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3x-CD "The Very Best Of Status Quo" Readers Digest
VÖ/Release: Oktober 2007


CD 1 - Greatest Hits
Rockin' All Over The World
Down Down
Something 'Bout You Baby I Like
The Wanderer
Wild Side Of Life
Rollin' Home
Ol' Rag Blues
What You're Proposing
Paper Plane
Break The Rules
Dear John
Whatever You Want
Don't Drive My Car
Marguerita Time
In The Army Now

CD2 - Later Years
Fun Fun Fun with the Beach Boys
Burning Bridges (On And Off And On Again)
When You Walk In The Room
Ain't Complaining
Don't Stop
Who Gets The Love?
Little Dreamer
Not At All
Can't Give You More
Sherri Don't Fail Me Now!
I Didn't Mean It
Fakin' The Blues
Rock 'Til You Drop
Red Sky
Running All Over The World
Roadhouse Medley (Anniversary Waltz Part 25)

CD3 - Hits And History
Living On An Island
A Mess Of Blues
Accident Prone
Lonely Man
Don't Waste My Time
Again And Again
Mystery Song
A Year
She Don't Fool Me
Too Close To The Ground
Going Down Town Tonight
The Anniversary Waltz – Part One (Medley)
The Anniversary Waltz – Part Two (Medley)
Roadhouse Blues