Nicki Lisle: she wrote the Status Quo fanzine "Full Quota", which was published between 1992 - 1995.

    Live Aid: Status Quo opend this massive one off event which wasn't topped until now. This Live Aid event took place first in Wembley Stadium (13.7.1985) and was continued in Philadelphia/U.S.A. On this event which was dedicated to from hunger starving people in Africa the "Who is Who" of the music business was engaged and each artist was allowed to do a 20 minutes performance on stage. Besides the opening of Status Quo with their hit "Rockin all over the world" the spectacular performances of Queen, U2 and Phil Collins may be mentioned. Phil Collins first performed on stage in Wembley before flying to America and later in the show he then performed again on stage in Philadelphia. The whole event did last for 15 hours and was televised world wide. Organizer of this spectacular Live Aid event was Bob Geldorf. (Boomtown Rats)