Status Quo news of the year 2010

  • 29.12.: I've updated the gallery site: tour posters, tour programmes and tickets now including 2010. Both signed singles "Hurdy Gurdy Man" and "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" are now at the link "rare records".
    Der Jahresrückblick 2010 ist in Arbeit; Status Quo spielten 107 Konzerte in 16 verschiedenen Ländern.

  • 23.12.: ITS CHRISTMAS TIME: I wish all visitors of the Quoticker site a lovely and peaceful merry Christmas.

  • 19.12.: Bob Young wrote another Blog and also he put up another 17 photos on his website: ...more

  • 19.12.: today the last show for the band. After 109 shows follows a well earned rest for the band.

  • 19.12.: Happy Birthday Mike Paxman. Status Quos ex-producer also runs the official Status Quo website. All the best Mike!!

  • 19.12.: a new Status Quo Coverband from Hamburg, Germany is BREAK EVEN ...more

  • 15.12.: there are some photos from Quo's show at Wembley 2010. ...more

  • 05.12.: according to a posting in the french Status Quo message board from today 12 ö'clock, there are 9 Status Quo shows in France in 2011:
    1.4. Lille, Zenith, 3.4. Lyon, Halle Tony Garnier, 4.4. Clermont-Ferrand, Zenith, 5.4. Marseille, Dome, 7.4. Toulouse, Zenith, 9.4. Poitiers, Parc Des Expositions, 10.4. Caen, Zenith, 12.4. Nancy, Zenith, 13.4. Rouen, Zenith
    But yet it's not confirmed on the website of the french tour promoter Gerard Drouot Productions (gdp).

  • 05.12.: new entry at the seek and offers page. ...more

  • 02.12.: a 3rd show in Austria announced for 2011. 23rd July in Hohenems near Dornbirn close to the border of Switzerland and Germany. Tickets for 50 Euro are already available: ...Tickets

  • 30.11.: Bob Young wrote a new Blog on his website: ...more

  • 22.11.: there is a Francis Rossi interview at "The Citizen" Preston. ...more

  • 21.11.: after the first UK shows the band received good critics with good attended shows. The hightlight being the performance at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala at Royal Albert Hall, London - November 17.

  • 15.11.: Bob Young updated his website: 8 new photos, 1 poem and 1 press article of his son Jamie. ...mehr

  • 15.11.: Bob Young and Micky Moody are soon in Radio. Listen to Young & Moody Live online worldwide
    BBC Radio Kent - Roger Day Show 7.30pm Wednesday 24th November

  • 12.11.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul Hirsh. He was Andy Bowns substitute on the keyboards from 2000 to 2002 and celebrates his 57th birthday.

  • 11.11.: the encore of last nights show in Brentwood was: Don't waste my time, Rock n Roll Music, Shake Baby Shake, Bye Bye Johnny

  • 10.11.: the complete setlist which was played at the start of the UK tour is

  • 10.11.: according to the website of german online ticketservice Eventim the 4 german shows of Francis Rossi in February 2011 are cancelled.

  • 09.11.: just 20 minutes ago TOPNEWS - new songs in the setlist: Break the rules, 4500Times, For you, Paper Plane, Mystery Medley with Spinning Wheel Blues.
    Notable: Rossis legendary "Helloooooooooooo" was given after the 5th song. Usually its the 3rd song.

  • 09.11.: today kick-off of the annual Status Quo UK winter tour, which is a highlight in Quo's itinary. 29 shows will be played until the 19th December.

  • 03.11.: The Crave and Joe Brown are support bands of the UK tour which kicks off on the 9th November. The Crave are playing the theatre shows and Joe Brown the big arena shows.

  • 03.11.: very nice pictures from the last german show in Essen have been put up: ...more
    The german tour was successful, good crowds and very good attendances, 3,000 to 12,000 Munich (3 shows with 5,000 people)

  • 01.11.: Bob Young wrote a newblog on his website. ...more

  • 01.11.: pictures from Quo's show in Hannover are online: ...mehr

  • 31.10.: again photos from the german tour; Munich 27.10.2010 - sell-out 12,000 fans: ...more

  • 31.10.: last Friday Status Quo played in Hannover; here are some pictures from this concert: ...more

  • 29.10.: Status Quo now added to the Munich "Walk of fame" at the Olympic Lake. Like in Wembley their hands are now presented in stone at the walk-around-area.

  • 27.10.: photos from the Berlin show added: ...more

  • 27.10.: nice pictures of Quo's show in Stuttgart have been put up on this site: ...more

  • 24.10.: late-night-news: just a quick note from the Stuttgart show I have been; no changes in the setlist but the songs "Pictures of Matchstick Men" and "Ice in the sun" were dropped from the list. A comple new lightshow with lots of visual effects on the 9 video screens at the back of the stage. A nice litte into by Francis Rossi at the song "Down Down". Show was attended by 4,500 people.

  • 21.10.: german tour kicked-off. This year Status Quo are playing 9 shows with special guest Spider Murphy Gang who are one of the best known bands in Germany. They play Rock n Roll music and sing it mainly in bavarian language and are very successful. They are from Munich and (therefore) the Munich show next week is sold out with around 12,000 people.

  • 18.10.: the new Young & Moody album 'Back For The Last Time Again' is now in stock and available at

  • 18.10.: 2 Status Quo shows in Austria announced; Quo will play at the ORF Summer party in Bad Schallenbach (near Linz) July 30 and on the 31st July at the Messhalle Graz with Spider Murphy Gang.

  • 15.10.: here is a trailer of the new BBC Box Set advert: ...more

  • 14.10.: a short review of the current french tour; between 2,000 and 3,000 fans are attending the shows and both fans and press critics give a very good feedback.

  • 12.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rick Parfitt! Rick is celebrating his 62nd birthday and he joined Quo in 1967 !!! All the best Rick.

  • 11.10.: another year is passing by. After 9 years its still a great pleasure to write news about Status Quo on this homepage and its time to say "thank you" to all people who are visiting this website. So its keep tickering on and on....

  • 08.10.: today Universal Germany released a 4 CD-Box "4 original Albums" wih the Quo remaster CD's of "Hello" "Quo" "On the level" "Piledriver" Cat.No. 00753 25885. The CD's are in nice covers: for cover

  • 04.10.: the new single "In the army now (2010)" reached No.31 of the official UK-TOP40.

  • 01.10.: the BBC-CD's will be released on the 25th October. Here a listing of the BBC QUO releases: ...more

  • 30.09.: Bob Young and Micky Moody put together a new 2x CD album of the songs they have done in the past - "Back for the last time again". TIssued on this compilation is a never before heard version of Quo's "Caroline". All about this album and a new blog at Bob Youngs Website ...more

  • 29.09.: the album "Status Quo In the Army Now (2010)" has been released in Germany by EAr Music Cat.No. 05697ERE. The album features the brand new single plus 5 live-songs and the bonus tracks of the album "In Search Of The Fourth Chord". Further there are the 2 videos fo the songs "Beginning Of The End" and "In The Army Now (2010)", both only playing on PC/laptop. A note on the cover says "Coming in 2011 Status Quo's new studio album QUID PRO QUO". Die Single ist nur in UK erschienen kann aber hierzulande als Import-Ware bezogen werden.

  • 27.09.: another Live-CD is announced by von >> Status Quo - “Live in the Netherlands” <<. This time iot will be the Status Quo show in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall, October 19. ...more

  • 27.09.: Status Quo are performing live at London Palladium at the BBC show "Children in Need", October 3.

  • 22.09.: the press release for the BBC live release set by UMC has been put up at the official Status Quo homepage. Release date will be the 24th October and will be available in different formats. ...more /a>

  • 22.09.: the full viedo of the single "In the army now 2010" can be seen on ITV1 10 pm, Saturday 25th September.

  • 21.09.: the single "In the army now 2010" is No.1 of the AMAZON pre-sales charts.

  • 16.09.: Eagle Vision / edel released in Germany a 2x DVD from Knebworth 1990. The Deluxe Edition shows Status Quo amongst other Super stars. The package features a reprint of the festival programme and of a ticket.

  • 13.09.: royal letter from Prince Charles and Camilla to Status Quo. They appreciate the work of Status Quo and their tribute to help british soldiers with their new single "In the Army now 2010".

  • 01.09.: Young & Moody new double compilation album coming very soon. Watch this space.

  • 01.09.: John "Rhino" Edwards played bass guitar on Jane Bogaerts album "5th Dimension" - more about Jane Bogaert:

  • 31.08.: to promote the german tour and to shorten the time until the next studio album Edel Records announced the release of Quo album in Germany titled "In the Army now 2010". Issued on the CD are some Live songs from the years 2008 and 2009 and the new version of "In the army now" plus the video. For more details and to order the CD here

  • 29.08.: 12,000 fans saw Status Quo at the fantastic Summerdays Festival in Arbon Switzerland at a very very nice venue close to the lake Bodensee. Highlights of the festival have been Status Quo and Barcley James Harvest, also on the bill with very good performances Ten Years After and Canned Heat.
    With yesterdays show in Altusried the "Exposed"-Tour came to an end.

  • 23.08.: Bob Young wrote another Blog on his website: ...more

  • 23.08.: TOPNEWS: Universal and BBC are releasing a 4-CD-Box with live recordings from 1966 to 1996 which will be released before Christmas.

  • 23.08.: Francis Rossi announced 5 solo shows in Germany, February 2011:
    11.02.2011 Köln, Gloria Tickets: -
    12.02.2011 Hamburg, Fabrik Tickets: - -
    13.02.2011 Berlin, Postbahnhof Tickets: -
    15.02.2011 München, Muffathalle Tickets: - -
    16.02.2011 Frankfurt, Batschkapp Tickets:

  • 14.08.: more information about the limited edition Live-CD "Sorry we couldn't make it": ...more

  • 13.08.: Universal Germany announced the release of a 4-CD-Box "Hello/On The Level/Piledriver" for September 27. You can order this box through or

  • 28.07.: Bob Young wrote a new Blog which is up on his website: ...more

  • 21.07.: another collectable Live-CD "Sorry we couldn't make it" was offered to ticket holders of this years cancelled UK-shows. This Live-CD is a compilation of the 5 "Live hear now"-CD's with the following tracklist: Caroline from Ipswich 2009 - Paper Plane from Weston Arboretum 2008 - Don't Drive My Car from Birmingham NEC 2008 - Down Down from Oxford 2008 - Whatever You Want from Brighton Centre 2008 - Burning Bridges from Birmingham NEC 2008. here to see the cover

  • 11.07.: Status Quo at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala, Royal Albert Hall - November 17. ...more

  • 03.07.: Bob Young wrote a new Blog which you read on his website ...more

  • 02.07.: new entry at the seek and offers page. someone is looking for tour programmes. ...more

  • 01.07.: out of the very collectable Status Quo memorabilias today the signed "Pictures Of Matchstick Men", please note: originally signed by the time when the single was out. ...more

  • 30.06.: the 5-CD-compilation "Status Quo TOP100" has been released. 100 songs are issued on the 5 CD's - from the QUO albums since 1977 are several songs of each album on the track listing. Notable: the song "Come On You Reds" from Manchester United and Status Quo is issued on one of the CD's which is very rare. ...Details

  • 29.06.: the new fanclub magazine of the dutch fanclub has arrived "The Army 86". Content: a good write-up of Francis Rossis solotour and an interview with Nick Rossi.

  • 23.06.: another Status Quo compilation release is called "TOP100" which is due to be released in Netherlands at the end of June. You can order this compilation via

  • 15.06.: there is a website about Francis Rossis solo album and all about his recent activities.

  • 08.06.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF RICH. Status Quo's ex-drummer (1985 - 2000) is celebrating hi 57th birthday.

  • 07.06.: Fuse is an english duo who are covering classisc rock songs with their electronical violins. And their debut album includes a version of "Down, Down" with guest musician Francis Rossi. ...more

  • 06.06.: Bob Young put up his new blog on his website. ...more

  • 03.06.: out of the series Reihe "2 for 1" Universal Music BV released the 2x CD "In the Army now/Ain't complaining". Cat.No. 00753 27082. Both CD's are the remastered ones of the year 2006. ...more

  • 29.05.: red the new blog from Quo's drummer Matt Letley: ... more

  • 29.05.: the writing studio Demo of "Living On An Island" is now up on bob Youngs website as well as another 5 photos. ...more

  • 29.05.: Happy Birthday Francis Rossi. He celebrates his 61st birthday. Best wishes !!!

  • 27.05.: Rick Parfitt is live presenter at licklibrary and shows his guitar playing - June 1, 7 pm

  • 24.05.: new releases: 1.the 2x-CD-Album "Pictures 40 years of hits" has been released in Ukraine. ...more
    2. in Australia a Karaoke CD of Status Quo appeared. ...more
    3. and from the official fanclub "From the makers of..." another Fanclub CD is released "FTMO Vol.3" including interviews, backstage talk and bits of music recorded at the recent Australia tour 2010. It can be ordered at the Quo shop via the official Status Quo website.

  • 22.05.: the dates of this years UK Winter Tourhave been published. The tour is christened the "QUID PRO QUO" tour and includes 28 concerts with some new venues (Warrington, Bridlington, Preston, Swindon, Southend) and only one double show in Llandudno.

  • 22.05.: Midnight show from Status Quo at the racecourse of Noerdt near Strabourgh. Quo entered the stage at 11.31 pm and played until 1 am. Setlist without Pictures of Matchstickmen, Ice in the sun, In my Chair and Paper Plane. Very solid performance of Quo with a new light show. The venue was a tent with approx 2,500 - 3,000 people.

  • 16.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB YOUNG! Bob is celebrating his 65th birthday today. Best wishes!

  • 13.05.: the Limited Edition of Francis Rossis solo album is released in Germany too by EDEL Germany, Cat.No. 0203627EDE. Its a single gatefold sleeve. On the left is the single "I Can See Clearly Now" in blue vinyl and on the right side of the gatefold there is the booklet and there is the CD in a cardbox sleeve.
    And beside tghe CD-album the limited edition has been released in UK too and WHAT RECORDS are offering the album on blue vinyl. ...more

  • 12.05.: these are the musicians who are playing with Francis Rossi on his solo tour which kicks off today in Edinburgh: Nicholas Rossi (his son) (gui), Freddie Edwards (gui), Leon Cave (drum), Paul Hirsh (keyb), Gary Twigg (bas), Amy Smith (voc) and Amber Zakatek (voc).

  • 11.05.: Francis Rossis solo album has been released and there is a good promotion in Germany, interviews in music papers and about his solo tour in the "Zeit" the biggest weekly paper in Germany.

  • 09.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY John "Rhino" Edwards. Status Quo's bass player is celebrating his 57th birthday.

  • 02.05.: Bob Young wrote a new Blog which he published on his homepage ...more

  • 27.04.: Francis Rossi interview in the "NeWs of the World" paper - Sunday 25th April. ...more

  • 26.04.: Francis Rossi Article front page of Sunday Times business section, April 25. Watch out on Bob Youngs homepage: ...more

  • 24.04.: Status Quo's show at the Montreux Jazzfestival 2009 will be broadcasted in german 3SAT-television - 2.30 Uhr pm european time.

  • 22.04.: the rockfestival in Inverness had to be cancelled. Next Quo sjhow in France - Strasbourgh 21st May.

  • 21.04.: first german release this year is announced - Universal Music is releasing a Status Quo 2x CD: "2 for 1: In the Army now / Ain't Complaining". Release date: 28th May. It is already offered at and

  • 20.04.: a volcano and his dangerous output is the headline everywhere. Even Status Quo and Bob Young have been stucked. Francis Rossi had to cancel some promotion dates for his solo album. Read Bob Youngs new Blog just published on his website: ...more

  • 12.04.: Tuesday and Wednesday sees the band playing shows in St.Petersburg and Moscow.

  • 06.04.: in Germany Radio "Welle Nord" (NDR) did a TOP888 charts of the 80s. Status Quo's song "In The Army Now" was voted on No.7 ! The winner was George Michael with "Careless Whisper".

  • 05.04.: Bob Young just published his new blog on his website. ...more

  • 04.04.: All visitors of this website HAPPY EASTER !

  • 02.04.: as stated here before, a special tour edition 3-CD box has been released in Australia by Universal Music. it ihncludes the 2x CD "Pictures - 40 Years Of Hits" and the album "In Search Of The Fourth Chord" Kat.Nr. Universal 5325825. Here's the link where to order: ...more

  • 29.03.: Happy Birthday Matt Letley. Quo's drummer is now 49 years old.

  • 27.03.: Happy Birthday ANDY BOWN! The keyboarder of Status Quo is celebrating his 64th birthday. All the best Andy!

  • 26.03.: today Bob Young added the studio demo of the song "Invitation" to the juke-box of his homepage. ...more

  • 24.03.: Ten Years After, Canned Heat and Barclay James Harvest are the ohter bands who are on the bill at the Summerdays-Festival in Arbon, Switzerland (27th August) with headliner Status Quo.

  • 19.03.: new entry at the "Seek/offers" page. Someone is offering a Quo tour poster from 1979. ...more

  • 17.03.: Universal Music Australia are going to release a special tour edition (planned for 22nd March) with "Pictures - 40 Years Of Hits" and the album "In Search Of The Fourth Chord" Cat.No. Universal 5325825.

  • 17.03.: Wall of Fame is a german specialist in Rock and Pop memorabilia. They offer a Status Quo frame with an late 60s band photo and a sheet with the originally signed autographs of the band. ...mehr

  • 17.03.: short info from the australian tour: very good attendances at the venues with fantastic Quo shows. No changes in the setlist.

  • 11.03.: first offical information about Francis Rossis solo album at the homepage of Status Quo. There yu can here song snippets. Demos of some songs can be heard at the music player of Bob Youngs website. ...more

  • 10.03.: today start of the Australia tour in Sydney.

  • 06.03.: "Status Quo", thats the title of a new book written in english and published by Lambert M. Surhone; Miriam T. Timpledon; Susan F. Marseken. It is offered by germans biggest online retailer ...more

  • 06.03.: Garry Fielding writes on his website: the song "Faded Memory" is to be released as a single out of Francis Rossi solo-album "One Step At A Time". No more information as I'm waiting until the official announcement on Quo's website.

  • 04.03.: Screaming Jets, an australian rock band, are support at next week starting Status Quo OZ tour.

  • 04.03.: there is a new sampler with the best songs form the Knebworth festivals. Status Quo are featured with 3 songs.

  • 02.03.: Bob Young wrote a new blog and he published 6 never seen before photos of Status Quo in the 70s at his photo pages "People & Places". ...more

  • 01.03.: another live CD from Status Quo "Official Bootleg live in Melbourne" - Live and Pure, the australian live audio specialist similar to the british "Live Here Now" is releasing a live 2x CD from Quo's sold-out show at Melbourne. This live album can already be ordered: ...more

  • 27.02.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE LYNTON! He is celebrating his 70th birthday. He was the man with the famous announcement on the legendary "Live 77!"-album.

  • 26.02.: another date for Status Quo in Switzerland this year. Quo will kick off the annual Rock oz' Arenes Festival in Avenches - August 11. Tickets are already available at:

  • 25.02.: the new magazine of the dutch fanclub "The Army 85" has been published. Content: a very good write up about tourmanager Glen Smith and about the shows in Antwerpen and Bremerhaven.

  • 19.02.: 5 never before seen pictures of Status Quo are now published on the website of Bob Young. ...more

  • 12.02.: today Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi were honoured with the OBE at Buckingham Palace which was broadcasted live in TV.

  • 07.02.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN LANCASTER! Quo's ex-bassplayer is celebrating his big 61st birthday. All the best Alan!

  • 01.02.: Bob Young wrote a new Blog on his website: ...more

  • 31.01.: the 3 sell-out shows in Ipswich and Stoke-on-Trent had to be cancelled due to illness of Rick Parfitt. All cancelled shows will not be rescheduled.

  • 29.01.: today in Ipswich, John "Rhino" 'Edwards, bass player of Status Quo, is presenting a cheque of 5,000 pounds to Pete Gill, the founder of the Shona Smile foundation. That are the proceedings of the book "Goin Quoin" by Yvonne Hanvey. I can recommend this book to every Status Quo fan. ...more

  • 26.01.: tonights show in Harrogate had to be cancelled due to illness of Andrew Bown.

  • 25.01.: next Sunday, 31st January there is an 1 hour Status Quo special at the belgian radio station Classic 21 from 11 to 12 am european time. Its with Phillipe Duponteil, who together with Philipp Robin wrote the Status Quo book "La route sans fin". In between the special there is an exclusive Francis Rossi interview. You can listen to this special via internet. ...more

  • 22.01.: another festival in Germany; Stat Quo in Altusried, August 28, 2010.

  • 21.01.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pete Kircher. Quo's drummer from 1982 - 1985 celebrates his 62nd birthday.

  • 20.01.: tomorrow 21.1. sees the kick-off of the rescheduled shows which had been cancelled during the last UK tour.
    Meanwhile another festival date for Status Quo; 22nd May at the Jazz Festival Strasbourgh, France.

  • 13.01.: The North with Bernadette, Francis Rossis daughter, are special guests at Francis solo-tour.

  • 12.01.: Status Quo appear at the Arboretum in Westonbirt ...more
    If you visit his site have a look on his new intro text. Would be interesting to read your comments.

  • 07.01.: Topnews: Status Quo are playing a charity concert in Inverness, Scotland at Bogbain Farm. They expect 20,000 people to come.

  • 01.01.2010: a good start of the New Year: Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi honoured with the OBE - Order of British Empire.

  • 01.01.2010: I wish all visitors of this website all the best for 2010.

  • 31.12.: the 2009 "Status Quo" year review in pictures: ...more

  • 31.12.: today 6.05 pm Status Quo in concert at Radio Wales: ...mehr

  • 29.12.: Status Quo voted for the most hard working band this year. Last year runners-up, this time Status Quo won the vote with over 250,000 fans in 27 shows.

  • 28.12.: on New Years Eve Status Quo 3x in german television. The best broadcast is in SAT3 which you can access via satellite from abroad. It will be at 1 pm UK time and shows an edited version of the Montreux 2009 show. In the evening RTL is showing Status Quo and Scooter with their single and in the night a 70s clip of Status Quo in the germman DISCO series can be seen.

  • 24.12.: New entry on the "Seek/offer"-page. ...more

  • 22.12.: Bob Young wrote a new blog which he published on his website. ...more

  • 21.12.: today the new magazine of the official Status Quo fanclubs "From the makers of" arrived. Most important information: in April 2010 the band starts recording songs for a new album which should be out at the end of 2010.

  • 21.12.: today is the 2nd anniversary of Bob Youngs website. Therefore he put many new photos up on his website and the studio demo of "Hold You Back" and the video of Bob gigging at his daughters wedding in June 2009. ...more

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