"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1987

Cover of the german Status Quo Hit-compilation 'Hit Album' Cover of the german only Maxi-CD 'Dreamin'. Cover of the Maxi-CD 'Dreamin' Cover of the CD 'Quotations Vol.1'

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The year 1987 - the success of the year 1986 continues. And with being the No.1 in Germany another german tour for end of February / March was announced and even in Austria a Status Quo tour took place. Some figures of the success; double-gold in Germany for "In the army now"; triple gold in Switzerland and in France more than 1 million sold copies of the single "In the army now". The german ARCA hit-compilation album "HIT ALBUM" is to date the most successfulst Status Quo album in Germany published in license. But at the end of the year the 10 shows Status Quo played in Sun City, South Africa caused troubles and problems because of the Apartheid politics. But on the live front Status Quo's new line-up played in perfect harmony.

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Pictures: CD-Cover of the german "HIT ALBUM". Cover and CD-Label of the german only maxi-CD-Single "Dreamin'" and CD-Cover of "Quotations Vol.1".


  • 01.01.1987: New Years Day saw Status Quo's one and only "Top of the Pops" appearance of the year 1987. They played the song "Dreamin'". Moderator: Gary Davies.
  • 02.02.1987: release of the single "Dreamin'" in Germany. The single was issued on 7"- and 12"-Vinyl-format and again only in Germany as maxi-CD-single. Much to the joy of the collectors as the german single featured a live-song on the b-side with "Rockin' all over the world". The maxi-singles featured a second live-song with "Roll over lay down". Both live-songs were taken from the "Live at the N.E.C." album.
  • 09.02.1987: german charts-entry of "Dreamin'". The single went to No.20 and spent a total of 9 weeks in the german charts.
  • 24.02.1987: german record company ARCADE released a Status Quo compilation called "Hit Album". It was issued as LP, CD and cassette.
  • 26.02.1987: in the german youth magazine BRAVO (No. 10/87) a report about Status Quo was issued.
  • 27.02.1987: in Kempten/Waldenhofen the german tour kicked-off. The band played 8 shows, interrupted with a show in Luzern/Switzerland.
  • 02.03.1987: the "Hit Album" went into the german albums-charts notching up on No.17. The album stayed 8 weeks in the charts.
  • 10.03.1987: start of a french tour. 10 concerts were played in France.
  • 25.03.1987: 3 shows in the Orient rounded-off the spring-time concerts.
  • 27.04.1987: the band started with recording sessins for a new album at the Chipping Norton Studios; London. Producer: Pip Williams. 20 songs were recorded until June.
  • 07.07.1987: Status Quo "rocking the Alpes"; in Zwettl the band kicked-off an austrian tour with a total of 6 concerts. The tour was interrupted by 2 performances at the "Out in the green" Festivals in Germany and Switzerland..
  • 12.07.1987: Chuck Berry and Status Quo played at the Frauenfeld-Festival in Switzerland. So the visitors of the festival heard Chuck Berry's "...Johnny" anthology. First they heard "Johnny B. Goode" from the original artist Chuck Berry and then they heard Status Quo'S stunning cover of Chuck's "Bye bye Johnny".
  • 12.08.1987: in Madrid Status Quo were featured at a spain TV-Show.
  • 29.08.1987: Status Quo appeared at 25 th jubilee of the Reading festival. It was Quo's fourth appearance in Reading. (1972, 1973, 1978, 1987)
  • 03.10.1987: the band started to play shows in Sun City / South Africa. All in all Status Quo performed 10 times in the Superbowl. Unaware of the troubles and problems after their return they had much fun to play the shows and even part of their roadies and the security staff were black men, in a country were still Apartheid politics and race discrimination ruled the public life. The band returned home and much to their surprise they had troubles and problems because playing in South Africa. The band was even listed on the "black list" in England and Scandinavia. It was a kind of a ban. It was not until 1988 when the band was deleted from the "black list" after officially excusing what they have done.
  • 05.10.1987: the PRT record company released 6 albums of Status Quo. The 4 PYE-albums were rereleased: "Picturesque Messages..." - "Spare Parts" - "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon" - "Dog of two head". The albums were issued as LP, CD and cassettes. 2 new compilations were the albums "Quotations Vol.1" und "Quotations Vol.2". The album "...Vol.1" included only 8 songs - the singles of the Spectres and Traffic Jam.
  • November 1987: the australian band "Party Boys" (with Alan Lancaster) released the single "He's gonna step on you again" / "She's a mystery" (Cat.No.: EPIC 651230-7). It's the first time, that something is released featuring Alan Lancaster after he left Status Quo.
  • a new Status Quo fanclub established in England called "Quo Army" - 3 magazines were published in 1987.

    german and UK discografie 1987:

  • german LP: "HIT ALBUM" (Polystar 830901-1) (CD: 830901-2) (cassette: 830901-4)
  • LP: "Picturesque Matchstickable Messages of" (PRT PYL6020) (CD: PRT 8.26693ZR) (cassette: PRT PYM6020)
  • LP: "Spare Parts" (PRT PYL6021) (CD: PRT 8.26694ZR) (cassette: PRT PYM6021)
  • LP: "Ma Kelly'S Greasy Spoon" (PRT PYL6022) (CD: PRT 8.26695ZR) (cassette: PRT PYM6022)
  • LP: "Dog of two head" (PRT PYL6023) (CD: PRT 8.266936R) (cassette: PRT PYM6023)
  • LP: "Quotations Vol.1" (PRT PYL6024) (CD: PRT 8.26699ZR) (cassette: PRT PYM6024)
  • LP: "Quotations Vol.2" (PRT PYL6025) (CD: PRT 8.26700ZR) (cassette: PRT PYM6025)
  • german single: "Dreamin'" (Vertigo 888 309-7) (12"-Vinyl 888 309-1) (Maxi-CD 888 309-2)

    sensation of the year was the dance film "Dirty Dancing" starring Patrick Swayze. The film describes the experiences of the young "Babe" in a holiday camp. Such must have been the Butlin's holiday ressorts were Status Quo's history started.
    1. some good albums of the year 1987: "Joshua Tree" U2 - "The house of Blue Light" Deep Purple "Permanent Vacation" Aerosmith - "All the best" Paul McCartney - "Bad" Michael Jackson - "A momentary lapse of reason" Pink Floyd .
    2. Hits of the year in UK:
    Albums: 1. Joshua Tree (U2) 2. Give me a reason (Luther Vandross) 3. Graceland (Paul Simon)
    3. Football: english champions were FC Everton. Scottish champions were Glasgow Rangers.
    4. successful films of the year 1987: "Dirty Dancing" - "Crocodile Dundee" - "Beverly Hills Cop II" "The last Emperor" and a new Bond "007 - Der Hauch des Todes"