 14 weeks in the charts. Very unusual for a 3x-LP-set.
  • the single-compilation "Mean girl" / "In my chair" (Cat.No.: OG 9142) was re-released by the british Old Gold label.
  • in Germany the single "Jealousy" was released but without any success. It failed to chart.
  • in England Onipress published a book written by Tom Hibbert "Status Quo" Omnipress (ISBN Nr.:0.86001.957.8)
  • and because of the 20th jubilee John Shearlaw's book "STATUS QUO - The authorized biography / (The 20th Anniversary Edition) (ISBN Nr.: 0-283-99401-0) was re-released with some more pages added.

    UK discography 1982:

  • Single: Dear John (S.Gustafson/Macauley) / I want the world to know (Lancaster/Lamb) (Cat.Nr.: Vertigo QUO 7)
  • Single: She don't fool me (Bown/Parfitt) / Never too late (Rossi/Frost) (Cat.No.: Vertigo QUO 8)
  • Single: Caroline (live at the NEC) / Dirty water (live at the NEC) (Cat.No.: Vertigo QUO 10)
  • Single: Mean Girl / In my chair (Cat.No.: Old Gold OG 9142) re-release
  • LP: 1+9+8+2 (Vertigo 6302 189) (Cassette: Vertigo 7144 189)
  • LP: Spotlight on Status Quo Vol.2 (Cat.No. PRT SPOT1028) (Cassette: PRT ZCSPT1028)
  • LP: From the makers of (Cat.No. card box Vertigo PROLP1; circular tin: Vertigo PROBX1) (2x Cassette: PROMC1)
  • Cassette: 100 Minutes of Status Quo (Cat.No. PRT ZCTON 101)

    Charts 1982 (UK and Germany):

  • Dear John - No. 10 (UK)
  • She don't fool me - No. 36 (UK)
  • Caroline (live at N.E.C.) - No. 13 (UK)
  • LP "1+9+8+2" - No. 1 (UK)
  • LP "1+9+8+2" - No. 29 (D)
  • 3xLP "From the makers of" - No. 3 (UK)

    1. Iron Maiden's album "The Number of the Beast" caused a sensation at the hardrock/heavy genre and Meat Loaf's "Bat out of hell" caused a sensation.
    2. Hits of the year in UK:
    Albums: 1. RIO (Duran Duran) 2. Dare (Human League) 3. The Kids from Fame (different artists)
    3. Football: english champions: FC Liverpool - scottish champions: Celtic Glasgow.
    4. Films of the year 1982: E.T. - Star Trek II - Goblin - Porky's - Conan - Mad Max II