Bleak House: the Bleak House in Ottershaw/England was the pub were Rick first invited his later wife Patty years ago. On August 19, 1996 this pub was the venue for Jackie Lynton's live performance with his band. There is a 2x-Live-CD "Jackie Lynton Band - Alive! at the Bleak House".(Cat.No. AND CD12; Label: A New Day) On this Live CD are 2 songs originally from Status Quo "Don't waste my time" and "Rockin' all over the world".

    Brixton: on January 28, 1996 there was a special fanclub concert for members of the official fanclub "F.T.M.O." at the Brixton Academy, London. It was the presentation of the new album "Don't Stop" with special guests Beach Boys, Maddy Prior and Brian May. After the presentation there was a regular QUO gig where Brian May appeared a second time on stage to perform the song "F.B.I." which he recorded together with Rick and Francis. The album presentation was filmed and later released as the "Don't Stop" video.