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"IN SEARCH OF THE FOURTH CHORD" - neues / new Studio Album
VÖ/Release: 17.September 2007 (UK) (Germany: 14.09./ France: 25.08.)

Kat.Nr./Cat.No: EDEL 0184392ERE Germany


1. Beginning of The End (Rossi/Edwards)
2. Alright (Parfitt/Morris)
3. Pennsylvania Blues Tonight (Rossi/Young)
4. I Don't Wanna Hurt You Anymore (Rossi/Young)
5. Electric Arena (Rossi/Young)
6. Gravy Train (Edwards)
7. Figure Of Eight (Bown)
8. You're The One For Me (Letley)
9. My Little Heartbreaker (Rossi/Young)
10.Hold Me (Parfitt/Morris)
11.Saddling Up (Rossi/Bown)
12.Bad News (Edwards)
13.Tongue Tied (Rossi/Young)
Bonus Tracks:
UK - I Ain't Wastin' My Time (Rossi/Young)
EU - One By One (Parfitt/Young)

Französische Ausgabe ohne Bonus-Track. French release without a bonus track.

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