"ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE YEARS" - Status Quo in the year 1974

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Status Quo played in 1974 a total of 74 shows. ***** Setlist 1974: click here

The year (in chronological order) :

  • The year 1974 started with shows in Scandinavia and the first weeks were basically recording for the upcoming new album "QUO".
  • in February 1974 Quo went for 6 weeks to USA and was destined to play a stadium tour with Fleetwood Mac and others. This tour was a complete desaster, shows were cancelled by the promoter and on the other hand Fleetwood Mac didn't appear in the original line-up.
  • in March 1974 the LP-compilation of the 1973 Reading-Festivals was released.
  • April 14 saw the start of the first german Headliner Tour with a total of 15 shows.
  • the new single "Break the rules" from the new album was released.
  • May 6 saw the start of the 1. UK-Tour of this year, which was a huge success. The 3 shows in Empire Pool/Wembley were all sold out. The show on the 26th of May was filmed. 20 minutes of this show were used in a promotion film to promote Rory Gallaghers "Irish Tour".
  • 09.05.1974: "Break the Rules" played from disc in the show "Top of the Pops". Moderator: Noel Edmonds
  • 16.05.1974: again the new single "Break the Rules" in "Top of the Pops" (from disc). Moderator: Dave Lee Travis
  • in May the new album "QUO" was released and it notched up at No.2 of the UK-album-Charts. For many fans the album with the best a-side at all. Most of the songs wrote Alan Lancaster.
  • July 1974 saw another USA-Trip with 3 shows in USA and Canada.
  • the album "Quo" achieved gold status and no other than Jesper Jensen presented the gold discs to the band. Jesper was a DJ of radio Luxemburg and a big fan of Quo's music.
  • in September 1974 another 5 shows in Scandinavia.
  • October 1974 again shows in Germany and in Switzerland.
  • in November work started again with recordings if another studio-album. The intension was, that it should be more levelled (On the level) than the current album "QUO".
  • at the end of November 1974 the 2. UK-Tour started with a total of 13 shows - Special guests SNAFU.
  • November 29 saw the release of the single "Down, Down" - the first song of the upcoming new album. Originally entitled "Get down" the song made its success. In Scandinavia the song was released with the title "Get down"
  • two Status Quo appearances in german's show "Disco '74" with "Caroline" and "Break the Rules".
  • Andy Bown with another solo-single: "New York Satyricon Zany/Party Games" (GM GMS 019).

    Listed below the releases of the year 1974 ( England + Germany)


  • LP "QUO" - 15.7.1974
  • Single "Break the rules" - 1.7.1974


  • Single "Break the rules" - 26.4.1974
  • LP "QUO" - May 1974
  • Single "Down, Down" - 29.11.1974

    Charts (only highest positions):
    England: "QUO" No. 2
    Germany: "QUO" No. 21
    England: "Break the rules" No. 18
    Germany: "Break the rules" No. 40

    1. Hollywood came up with 2 catastrophic-movies, which caused a big sensation: "Flaming Inferno" and "Earthquake".
    2. Hits of the year in UK - Albums "Tubular Bells" Mike Oldfield and "The Singles 1969-1973" Carpenters.
    3. Football: Germany won the football world championship.