Gerry Fielding: well-known to many Quo fans especially to the Quo collectors. Gerry did run the official english Status Quo fanclub in the early nineties. He is one of the experts regarding Status Quo stuff. He can be seen on the "Rock til you drop" documentary with his big QUO collection. Gerry also wrote a book about punk music. Today Gerry is running the BEST WEBSITE FOR ALL COLLECTORS !!! Thankyou Gerry.

    Fun Fun Fun: one of the most remarkable songs in the rock and pop history. This song, originally from the Beach Boys was re-recorded in 1996 from the Beach Boys and Status Quo because of the 30th anniversary of Status Quo. The Beach Boys vocals were recorded in America. The song is released on the "Don't Stop" album and was released as a single too. Like it used to be in the 60-ies the original song was very short, they decided to add a third lyric to the song. It was not easy because the song was written more than 30 years ago. It turned out to be a wonderful re-recording especially with the fantastic intro of Rick and Andy. And at least this new song was a unique one for all german Beach Boys fans, now in 1996 they got a german single version of "Fun,Fun, Fun". The original song was not released in Germany.