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Status Quo and Queen had something together during their careers.

  • 1984 Rick Parfitt anticipated on the solo album ´Strange Frontier´ of Queen´s Roger Taylor. Together with Roger he wrote the song ´It´s an illusion´ .
  • 1985 both bands performed on the unique LIVE-AID at Wembley and both bands wrote history that day. QUO kicked off the whole event in their own special way. And the song "Rockin´ all over the world" was elected to the hymn of the day. For many QUEEN´s performance was the highlight at all.
  • 1986 again QUO und QUEEN take part on a big event. This time at Knebworth, August 9, in front of more than 120,000 people. By the way, that was a very remarkable day for QUO. Before their Knebworth performance QUO played in Kronenburg/Denmark, August 8 just around midnight. After their Knebworth appearance they were flown to Switzerland where they performed at another festival. So QUO did 3 shows within 24 hours in 3 different countries.
  • 1986 at QUEEN´s UK tour QUO co-headlined the gigs in Ipswich, Newcastle, Manchester and Wembley. Significant was the performance at Wembley, July 11. The official QUEEN album ´Live at Wembley 1986´ was recorded that day and a QUO bootleg ´Quo back Wembley´ is from the same day too.
  • 1996 Brian May takes part on QUO´s Buddy Holly cover ´Raining in my heart´ and on the bands fanclub performance at London´s Brixton Academy he was on stage too. In the regular QUO set Brian played together with QUO a cover version of the Shadows ´F.B.I.´ This song was recorded by Brain May, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt and appeared on Brian May´s maxi single ´On my way up´ which was released in 1998.
  • 1998 Rick Parfitt, Brian May and Ringo Starr were guests in german T.V.station WDR. ( Thomas Gottschalks Talkshow) In this show 2 mini guitars were given to Rick and Brian and they played an intermezzo.
  • 2001 Rick Parfitt, Francis Rossi and Brian May are doing TV adverts for a compilation CD.
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Review: Band belts out favourites to get fans rocking all over the Hall

Rockers deliver what we want - STATUS QUO St. Georges Hall

They may have been spurned by the nation´s one-time top radio station, but Bradford welcomed Status Quo with open arms. From the moment the first strains of Caroline rent the overheated air, the capacity audience was on its feet, air guitars, bare torsos, flailing head-banging heads and gyrating bodies in abundance.

Quo, it has to be said, give it to you straight. There´s no messing with any of the string of hit favourites that have poured from the band over 30 years or more. And Bradford rocked on to just about every one of them in a breathless display that surged through two non-stop hours of relentless QUO rhythm.

There was plenty of classic rock star posturing, wide-leg stances and guitars slung low as the familiar Quo numbers rang out in a wall of sound that left the ears ringing. The Wanderer, Paper Plane, Honky Tonk Angels (Wild Side of life), Roll over lay down were all belting out by front men Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi as if their lives depended on it. Some new material hushed the fanatical followers for a while, but then it was back to the old familiar stuff. Deeper and Down, Whatever you want and Rockin´ all over the world among them.

And they were rocking all over Bradford, too. And how.