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Site credits:

Author and owner of the homepage
Mr. Jurgen Adametz, Am Krapfenbach 2/1, 73329 Kuchen, Germany

topical information around the legendary rock band Status Quo written in german and english. Especially for the fans in the german speaking countries, but for all others too.

QUOTICKER ( first established: October 11, 2001


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Roll of Honour:

QUOTICKER would like to thankyou everybody who did a contribute for this web-site.

A very special thank you to Garry Fielding . Without his ok. this website wouldn´t have been published. Much more Garry is one of the QUO experts at all, who did run the english fanclub some years. And with his own website he informs us all with the latest news concerning new releases and in excellent style he published the complete QUO-discography. CONGRATULATION!!!

Another thankyou to Mike Paxman, who is the webmaster of the official Status Quo homepage and producer of Status Quo who published the QUOTICKER on the linklist of the official site.

Thank you to Michael Engels from the Rockers Rollin´- Fanclub in Kaiserslautern/Germany, who informed the german QUO fans with quick news in his regular ´Newsletter´. Not to forget his helpful hands Franz Engels und Till Langhorst.

Thankyou to: Günter Röder - Monika Geismar - Gert Ohlsson - Sibylle ´Tevye´ Machat - Birgit Weisbrod - Wolfgang Bauer - Mark Emmerson - Dirk Domicke (Charts) - Elke Rosskamp - LiveTour Musik Tufertschwil - VIVA Musiksender - Radio Bremen - a special thank you to Computerbild german biggest selling computer paper, who´d chosen the QUOTICKER to the best 100 new internet websites in their issue 25/2001and all the other people.

Last but not least: THANKYOU TO STATUS QUO for all those many happy hours and those who have to come. DON´T STOP !!!