jubilee: always an interesting question "how long does the band exist?" and "which jubilee is to be celebrated?". 3 dates are important.

    1962 when the school band "The Scorpions"was founded. Members were Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster.

    1965 "The Scorpions" turned into "The Spectres" and decided to go professional. This was also the year when Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt first met in the english summercamp Butlins, where both had an engagement as musicians.

    1967 was the year when Rick Parfitt joined the band and it was the year when they changed the band name into "Status Quo" eventually.

    The main jubilee can doubtless be regarded the year 1965. In 1990 the 25th jubilee was celebrated officially and the 30th jubilee as a band was celebrated in 1995. If you refer to this so the 20th jubilee which was celebrated in 1982 can get you puzzled. In 1982 Alan Lancaster was still in the band and so it was the 20th jubilee counted from 1962 (Alan was a founder member).