STATUS QUO - "Under The Influence" rerelease Germany 2011
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1. Twenty Wild Horses (Rossi/Frost)
2. Under The Influence (Rossi/Frost)
3. Round And Round (Bown/Edwards)
4. Shine On (Parfitt/Edwards)
5. Little White Lies (Parfitt)
6. Keep 'em Coming (Bown)
7. Little Me And You (Bown)
8. Making Waves (Rossi/Frost)
9. Blessed Are The Meeks (Rossi/Frost)
10. Roll The Dice (Rossi/Frost)
11. Not Fade Away (Petty/Hardin)
12. The Way It Goes (Rossi/Frost)
Bonus Tracks
13. Sea Cruise (Huey/Smith)
14. I Knew The Bride (Lowe)
15. Twenty Wild Horses (Rossi/Frost)